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June 8, 2014 - 8:00 am
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The wife of a soldier who was wounded and paralyzed while on a mission to find Bowe Bergdahl is asking, in a Facebook post, “Which guy is the hero”?

Shannon Allen, wife of Sgt. 1st Class Mark Allen, wrote “Meet my husband, injuries directly brought to you by the actions of this traitor. He can’t give an account of what went down, because he can no longer speak. Now, which guy is a ‘hero’ again?!? Sick.”


The Daily Mail reports:

Mark Allen, who is from Loganville, Georgia, was injured when a sniper bullet pierced the armor in his helmet in Kabul, Afghanistan. The bullet entered through his frontal lobe, rendering him paralyzed.

The injury occurred only one month after he arrived to Afghanistan.

Shannon Allen’s comments add to the growing surge of public outcry over the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s capture by Taliban forces, as well as his release.

Five Taliban fighters were let out of detention in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in exchange for Bergdahl’s freedom last week.

According to critics, Bergdahl deserted his post at a U.S. Army base in the Paktika province of Afghanistan on June 30, 2009. Soliders that served at the same time and were deployed to search for him accuse him of deserting the U.S. Military that night.

‘We all served together and we were all in it together over there and he broke that bond by leaving us,’ Army Sgt. Josh Korder said on the Today Show on June 3.

The outcry is also gathering online. The Facebook group ‘Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor’ currently has over 69,000 likes. The banner on the top of the page shows the pictures of six soliders who died while searching for Bergdahl.

The Facebook page posted Shannon Allen’s message, which received nearly 60,000 likes and more than 5,000 comments.

Bergdahl’s family gets an invite to the White House to appear at a Rose Garden press avail with the president. What did Mrs. Allen and the other family members of those who fell looking for Bergdahl get?

They are non-people. They have been disappeared because their presence is inconvenient and unwanted. They don’t play into the narrative the White House would like the American people to believe: Sgt. Bergdahl served with honor and distinction; he’s a confused victim of circumstance who was near death when President Obama swooped in and rescued him. The price was high, but hey! We don’t leave anyone behind so shut up and sit down.

Meanwhile, the families quietly grieve over their loss — a loss not incurred as a result of combat that advanced America’s war effort, but in an attempt to bring one wayward soldier home who may have deserted his post and thrown in with the enemy.

The juxtaposition of Bergdahl and those who fell looking for him is painful. It reminds us that life isn’t fair, the good die young, and any other timeworn cliche that actually makes sense. Bergdahl for Allen? Bergdahl for any of the other soldiers who fell? The scales don’t balance and we are angry.

While the White House works at damage control, trotting out spokesmen who lay it on thicker and thicker as the days pass, they make herculean efforts to avoid any discussion of Bergdahl’s worthiness to be exchanged for five terrorists. We must wait to hear his story, we’re told — despite his comrades going on national TV and swearing that he is a deserter. They, too, have become non-people and subjects of a smear campaign by Obama sycophants. They’re “psychopaths” or were put up to it by Republicans.

They risked their lives to try to find their former comrade and this is the thanks they get?

Mrs. Allen’s plea to remember who the heroes are will fall on deaf ears at the White House. The administration has played the torture card, as a “senior US official” told several news organizations that doctors treating him say he was beaten and tortured by his captors:

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was physically abused during his five years in Taliban captivity and is suffering from psychological trauma, a senior U.S. official told CNN on Friday.

The information bolstered the White House argument that President Barack Obama needed to move quickly to secure Bergdahl’s release in a May 31 exchange for five Taliban figures held at Guantanamo Bay.

According to the official, who spoke on condition of not being identified, Bergdahl tried to escape at one point but got caught, and his captors then confined him in small enclosure described as a cage or box.

At an American military hospital in Germany where he was taken after his handover near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, doctors said Friday he remained in stable condition and continued to improve, but wasn’t ready to travel back to the United States.

Note that there is no timeline leaked with this information. Was Bergdahl tortured before or after he played soccer with his captors, converted to Islam, became a “warrior for Islam,” and participated in target practice with his jailers? In the summer of 2010, he managed to escape for five days, according to the Eclipse Group reports. Was it after that futile break for freedom that the mistreatment began?

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What is the difference between "transforming" America and overthrowing it?

The level of resistance.

This "trade" was a cover for emptying GITMO. Obama doesn't care about the military. We confuse ourselves when we try to confront Obama and his cabal on the "deserter for 5 terrorist masterminds" trade "value for value" analysis.

If Obama and Kerry...both worse traitors in their own ways (certainly more damaging and effective in doing grievous harm to our defenses and morale than this bizarre loon) could have traded a bale of hay and a used turban for five terrorist masterminds and gotten away with it, they would have.

This cabal is not accountable and they don't care about the troops, treating them in the VA, the shrinking economy, the jobless "recovery", your first, second or fourth amendment rights.

Bergdahl is a sideshow. They are making the issue about whether he "deserves" to be "saved".

That isn't the issue. It isn't even close to the issue. The issue we should be talking about is treason. And the actors engaged in it aren't restricted to Bowe Bergdahl.
38 weeks ago
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In the upside-down and inside-out world of Obama and his administration, Bergdahl is the hero who served with honor and distinction, and those in his unit who speak the truth about him are psychopaths.
38 weeks ago
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The president has shifted from dazzling us with his brilliance (the great American trade) to baffling us with BS. Thats Barry's motto: "If I can't dazzle em with my brilliance (don't know why that ain't workin lately) to baffling em with my bullsh!t." And that ain't working too well either, is it Barry?

