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Bryan Preston


June 13, 2013 - 7:31 am

Public opinion may finally be moving sharply against President Barack Obama, according to a new Fox News poll. According to the poll, 66% of Americans believe that the IRS “targeted conservative groups as part of a high-level operation to punish political opponents.” At the same time, just 23 percent believe the IRS and administration version of events, which is that the abuse was all driven by low-level employees who had gone “rogue.”

Even Democrats tend to believe that the IRS abuse was deliberate and political.

The new poll, released Wednesday, finds 24 percent think the administration had “absolutely nothing” to do with what the IRS did.  The same number felt that way last month.

In May the IRS acknowledged it had targeted Tea Party and other conservative groups for special attention when the groups sought tax-exempt status.

Just 11 percent of those who identify with the Tea Party movement believe the White House had nothing to do with it.

More than three-quarters of voters (78 percent) want Congress to continue to investigate the IRS.  That’s a bit higher than the number that thinks Congress should continue to investigate the Justice Department seizing journalists’ records (76 percent) and the Obama administration handling of the attacks in Benghazi (73 percent).

The “rogue employee” defense never made any sense. Unionized workers are not known for taking on work that has not come to them from higher authorities both within in their union as well as within their agencies. The additional questioning and paperwork that the IRS workers engaged in while targeting groups opposed to the Obama agenda constituted a great deal of additional workload. The union had to buy into that before it could ever have been launched.  Someone had to draft and approve of the additional questioning. The questioning had to be worked into the IRS’ case system. “Rogue” employees lack the power do accomplish all this. Maybe coincidentally, maybe not, President Obama met with Colleen Kelly, head of the IRS workers union, one day before the targeting began. They met in the White House on March 31, 2010, and the targeting began on April 1. Neither the White House nor the union have ever come forward to explain what that meeting was about.

Some Democrats including Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD) have declared that there’s nothing more to see in the IRS scandal and that America should just move on. The majority of Americans, including the majority of Democrats, disagree.

Continuing the investigation into the IRS scandal has widespread support: Almost all Republicans (90 percent), as well as sizable majorities of independents (76 percent) and Democrats (69 percent) agree lawmakers should persist until they feel they know the truth.

Overall, 55% of Americans also still oppose ObamaCare. The IRS will be tasked with implementing much of that controversial and unpopular law.


Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Cummings is a shrill, racist tool of the criminal organization masquerading as a political party. The louder he squeals means that Rep. Issa is getting closer to the truth. You rock on, DI.

Remember Benghazi!
1 year ago
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Evidently there are 70 republican congressmen(and ladies) who are opposing Old Yellowstain's plan to sell-out the American people. It would be inspirational for these same 70 representatives to also use their new-found courage to stand up for decency and righteousness by demanding the house leadership also thoroughly and rigorously investigate why four patriotic Americans were left to die at the hands of those who hate us with the utmost intensity; those mooslims have almost as much contempt for America as our current administration.

Do not leave it in the hands of that disgraceful Judas speaker of the it yourselves and win the enduring respect of the American people.

Remember Benghazi!
1 year ago
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Think of this, IRS and NSA united for one purpose and goal? Scary stuff!
In 1999,the Phoenix office of FBI investigations had picked up "chatter" between the now known 9/11 perpetrators taking flying lessons in local general aviation flight schools in Phoenix proper (did you know that Deer Valley Airport is the world's largest General aviation flight training center?). This was communicated to Top level administrators in Langley (CIA),Virginia. From Florida similiar information on "chatter" and flight school students with unusual requests also followed. Then came 9/11/2001, the event killing more than 3,000 innocent civilians (some injured from this event are still dying today).
1)In 2002, A program called "Thin Thread" was developed to do "point-to-point" voice communication and identification. It's cost? $3+ million dollars. It did exactly as the program authorization outlined and followed legal guidelines...discarding useless "threads."
2)This was soon upgraded around 2007/08 to a $1+billion dollar surveillance program called "Trailblazer!" This program award sought to pay off Union contractors, additional personel, new offices, personnel and sophisticated equipment. It surveilled AND stored "mined" data.
3)Today, according to reports, this "Trailblazer" program was trashed, and expanded into one called "Prism!" "Prism" increased:a. widespread surveillance of domestic eavesdropping on all Americans, foreigner and international sources of "digital data mining" AND more importantly, b. stored and organized this information as well.
See, the difference between "Thin thread," "Trailblazer" and its subsequent incarnation "Prism" is the surveillance and storage of collected (mined) electronic data. "Thin Thread" once collected, inspected and analyzed...if found useless, would delete it from the system...therefore its reduced cost (no expensive storage). Today, the NSA, has one goal and one goal only:1) surveillance on a scale never dreamed of by Joseph Goebbels; 2) collection of all this "Data mining" and;3) STORAGE ad infinitum. For no good reason. Now, tie this in with an intrusive IRS and the cake is complete with icing et al. We The Sheeple, be damned! We The Elite People of culture of corruption in ALL of Washington DC are in CYA mode now! Why? They've been exposed for the liars they are...see, they all knew about these programs, their :Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives. That's called a Mission Statement.Pray. Amen. Tyranny is definitely upon We The People! Join a Tea Party. It's the Stamp Act all over again. Chuck the Tea Overboard. God Bless America. Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of The House when "Prism" came into being. John Bohener is Speaker authorizing that humongous data "mining" and storage facility under construction in Utah. Its the "haves vs. the have nots!" Our government AGAINST We The People! Ben Franklin is definitely spinning in his grave.!!!!Tyranny!
1 year ago
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From the story:
24 percent think the administration had “absolutely nothing” to do with what the IRS did.

