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Sit and Bask in the Smart Diplomacy™

September 6th, 2013 - 7:32 am

Yesterday I found myself thinking Putin had it right over our very own Secretary of State, and now this:

Chinese President Xi Jinping told his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama on Friday that the crisis in Syria should be resolved through a political solution and not a military strike, state news agency Xinhua said.

“A political solution is the only right way out for the Syrian crisis, and a military strike cannot solve the problem from the root,” Xinhua quoted Xi as saying said at a meeting with Obama on the sidelines of a G20 summit in St. Petersburg in Russia.

While I doubt there’s even a political solution — certainly not under Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom’s leadership — Xi is right that a military strike solves nothing.

Our only national interest in Syria now is to make sure that chemical weapons never leave that country. The only way to really guarantee such an outcome would be an invasion to physically remove them, which the international community won’t support, the President couldn’t lead, the Congress wouldn’t approve, and the American people wouldn’t stomach. Next up, a quarantine. The Turks would watch the north, the Israelis the south, and we’d use air and naval power to cover the coast and the desert roads between Syria and Iraq. That’s a much smaller coalition, but still one Wiggleroom is incapable of putting together.

There really isn’t a third option, unless you count stumbling around the world stage making incoherent and impotent demands.

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You left out the third option: "chem weapons are bio weapons are nukes."

Drop a small nuke on every suspected chem weapon site. Announce that this will be the US response any time country makes WMD and then uses them / loses control of them so that someone else can use them.
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"Wiggleroom is incapable of putting together."

I seriously wonder if the man is thinking about George Bush now.

I wonder if the professor is wishing he had a Dick Cheney instead of some third-rate T.A. whose best ideas were plagiarized.

Credit where it's due, Obama did put together a domestic coalition of the entitled, the starstruck, the malcontent, the eternally aggrieved, the self-flagellating, and a few other groups. But they get you into the Oval Office, and that's about it.
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The only least worst option is a ceasefire, with the Alawites & Christians going to their quarter, the Sunnis to their corner and the Kurds having Kurdistan. Which basically means Yemen-on-the-Mesopotamia. And we all know how well Yemen is these days. Not to mention Syrian-Kurdistan & Iraqi-Kurdistan might join up and demand not simply a de facto state but a de jure one as well, taking Iranian-Kurdistan and Turkish-Kurdistan with them. With the last having NATO implications.

Ugly all around

There is, however, another way of viewing the whole mess. From North Africa through the Mid East, there is, essentially, an Arab civil war. Now wars are bad because a lot of innocent people who simply want to run a hot dog or falafel stand get killed. But sometimes they are necessary, much like a fever is necessary to rid the body of bad things.

It took Christianity from, say 1525 to, if you want to include Mormonism, 1850 (I want nice, round numbers here), 325 years to get the violence out of the system. And that's with a founder who preached peace, not war.

As awful as it sounds, and is, we just have to let the Arab civil war play itself out and hope that in a couple of centuries they reform.
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