Too bad he doesn't have an act III in his repertoire - exit stage left. Only the good actors know when to exit.

Flim-flam man has been throughly exposed.

38 weeks ago
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The circumstances of Bergdahl's escape attempt--he made a run for it while be allowed to shop unattended at a local bazaar--indicate that he was at that point being treated with considerable leniency, and possibly as a Taliban member. It seems likely that they only began to treat him a bit more harshly after he tried to do to them what he had earlier done to his American brothers in arms. Not a negative in my book, but the fact that he was at the time being granted wide freedom of unsupervised movement bolsters the case for his having gone over to the other side, so by all means, let's focus on that escape attempt.
38 weeks ago
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One of the maxims of life is "Never ascribe to malevolence that which can be explained by stupidity".

But Mr. Obama has run this concept out. Way out. He is clearly evil. And the worst thing about evil people is that they are proud of being evil.
38 weeks ago
38 weeks ago Link To Comment
Col. James Rowe is unavailable for comment. 1963 - 1968 he was held by the VC in South Vietnam. He was physically tortured. Received no medical care. Watched the VC execute other Americans. Imprisoned in a bamboo cage. Still managed to break free and reach American forces. Murdered in 1989 by Philippine communists.

Compared to Rowe, Bowe is just a punk deserter and not a hero.
38 weeks ago
38 weeks ago Link To Comment
It's understood that the Obama administration and its minions are morally despicable. This includes the MSM.
The problem is that they are presuming there is a sufficiently large supply in the country of morally despicable citizens who will buy this stuff.
They're right.
38 weeks ago
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I never liked or trusted Barack Obama. Now, however, I believe he is a truly evil thug.
38 weeks ago
38 weeks ago Link To Comment
Actually, I think there is more to this than emptying Gitmo. Obama is signaling AQ that he is willing to surrender. The U.S. got back one soldier of dubious value while AQ got back 5 hardened commanders who will be highly valuable in continuing to attack the U.S. and their allies.
You would definitely not want Obama doing any camel trading on your behalf.
38 weeks ago
38 weeks ago Link To Comment
I can think of no circumstance under which it would be prudent, wise, or beneficial to the overall well being of our troops in Afghanistan or elsewhere to trade five - count 'em - five - confirmed high-profile terrorists for a captured American soldier, be he healthy, sick or otherwise. The military just does not sanction such a move. The costs are too great to troop morale and safety. I would suppose that a true soldier would not expect such a trade in the first place and that he would be aware of the possibility of his death.

This whole Bergdahl deal is a cynical political move, not a sincere gesture of stupidity from the administration. But, here again, as with the other administration faux pas, the president acts insipidly and mocks his critics: "Now, whatta ya gonna do about it?"

Nothing, as usual. Nothing, but "words, just words."
38 weeks ago
38 weeks ago Link To Comment
I have a WW II documentary that has many interviews with Germans describing life in Hitler's Reich. I remember one woman saying she came to understand that freedom was to be free to tell the truth. Another man said joining the army was liberating in the sense that you were free there from the endless, stifling din of media propaganda. Another woman related that her mother said, when the war was nearly over, "do you think that Dr. Goebbels lied to us?" It is an alarming thing to witness so many people comfortable with a culture of lies. It is an alarming thing to witness people seeing what they wish to believe and not seeing things as they really are. God help us, please.
38 weeks ago
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Less than 48 hours after Bergdahl, then an Army private, disappeared, military commanders in Afghanistan were offered terms to reclaim him. It's unclear why that opportunity fell through.
According to field reports published online by Wikileaks, soldiers conducting a Key Leader Engagement (KLE) discussion with tribal elders and Afghanistan National Police in Paktika province weretold of a Taliban offer for his safe return.
Battallion Command was radioed that officers had 'just finished with the KLE with 2 x elders from Mest and the Mest ANP commander. The elders were asked by the Taliban to [arrange] a trade between the U.S. and Taliban.'
'The Taliban terms are 15 of their Taliban brothers in U.S. jail and some money in exchange for Pvt Bergdahl,' a transcript of the radio traffic read. 'The elders assured me that Pvt Bergdahl is alive and that he is not being harmed.'
Police offered help the tribal elders with money for a car, fuel and light weapons in order to make the exchange, but it never happened.
It's also unclear whether the 'U.S. jail' the Taliban referred to was Guantanamo Bay or a local holding facility in Afghanistan.

So, what happened? Did Obama not want to make the deal because he wanted to close Gitmo and had to get rid of the top 5 most hardened terrorists after those directly connected with 9/11? Did he have an idea that negotiating with terrorists and making prisoner swaps that would have put more of the Taliban back on the battlefield in 2009 would have doomed his reelection?
38 weeks ago
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It's disgusting that any American would claim Bergdahl is a hero, or morally justified in deserting.

He volunteered to serve, but when he found serving not to his liking, he took the coward's way out. There is no honor in that. If the reports are true, he deserves only to be shot.
38 weeks ago
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Whom are you asking? Dear Leader or the American people who have not voted for him twice?
38 weeks ago
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