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Stephen Kruiser


May 14, 2014 - 7:44 pm

Three days.

Missouri’s Republican-controlled Legislature gave final approval Wednesday to legislation requiring a woman to wait three days after first seeing a doctor before having an abortion. Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon has not said whether he will sign or veto it.

The measure would triple Missouri’s current 24-hour waiting period and put the state in line with Utah and South Dakota as the only states to mandate a 72-hour time frame. Missouri currently has only one clinic performing elective abortions.

The House voted 111-39 in favor of the measure Wednesday, sending it to Nixon, who has previously allowed other abortion restrictions to become law without his signature. That included a measure last year that requires doctors to be in the room for the initial dose of a drug used in medical abortions.

Nixon said Tuesday that he would review the extended waiting period and act in a manner consistent with his other actions on abortion legislation.

This should get the abortion ghouls screaming, as they are opposed to any restrictions. A wait period for a decision that affects so much and is so permanent would seem like a no-brainer in a sane world. However, a world that makes a “hero” out of someone like Wendy Davis checked out of sanity a long time ago.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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Make the "waiting period" 9 months & women can just go back to the medical school dropouts performing back alley abortions...after all... "out of sight, out of mind"...problem solved...YOUR WELCOME!! /snarc
42 weeks ago
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How about a law that requires men and women to wait at least three days after meeting before leaping into bed together?

How about a law that requires men and women who don't intend to have children together to CORRECTLY use at least two different forms of contraception in combination?

How about a law that requires people to think about the possible consequences of sleeping with someone, of which pregnancy is but one, before jumping in the sack with them?

None of these proposed laws are genuinely plausible, let alone enforceable, but they are good examples of what people should be doing even without being told.

That some people do not is why we have abortions in the first place.

Abortion is a bad solution to a preventable problem.

Men who don't want to have kids should keep it in their pants. Women who don't want kids should keep their legs closed. If people did this instead of indulging their impulses, and doing so incompetently, abortion as a form of birth control would be a rare thing indeed.

Don't strike a match if you don't want a fire.

42 weeks ago
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Exactly! The vast majority of abortions would never even need to be considered if people contemplating sex used simple, affordable precautions like birth control or if they practiced abstinence. How many MILLIONS of human lives have been taken via abortion simply because the parents couldn't be bothered to take precautions?

If lovers made just a little more effort to avoid pregnancy in the first place, murders of unborn children wouldn't need to take place, barring the obvious exceptions of rape and the failure of birth control.

Women should absolutely exercise their "right to choose" but the choice in question should be the choice to use birth control or abstain from unprotected sex. She can either use it herself or insist that her lovers do so. I know that if my wife or girlfriend refused to sleep with me unless I used birth control, I'd be highly incentivized to obtain and use birth control.
42 weeks ago
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Ah..."the voice of reason"...the truly "endangered species"!!
42 weeks ago
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Thanks to Obamacare, (which has clamped down on out of state elective procedures) MO women will be stuck with least for as long as it takes to completely eliminate legal abortions & go back to abortions performed with coat hangers by medical school dropouts just like "the good ole days"...WHOP-EE...can't wait!!
42 weeks ago
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