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It’s the Coverup

May 18th, 2013 - 6:50 am

Trifecta: Everybody knows you never go full Nixon.

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Democrat Claire McCaskil says everybody involved in the IRS scandal should be
Fired......This sounds like "Quick, Kill it,Kill it with fire before it reproduces." of the B horror movies. Or perhaps she is afraid of political gangrene, amputate and cauterize..which won't help if it is your very heart that is diseased.
1 year ago
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Trickier than Tricky Dick.

Tricky Dick sent a few plumbers to plug the leaks.
Trickier Dick sent Attorney-Sergeant see-nothing Schultz's Justice Dept down the drains to look for leaks.

Tricky DicK threatened to sic the IRS on political enemies.
Trickier Dick sic the IRS on potential enemies.

Tricky Dick got zero body count.
Trickier Dick got four.

Tricky Dick sent no scapegoat to jail.
Trickier Dick sent the scapegoat-filmmaker to jail.

Tricky Dick's scandal was covered by the Press.
Trickier Dick's scandals were covered up by the Press.
1 year ago
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