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Stephen Kruiser


August 22, 2014 - 2:12 pm

The wheels on the failure bus go round and round

The U.S. chief technology officer who oversaw the troubled rollout of is stepping down and moving into a new role recruiting top Silicon Valley talent into government, a source familiar with the situation said on Friday.

Todd Park, a successful tech entrepreneur who became a top advisor to President Barack Obama, will move to the West Coast as part of a White House team at the end of the month, the source said on condition of anonymity because the news has not been made public.

In his new role, Park will help channel ideas from the tech community, as well as keep government updated on how technology is evolving, the source added.

They do all of this with straight faces too. He is responsible for one of the more high profile screw-ups in the history of bureaucracy, which is quite an accomplishment. As a reward for being unable to marshal the vast resources of the federal government to execute a task the average college nerd to do for a few hundred bucks, Park will now be the guy looking for people who hopefully have more talent than he does.

What could go wrong?

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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An IT recruiter? Well that's appropriate. Right there with used car salesmen and hookers.
26 weeks ago
26 weeks ago Link To Comment
>> Right there with used car salesmen and hookers.

Those two occupations sell things that people value, unlike government workers.
The only thing former government workers have to sell is their knowledge of how the government was designed to work for their "friends".
Nice work, if you can get it, and you sell your self esteem at the door.
26 weeks ago
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