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Bryan Preston


September 16, 2013 - 11:46 am

A few years ago, David Frum was a medium-sized master of the universe. The Canadian-born wordsmith was writing speeches for the President of the United States and takes credit for coming up with the “axis of evil” phrase that came to characterize much of the Bush-era foreign policy. He would go on from there to become a sought out commentator on politics and world events. He wrote for National Review and the Daily Beast, among others. He obtained a cushy post at the conservative American Enterprise Institute think tank.

Nowadays, no one seeks out Frum’s opinion. He opines at his own site and Twitter. National Review let him go. AEI let him go.

Today, as many as 12 died in an attack on the US Naval Yard in Washington DC. The motive behind that attack is unknown and as of this writing, several hours after the attack began, there may still be two suspects at large.

So very few facts are known. But that did not stop Frum from launching his own assault on law-abiding American gun owners. Ever the deskbound warrior, Frum blasted at millions of Americans dealing with the shock of an attack on one of our military installations from the safety of distance and the comfort of Twitter.

I’ll disagree with Erickson, who thinks Frum should “grow up.” There’s a malevolence to the way Frum trolls conservatives and exploits tragedy that precludes belief that adulthood would make a difference. He is an adult, who is also a nasty piece of work.

Thinking before tweeting would be wise, though. Until we know a motive for today’s shooting, and maybe after we know that, Frum may unwittingly have made himself a mouthpiece for terrorists or murderers. That’s a long way from crafting speeches for the leader of the free world.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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One of the things that soured me on NRO was they held on to Frum way to long. They got a lot of complaints and WTF comments about him before they finally booted him. On the other hand they'll boot somebody who goes over the edge to the right of what they define as "good taste" fairly quickly. IMHO they suffer from the "Old Boy" syndrome.
1 year ago
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Frum, yet another Jurassic Media lacy has been attempting once again to hoist his Statist progressive attack on American civil rights from the Left’s favorite platform, dead bodies! These poor people! Isn’t it enough they were murdered? Now we all have to witness their exploitation by jerks like Frum, Feinstein, Winkler, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Piers Morgan, and their lame attempt to exploit a platform of dead people, in a vain attempt at personal relevance.

It is not just the Second Amendment these control freaks and tyrant want-a-bees hate. The hate all of the civil rights granted by a free nation governed by the people. There votes and actions reveal, over and over, their utter contempt for American liberty.

Add up all the people killed by mass shootings in the US and the number pails to insignificance along side of those killed by various disastrous forms of Socialism.

1 year ago
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Frum can't get a gig?

Let me put on my shocked face.

Not left enough to be on MSNBC and never right. Now THAT'S a resume' worth exploring...maybe an outlet is looking for a pretend conservative to play the "Washington Generals" role as the easy foil, tool, and toadie.
1 year ago
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Thanks, Bryan, for explaining who David Frum is. If you hadn't, I wouldn't know the silly twit from Adam.

Now that I do know, I still couldn't care less about his opinions. His advice is worth every penny it costs.
1 year ago
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Another mass casualty shooting in a "gun free zone". (1)

In wake of this most recent mass-casualty shooting, it is important that we all ignore the statistics which show that the more guns Americans have, the less violent crime we have . (2)

Ignoring a few simple rules of etiquette will help the post-shooting conversation to proceed in irrational ways. (3)

Rule 1: It is correct to suggest that "gun free zones" enable gun slaughter.

Rule 2: Gun crime in the president's hometown proves that guns anywhere else are not fit topic of conversation.

Rule 3: All gun owners are to be complimented as responsible and law-abiding until they personally have hurt themselves or somebody else which is as the founders intended and how we should treat anyone exercising a basic human right.

Rule 4: Any attempt to capitalize on mass casualty shootings by pushing laws which would not prevent them is "political." Allowing them to continue by not abolishing "gun free zones" is also "political."

Rule 5: Gun restrictions lead to tyranny and genocide, as in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, & Cambodia.
1 year ago
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It's annoying enough when someone posts eight or ten 'tweets' in a row. The fact that it's David Frum makes it even worse.
1 year ago
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