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Assad: “Pray I Don’t Alter It Any Further”

September 20th, 2013 - 1:21 pm

The Economist thinks this chemical weapons deal is getting worse all the time:

he deal looks good only because the mess Mr Obama had got himself into was so bad. Step back, and the outcome looks rotten.

For a start, the deal itself is flimsy because it will be so hard to enforce. Mr Obama reserves the right to attack a delinquent Syria but the unpopularity of military action among America’s voters makes it clear that only an egregious breach, such as another chemical attack, could stir the country to action. Although Mr Putin would lose face if Syria brazenly defied the agreement, he now knows that Mr Obama needs his support. Given that Russia cares more about diplomatic parity with America than about de-fanging Mr Assad, it is more likely to prolong the crisis than resolve it. Nor is it clear that Russia can force Syria to comply. Mr Assad may co-operate at first, when the will to enforce the deal is strongest. But it is hard to impose disarmament during a civil war. As time drags on, Mr Assad is likely to frustrate the process—both to keep some chemical weapons and to be seen to defy America.

America’s credibility as an ally has been undermined.

Ya think?

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I remember the result of the Cuban missile crisis agreement. The treaty immunized Cuba from American military action in exchange for removing the missiles from Cuba. What the president should have done then is take out the missiles, period, killing Soviet troops in the process, thus sending the message that we won't take their cr@p. Instead, we ended up with a deal where Cuban troops became the Russian intervention forces for the USSR's proxy fights, like in Angola, and there was nothing we could do about it.

History shall repeat itself. We have just made Syria immune to us, not as concretely as Cuba, but similarly. There will eventually be mischief, not to mention that we just guaranteed Assad's victory in the Syrian civil war.

It will be over soon, as the rebels lose all hope and collapse. Then, there will be a mass slaughter in retaliation, and we will be unable to do anything about it.

All because Obama opened his big mouth, and because he is incompetent in running things.
29 weeks ago
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Undermined? How about "shattered".
30 weeks ago
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Was listening to NPR in the car just now (not my car). They were trumpeting that Assad had handed over a preliminary inventory of Syria's chem weapons. Further proof of Obama's success on this matter.
30 weeks ago
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