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Bryan Preston


May 10, 2013 - 9:10 am

The British and US governments have removed an undisclosed number of personnel from facilities in Tripoli, Libya as militias have taken over government agencies. Fox reports that the Pentagon is ordering forces based in Europe to be on security stand-by to provide further assistance should it be necessary. On Thursday, the US State Department warned Americans not to travel to Benghazi.

While we hope for the best for the people of Libya who reject Islamist tyranny, I cannot help but wonder about something. This morning’s revelations point to the fact that on September 10, 2012, the CIA warned the Obama administration that the US embassy in Cairo, Egypt and around the region were under threat from Islamists seeking to obtain the release of the “blind sheik” and other Islamists in US prisons.

With a day’s warning, the Obama administration never issued a security alert to our forces in Europe to prepare for contingencies, as it has today.


Update: Details from Fox:

The U.S. military has alerted two elite military units in Europe to be on standby if needed to respond to a deteriorating security situation in Tripoli, Fox News has learned.

In recent days both the U.S. embassy and British embassy in Libya have removed non-essential staff from their embassies.

A specialized Marine unit based in Moron, Spain, is in the process of being repositioned closer to Libya; and in Stuttgart, Germany, a special operations force assigned to AFRICOM has been placed on heightened alert.

More at the link.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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It's obvious we have to be politically and diplomatically incorrect here and place a sizable U.S. Marine Detachment with ample defensive materiel inside the city limits of Tripoli and Benghazi directly adjacent to our civilian occupied buildings/compounds. Aircraft for backup/evacuation purposes must be on some sort of standby alert at Aviano, fueled, armed and ready to be scrambled.

Security bubbles with helipads on rooftops of our Embassies in these Muslim controlled "entities" are needed as these "governments" are clearly not responsible for providing security. Think "Saigon all over again" in each of these Muslim controlled areas.

This idea that we Americans must abide by 19th Century Marquess of Queensbury "protocols" in defending our diplomatic sites from murderous Muslims with a ceremonial guard-sentry or two, each with a carbine and a few rounds is a lot of nonsense. Lethal nonsense, as we've been shown.

Or, the equally obvious common sense approach is to not even think about setting up American civilians in these unstable Muslim areas to be hostages or murdered as were those at Benghazi.....or start with.

Do we need "diplomatic" representation inside these primitive Muslim [or rather, Muslim-primitive] arenas? What're we gaining by such "diplomatic" presence?....instead set up remote controlled electronic video conferences IF these Muslim have anything to offer.

The red-carpets-and-bugle-flourish days are long gone.
1 year ago
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"Osama Bin Laden is dead" Terrorism is finished! Really???
CAIRO -- An unpredictable new element has entered Egypt's wave of political unrest: a mysterious group of masked young men called the Black Bloc who present themselves as the defenders of protesters opposed to the Islamist president's rule, (their mantra is directed AGAINST capitalism), their alternative universe? You guessed it...Sharia Law!!!
Ansar Al-Sharia a splinter Islamist terrorist group far more mobile, far better organized using modern-day Information Technologies is active throughout all of Middle Eastern countries especially those having had "Arab Spring" demostrations.
Radical Jihaddist Islamists, imposing Sharia Laws, are active throughout all of Africa, Micronesia and Western Europe.
So, Obamanators credo stating "terrorism is finished" is at best, smoke-and-mirrors, flim-flammery and a grave injustice to all America and Americans. Radical Islamist Terrorist's are very much alive and VERY, VERY well indeed! Pray. Amen.
1 year ago
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Pffft! Groups in Cairo are too busy attacking each other to worry about the American embassy.
1 year ago
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I disagree here. These mercurial Muslim cats refusing to be herded in Cairo, and in each if these African/Middle Eastern volatile capitals, are as likely to attack us as they are each other. Our usual Western thought processes are useless in dealing with Muslim governments....however organized. They're simply no longer applicable.

The idea that they'd be cutting the golden dollar cord doesn't enter their minds. Throat slitting.....all-infidel throat slitting competes with intra-Muslim throat slitting.

We must re-assess this whole idea of placing unarmed American diplomatic personnel in these volatile Muslim areas. The normal, accustomed civilized diplomatic rules no longer apply in this current Muslim guerrilla warfare.

We must adapt. Or...get out.
1 year ago
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A charitable explanation might be that they just don't want last Sept. 11 to happen again.

I'm not in a charitable mood, however.
1 year ago
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"With a day’s warning, the Obama administration never issued a security alert to our forces in Europe to prepare for contingencies, as it has today.


There's the question of the day.
1 year ago
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Why? Because this administration isn’t anti-war, it’s on the other side. How in a sane world does the head of NASA go blithely off with marching orders to make his new mission about cultivating Muslims self-esteem about their contributions to science? At some point does some D.C. adult say the words we all know to be true? The elite are not on our side, I don’t know if they sold out for petro-dollars but sell out they did.

Let’s give them all our guns, shall we?
1 year ago
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