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Bridget Johnson


May 22, 2013 - 9:03 am

A senator on the Finance Committee says he believes former IRS commissioner Doug Shulman is being coached on his testimony before Congress.

Shulman, who stepped down three days after President Obama’s re-election, testified before the Finance Committee yesterday and is a witness before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee this morning.

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) chided Shulman for answering “I don’t know” most of the time.

“I’m not an attorney, but I’ve been in enough depositions to watch somebody who’s been coached by an attorney. I think he was advised by an attorney not to make any statements, and he didn’t,” Isakson said last night on Fox.

“I only learned that there still is a culture in the IRS on this issue of mystery, of not disclosing everything that went on. There has to be a who, there has to be a when, there has to be a what. We’ve got to find out those answers. It just didn’t happen in Cincinnati with a handful of operatives,” he added.

However, the senator said he thinks the White House is being honest about its displays of outrage over the IRS scandal.

“It’s quite obvious when they planted a question at a press conference to finally get the information out, they were struggling with how the American people were going to learn of what’s a very bad situation in the IRS,” Isakson said.

Bridget Johnson is a veteran journalist whose news articles and opinion columns have run in dozens of news outlets across the globe. Bridget first came to Washington to be online editor at The Hill, where she wrote The World from The Hill column on foreign policy. Previously she was an opinion writer and editorial board member at the Rocky Mountain News and nation/world news columnist at the Los Angeles Daily News. She is an NPR contributor and has contributed to USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, Politico and more, and has myriad television and radio credits as a commentator. Bridget is Washington Editor for PJ Media.

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What other "groups" of citizens are being targeted? I indirectly know a business man that went to a seminar on how not to pay income tax. Never did try to avoid taxes but was still seriously audited/harassed for the max amount of time they could. Never did have to pay anything additional.Nearly cost him his life and untold thousands of dollars. How many others are out there??
1 year ago
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The Internal Revenue Service has abuse of power in its DNA. Firing a few no-goodniks won't fix the problm, nor will sending political appointees to jail nor even impeaching the Unicorn Prince.

When you find a noxious weed in your garden you pull it up, roots and all.
1 year ago
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..he thinks the White House is being honest...

Did he stop and think about this before he said it?
1 year ago
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