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Matt Vespa


May 13, 2013 - 6:42 am

The Massachusetts special election to fill John Kerry’s vacancy is a statistical dead heat.  Markey’s rather unimpressive record after nearly four decades in Congress seems to be keeping from jumping ahead in the polls, despite the Bay State being a Democratic stronghold.  Republicans have been hammering Markey on his 1992 ethics investigation, and the ninety-two bounced checks that contributed to the closure of the House bank.   While the poll was conducted by a Republican pollster, it’s the independents that really stand out.  They’re a major voting bloc in the state, as indies make up more than half of the electorate. In all, the Hill reported yesterday that:

 [O]nMessage Inc., gives Markey 46 percent support to Gomez’s 43 percent, with 11 percent of respondents undecided. Markey’s lead is within the poll’s 3.4 percent margin of error, indicating the race is a statistical dead heat.

Both Markey and Gomez have similarly high favorables overall, but fewer respondents view Gomez unfavorably than Markey, likely due to the fact that voters haven’t yet tuned into the race and still don’t know much about him.

But Gomez fares better among independents, a key voting bloc in Massachusetts, as more than half of the state’s voters aren’t registered with either party. Only 10 percent of independents view him negatively, while 44 percent view Markey negatively, putting Markey underwater with independents.

The internal poll was conducted among 800 likely special election voters from May 5-7.


Pollster Wes Anderson writes in his memo on the survey that Markey can’t continue to be seen so negatively by independents “and hope to win.”

The special election will be held on June 25.  Markey has some work to do.

Left to right: Gabriel Gomez (R) and Rep. Ed Markey (D)

Matt Vespa is a conservative blogger who contributes to CNS News, RedState, Noodle Pundit, and was formerly with Hot Air's GreenRoom.

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Statistical dead heat usually translates as, 'It's close, but our guy is probably going to lose.'
47 weeks ago
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Meanwhile, Markey's "I took the initiative in creating Facebook, Google, Skype and Amazon" ads are running at "plaid speed" on Boston TV and radio. In a media market boasting huge numbers of people who work in the tech industry (like yours truly) I cannot imagine these having much effect as we know the history of all these companies and the 1996 telcom law he takes credit for.

Also, it is funny that he lists companies based in California and not one from around these parts. Methinks Ed is running a bit scared!
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
Look, there's another old, white, Republican!

Gomez is a rising star. It would be really cool to see a seat Dems have owned for decades fall to a young Republican with an Hispanic name.
48 weeks ago
48 weeks ago Link To Comment
If the guy bounced ninety-two checks, WHY THE H*LL IS HE STILL A SENATOR?
48 weeks ago
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I don't know if you are old enough to remember, clear the way, but the House banking scandal was a key to the R takeover of the House in 1994. There was at least one prison sentence for a guy from our Dear Leader's home political base of Chicago. Markey was likely a little fish in that swamp.
48 weeks ago
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