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Trolling TED

October 13th, 2013 - 2:26 pm

This happened, and it is deeply weird and awesome.

(H/T Gawker.)

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All Comments   (4)
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I am wondering why he appears to be on mind altering substances.

"There can't possibly be anything worse than what we have right now."
Civil war?
Worldwide starvation after Krakatoa blew in 423ish ad?

The most honest statement?
"Nothing, it's just a bunch of crap."

I have no idea what this guy was doing on stage at TED.

The idea of forcibly genetically modifying both genders for milking. Absolutely a "all for the good of the community" type.

Huge prediction of 2070 "We'll have gay marriage, get used to it!" So he quotes Madonna. By 2070 it will be back out of fashion, as gays will have long since realized that marriage is a restriction for the good of society.

Steve, please relate what was awesome about this guy? I'm guessing he's some sort of eccentric genius, and is exaggerating his eccentricity for the sake of publicity. Possibly he's done other brilliant stuff, but I don't see it in this one.

And farming the ocean floor isn't that brilliant. It's stupidly treating something with literally miles of headroom as 2 dimensional.
1 year ago
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You just got trolled. He's a comedian spouting pretentious nonsense.
1 year ago
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Well played! Good hit, I accept and fall to the ground theatrically.

I watch a lot of TED, and it never occurred to me that this was fake.
1 year ago
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Steve, could you use the PJTV media player for your videos? I'm in the PRC and we don't get YouTube. I need my daily snark.
1 year ago
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