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New Phone App Allows People to Publicly Map Gun Owners

Opportunity for spite, lying, bullying, and burgling.

Howard Nemerov


July 11, 2013 - 2:51 pm

Gun Geo Marker” released a new Android app that allows anybody to report the location of a gun owner “about which you have a gun related concern.” Their excuse?

Electronically marking these locations (geolocation) can help others in the area learn about their geography of risk from gun accidents or violence.

This is the brainchild of Brett Stalbaum, who lectures at the University of California, San Diego. He calls himself a “gun owner” representing “the will of 90 percent of the American people who want common sense, constitutional measures to improve gun safety.”

This is curious, because after Sandy Hook, Gallup found that 38% “want stricter gun laws.”

Stalbaum also believes that “the second amendment and Constitution of the United States does not protect anonymous gun ownership, nor does the first amendment allow for gun owners to stop others from speaking freely about guns they know of in their neighborhood.”

Stalbaum used his First Amendment right to publicly express his bigotry against gun owners:

“The gun rights community has been busy making personal threats (we remain unconcerned), as well as spamming the Gun Geo Marker database with false markers,” he exclusively told “Though these fake markers are not useful for identifying dangerous guns and owners, they are certainly representative of the highly paranoid reaction we have come to expect from any attempt to improve gun safety in the United States.

Fox didn’t mention that he offered evidence of these “threats,” or that they came from members of the “gun rights community.”

Mr. Stalbaum has disabled comments on his site, and his FAQs don’t ask some questions that he should be concerned about:

  • How will he determine that the subject in question is “unsafe”?
  • How does he know the person reporting the “unsafe gun owner” doesn’t have a vendetta against the victim?
  • How does he know the “unsafe gun owner” isn’t a victim of a prankster or liar?
  • Will he act like the federal government’s no-fly list, requiring victims to spend time and money to get off this list…should they even find out they’re on it?
  • How is he going to vet that the subject in question even owns a gun?
  • If people get attacked by burglars as the result of appearing on his map, is he ready for a class action suit to pay for damages?
  • What’s his plan to deal with libel suits by victims placed on his map?
  • If gun owners are further victimized—e.g social ostracism, public derogation—as the result of being on this list, is Stalbaum prepare to defend his actions in court?

Former civilian disarmament supporter and medical researcher Howard Nemerov investigates the civil liberty of self-defense and examines the issue of gun control, resulting in his book Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn’t It Working? He appears frequently on NRA News as their “unofficial” analyst and was published in the Texas Review of Law and Politics with David Kopel and Carlisle Moody.

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In my experience, apps of this type are worthless, even those that use databases maintained by government authorities. A few years ago, I tried to use a similar app to check specific neighborhoods where I was considering relocating, for residents who were convicted criminals, or sexual predators. I found that the accuracy of available apps was abysmal, on the order of less than 10%. One police officer I talked to explained that people move around too much, and the authorities did not have the means of keeping the databases up to date.

Obviously, this app, which apparently relies on public input, will be even more randomly inaccurate than most, and completely useless for identifying whatever slight risk might be associated with having a gun owner as a neighbor.
1 year ago
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Hummmm! Talk about snooping!
Reuters is reporting that President Obama is pushing to include medical histories in a national database used to run background checks on gun buyers. Administration’s (HHS’ Sibelius)argument goes something like this: Marrying health records to a national gun database -- Is good! After all, do we really want the mentally ill purchasing weapons? What’s this REALLY ABOUT???
Federal government wants your private medical history reported to this database -- the same database that runs Obamacare records. The same database that runs tax records. The same database that runs credit records. The same database that reads your private email, scans your phone records, reads data from your grocery-store loyalty programs and the same database that has memorized your social profile.
Ms. Sibelius swears, putting ones personal health care information into this database is completely safe!!!REALLY? She goes on to say, "Our actions will be carefully tailored to ensure patient confidentiality as well as public health and safety." Is this REALLY TRUE?
For example: 1)Ever take Ambien to help you sleep a few years back? No gun for you. 2)Remember those pills for A.D.D. your doctor told you were necessary when you were a teen? No gun for you. 3)Attend a dinner party ten years ago with someone who has since been convicted of a crime? No gun for you. 4)Suffering from depression due to a recent divorce? Forget it. You can’t have a gun either.
Just imagine what Obama and his Progressive New Left Activist minions will do with this expanded database? Talk about "data mining!!!" Whoeeeee! Obamination on steroids!
We The People defeated Obama’s administrations attempt number one. We must defeat attempt number two.Pray. Amen. Join a Tea Party, urgently.
1 year ago
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I scrolled through more than a hundred reviews on the app's page at Google Play, and they are almost unanimous in panning it. Besides the constitutional and moral objections they're raising legal liability exposure on the part of the app's creator in case someone whose home is marked becomes the victim of a crime. There are also objections to the app's poor design and lack of QC both in content and operation.

I'd been contemplating leaving a comment of my own but I was laughing so hard after just a few of the reviews that I couldn't think of anything to add.
1 year ago
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I guess throwing stones is more of a way for this regime to want us to fight, verbal and physical. What was about, "For he who casts out the first stone?"
1 year ago
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That's why you purchase, barter and trade and don't tell. That would be self-imcrimination and illegal to turn yourself in to get on a list. The govt is obvious practicing gun confiscation, following the Agenda 21 UN resolution.
Eventually the UN will realize they don't over-ride our constitution.
1 year ago
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The proper response is simple: Flood the applet until it is pointless.
1 year ago
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I agree, put everyone in liberal neighborhoods on it.
1 year ago
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So he created an app that provides a list of addresses based on the fact that they are...addresses? I mean, since the story broke, I'd say that the ratio of spoofs to actual, constitutionally-oriented addresses is maybe 1000 to 1. The guy's a genius, A sheer, drama queen genius.
Oh - and his story about being a gun owner and being into common sense, and the 90% and blah blah blah? That's a lie.
1 year ago
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People can pinpoint gun owners on this map, just like media outlets have used freedom of information requests to post concealed carry licensees or New York gun owners, who are licensed just to own a gun (registration).
1 year ago
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