So the Sun King just needs to expand that 24% to 51%, and he's home free. Maybe he could schedule a speech.

We are slow motion watching an administration crumble. Wait for more IRS folks to retain counsel, plead the Fifth, or make deals to roll over on their bosses. Its going to be a long, hot summer.
1 year ago
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"Unionized workers are not known for taking on work that has not come to them from higher authorities both within in their union as well as within their agencies. The additional questioning and paperwork that the IRS workers engaged in while targeting groups opposed to the Obama agenda constituted a great deal of additional workload. The union had to buy into that before it could ever have been launched."

Public employees generally are not known for taking on work that hasn't come down to them from higher authority; there is nothing in it for you if you do so and quite a significant downside, especially if something goes wrong. The best way to get ahead in government is to start right out of school as a Widgetmaker ! and not do anything special or PO anyone for thirty years. If you do that you'll make a stately progression through the Widgetmaker classification and probably retire as a Widgetmaker V or the Supervisor or Deputy Director of Widgetmaking reporting to a political appointee.

Unions have little right to determine the work. If some directive comes down from management to add a whole bunch of new processes to making the Widget, the union may say that has so fundamentallychanged the work that they'd like to bargain the wage for that work, but they can't bargain the fact of the work. The legal bargaining duty is wages, hours, and terms and conditions, not work practices or products.

It would be the height of ignorance and arrogance if Obama actually knew any details of the IRS program; Democrats work by having staff and appointees act as a disposable shield to protect the officeholder. He certainly would have expected and in vague terms known that IRS was doing something to rid him of those turbulent Tea Partiers, but it is unlikely he had any detailed knowlege of what the something actually was. If the IRS action towards the Tea Party was the object of any discussion between Obama and the Union head, it was likely to have been something along the lines of "We're going to be asking your Cincinnati employees to do some special additional work and if there are any issues bring it straight to us and we'll work with you." Conversations like that with union leaders are common and are code for "please don't grieve or go public if you have any member complaints about this work and we'll work with you."

Unions sometimes run operations of their own in Democrat Administrations; it isn't safe with Republicans. Republicans are so hamfisted they probably won't see the operation until it breaks on them but they tend to get really nasty in retribution since they rarely owe the union any consideration. It sometimes isn't even safe with Democrats if it harms the administration. The only time in my whole career I was ever allowed to just unleash Hell, no holds barred, on a union was when a union agent ran an operation with several stewards and activists attacking a couple of Democrat appointees. When that was over the union had had to fire the agent as an act of contrition and we fired two union stewards and made it stick through arbitration and court. Things were very quiet for a long time after that.

It wouldn't surprise me if the union were the conduit to get the word to the Cincy office that this was something they should do, but that would have come to the union through campaign people outside government or, maybe, through a WH attorney so they could hide under attorney-client privilege for at least awhile if anything came out about the operation.

I've run a couple of legitimate but very controversial operations by making an Assistant AG the nominal head of the operation and all direction and communications was directed through the AG so we could hide from the Public Records Act and legislative inquiries by asserting A-C privilege. If you're using A-C privilege like this it won't hold up if you're using it for policy and political discussion rather than actual legal advice, but it will hold up long enough to buy you time to get ahead of it going public. Also, getting you to court to find out if you really do have legitimate A-C privillege costs serious money, so you quickly find out how serious your opposition is.
1 year ago
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