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BREAKING: The MSM Sucks and Blows all at Once

April 16th, 2013 - 4:13 pm

Trifecta: The Second Boston Massacre.

Bill only gave us one question each on this one, and a good thing, too. Because after answering mine, my hands were shaking so badly I became very grateful they only shoot us from the chest up.

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Steve, you looked:
15 years older

I'm guessing you used Gray Goose to save the lives of left wing idiots who might have chosen today to cause you grief. For some reason, all I could think of while watching you was Walter Cronkite.

As much as I'd like to meet you and buy you a drink, if I ran into that face on the street, I'd just quietly keep going.

I hope your blood pressure comes down and your liver can survive this.

If it helps, you might want to start writing campaign speeches for 2014. Somebody on the not-left will have noticed that playing hardball earned respect for the bad guys last time.
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