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Stephen Kruiser


December 6, 2013 - 1:43 pm

Check out the headline.

This is a post about the bias at work here, not about whether Cruz’s comments were correct/warranted/whatever. Having said that, I’m sure most will end up focusing on the comments themselves. Still, it’s important to catch some of the more subtle biases.

The headline is accurate but not very representative of the entire situation. It is meant solely to make Cruz supporters look indelicate and/or bigoted which, by extension makes Cruz himself appear to be the same.

That is the only reason ABC News posted this story.

As I write this, there are over 5,800 “Likes” on the Ted Cruz Facebook page for his statement. There are less than a thousand comments, many of which are lefties attacking Senator Cruz and all of his constituents. Yes, there are many supporters criticizing him and there is nothing wrong with that.

The point is that, percentage-wise, Cruz fans were overwhelmingly supportive of what he said. It’s not even close. One sentence in the post mentioned the number of likes but declined to indicate the small number of comments. If you read the whole thing you would get the impression that there were thousands of comments and all of them were critical of Cruz.

If there aren’t already, there will soon be demands that Cruz disavow these comments. This is the old lefty game that identifies an outlier in a story involving a Republican politician, which is followed by feigned outrage and demands that the politician make a public statement.

It’s disingenuous and a thinly veiled way of covering one’s you-know-what while slandering.

And it is only done to conservatives.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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What I find interesting about this is that no matter what Cruz says or does, he is maligned as a terrorist, an idiot, and a racist.

It's putting him far ahead of the pack to lead the last-chance effort to overturn the totalitarians and save the country.

Funny how Christie, on the other hand, is declared to be the slam-dunk leader of the opposition party, isn't it?
19 weeks ago
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I personally would like to thank and applaud ABC in their efforts and vigilance when it comes to exposing the Tea Party for what it really is.

It is quite evident from their choice to highlight Sen. Cruz and his followers, that ABC would like to highlight some key facts and evidence on display that clearly unveils some truths about Tea Party people.

1) they like small government and dislike Communism, especially brutal, torturing regimes

2) they don't think brutal, torturing regimes should be praised

3) they identify Mandela as a Communist

4) they are aware that Mandela praised Castro

5) and yet, in light of all of the above facts and a ratio of nearly 10-1 they approved of the kind and laudatory words toward Mandela by Cruz.

6) thereby evidencing the fact that Tea Party, small government people can separate the person from their politics. An exposure of which it is clear that ABC wishes to use as an example TOWARD the Tea Party, I am certain of it.

In fact, Brian Ross at this very moment is likely thumbing through Tea Party rosters looking for someone to hold out as a shining example of graciousness and dignity.

So, thanks ABC. It's good to see your nobility and fair play hard at work...can't wait to see how you complete the circle in the days to come...especially with Santa on his way and the Easter Bunny just around the corner.
19 weeks ago
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