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Stephen Green


July 18, 2013 - 11:32 am

Sign of the times:

According to this week’s very weak retail sales report, Food-service sales fell 1.2% in June, the largest decline since February 2008 and the year over year change in “eating out” rose by just 3.1% – the lowest annual increase since June 2010. But at least all those empty restaurant seats have a record number of waiters catering to the non-existent clients which on the surface should mean the speediest service in history.

Looks like the restaurant hiring boom may be going bust.

Stephen Green began blogging at in early 2002, and has served as PJMedia's Denver editor since 2008. He's one of the hosts on PJTV, and one-third of PJTV's Trifecta team with Scott Ott and Bill Whittle. Steve lives with his wife and sons in the hills and woods of Monument, Colorado, where he enjoys the occasional lovely adult beverage.

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And none of them get more than 32 hours/week so as not to be "full time" employees eligible for health benefits. The last time I took my granddaughters (2) to McDonald's for a happy meal, it cost me over $20 with my #1 large size with no middle bun....over $20. That's why we have not been back. I can cook 12 burgers on the grill that are 1000% tastier, healthier, more convenient and costs less than $15 while never leaving home. Sayanora Mickey D's

Remember BENGHAZI!
1 year ago
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I was shocked last time I went. It was something like $8.50 for a double QP, fries, and a drink. City prices in the suburbs or something. Still fast but it's no longer cheap.
1 year ago
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