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Stephen Green


April 29, 2013 - 8:41 am

Here’s the Bloomberg columnist on President Obama’s second First 100 Days:

The White House thought a comfortably re-elected president would have more clout, and face less-resistant Republicans, to strike a compromise on the deficit, avoid the mindless across- the-board sequestration cuts, pass a gun-control measure, and immigration overhaul and get Congress to embark on a broad, new agenda, including universal preschool education, a higher minimum wage, an ambitious infrastructure program and something on climate change.

Let’s talk about this word “clout” for a moment. Clout — to do what? It’s all well and good that Hunt thinks Obama and Congress should be reducing the deficit and eliminating the sequester (at the same time?) and passing gun control and overhauling immigration and all the Progressive BS he means by a “broad, new agenda.”

But Obama didn’t run on any of that in 2012. His platform, boiled down, was “Mitt Romney is evil and I’ll raise taxes on the rich.”

Well, OK then. Obama defeated the evil rich dude, and then he got his tax hikes.

He doesn’t have the clout to do anything else, because he never mobilized the electorate to push for anything else. What Obama said he set out to do, he’s done. Now he gets to twiddle his thumbs from now until January 20, 2017 — and he knows it.

And so does Al Hunt.

Stephen Green began blogging at in early 2002, and has served as PJMedia's Denver editor since 2008. He's one of the hosts on PJTV, and one-third of PJTV's Trifecta team with Scott Ott and Bill Whittle. Steve lives with his wife and sons in the hills and woods of Monument, Colorado, where he enjoys the occasional lovely adult beverage.

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I thought Al Hunt, the fine RINO head of hair, had gone to his reward long ago. Is he another of the zombies we see so much of lately?
1 year ago
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"Now he gets to twiddle his thumbs from now until January 20, 2017 — and he knows it."

He's got stuff to do. He knows this is his last government job he'll have (unless he's nominated to the Supreme Court) but he still has a life in politics. His campaign built an impressive (if brutal) machine to win in 2012, now he's looking to use it to be the permanent de facto head of the Democratic party. 2014 is the first test to see if he can keep the machine together.
1 year ago
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