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Going Galt in the Real World

Today's Fightin Words podcast: Remove your sanction from ideas meant to destroy you.

Walter Hudson


May 27, 2014 - 6:54 am


On today’s Fightin Words podcast: Without a hidden society to escape to, how can those of us who wish to uphold individual rights figuratively “go Galt” in the real world?

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Walter Hudson advocates for individual rights, serving on the board of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota, and as president of the Minority Liberty Alliance. He hosts a daily podcast entitled Fightin Words, proudly hosted on Twin Cities Newstalk Podcast Network. Walter is a city council member in Albertville, MN. Follow his work via Twitter and Facebook.

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All Comments   (2)
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This makes a good point to start with a non-apologetic attitude. However, there is much one can do to Go Galt in the real world. This is done in increments, in degrees, and everyone can do something. This topic must be explored in more depth. In particular, every act towards small community development, in particular Locavore (local production/consumption of food) and loca-energy vore are major Going Galt activities. Every act of local production takes a bit out of the system: NO TAX, NO CONTROL of that bean harvest that you just shared with your neighbor or that your neighbor just shared with you. NO CONTROL, NO TAX of that energy you make at your own place your own way and that you might share or trade with the community. Local resilient community activities are all examples of going galt. This is a basic topic that needs continual exploration and development. In fact, the next stage of development as we shift from exponential phase of growth to stationary stage is in fact the shift from psychopath bankster/governmentster controlled consumerism towards self reliance communities. This deserves a website all of its own...... In this context I appreciate the comments from Walter Hudson......
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A big difference between a regular strike and a producers strike is that, in the later, you do not announce the strike. The answer to "Who is John Galt?" was never "That guy over there on the picket line with the bullhorn."

A simple way to Go Galt is to withdraw your cooperation with the bureaucracy but never, ever tell them that is what you are doing.
39 weeks ago
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