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April 23, 2013 - 1:08 pm

I have a real thumb-sucker for you from today’s New York Times. That’s probably a dog-bites-man lede, but you might get a kick out of the sheer blatancy of this piece by Michael Shear and Peter Baker on the president’s big gun-control fail. Here’s how it opens:

Senator Mark Begich, Democrat of Alaska, asked President Obama’s administration for a little favor last month. Send your new interior secretary this spring to discuss a long-simmering dispute over construction of a road through a wildlife refuge, Mr. Begich asked in a letter. The administration said yes.

So the premise is, Begich asked the administration for a favor, and the administration obliged. But what did that nasty closet-Tea Party ingrate do? I won’t keep you in suspense:

Four weeks later, Mr. Begich, who faces re-election next year, ignored Mr. Obama’s pleas on a landmark bill intended to reduce gun violence and instead voted against a measure to expand background checks. Mr. Obama denounced the defeat of gun control steps on Wednesday as “a shameful day.”

Mr. Begich! Prisoner of the NRA! Shameful ingrate!

Thank goodness Shear and Baker are here to connect those dots for us, to smoosh those Venn circles together into one big blob of… evil.

See, the bill was intended to reduce gun violence, and who cares if it wouldn’t. Because of intentions, you see. But how did the bill play back home in Alaska? What were Begich’s constituents telling him? Does Begich have any strong convictions regarding expanded background checks? Let’s see what Shear and Baker reported on those questions:


Everyone knows you never go full Sergeant Schultz. Anyway, let’s see what was in the story’s third graf:

But Mr. Begich’s defiance and that of other Democrats who voted against Mr. Obama appear to have come with little cost. Sally Jewell, the interior secretary, is still planning a trip to Alaska — to let Mr. Begich show his constituents that he is pushing the government to approve the road.

Golly-gee-gosh-darn it, that Obama is just too geewilickers nice to everybody. Why, sequester ungrateful vote or not, the president is probably going to get that road built. And maybe hand-paint smiley faces along the length of it.

See? The president is just too good, too sweet, too flawless to play the Washington game — and that’s the only reason he ever loses.

And if The One is just too driven-snow pure to twist Begich’s arm? Well, then the NYT is more than happy to do the job for him.

Stephen Green began blogging at in early 2002, and has served as PJMedia's Denver editor since 2008. He's one of the hosts on PJTV, and one-third of PJTV's Trifecta team with Scott Ott and Bill Whittle. Steve lives with his wife and sons in the hills and woods of Monument, Colorado, where he enjoys the occasional lovely adult beverage.

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If our accidental boy Senator had voted with Comrade Obama on any aspect of that gun grab bill there would have been no reason for him to even file for re-election. Alaska is a state in which even liberal Democrats boast of being NRA life members and practically every vehicle has an NRA sticker.

He's already running re-election commercials in which he brags about voting with Coburn on something, and against the Administration's budget, and with Murkowski on something else. They can all be boiled down to "I'm Mark Begich and I'm not really a Democrat." The only way Begich can keep that seat is if Palin's sock puppet Joe Miller is the Republican nominee or we get some crazy "pure conservative" third party run. 'Course, that latter scenario has given seats to Democrats more than once, most notably former two-term Democrat Governor Tony Knowles from '94 - '02.

And the road is just stupid greenie obstructionism; the village is a few miles from the nearest airport and is accessible only by air - like most of rural Alaska. To get from the village to the airport requires a ferry across a large lake or a snow machine in winter and sometimes neither is practical because of weather or water/ice conditions. So, if you need to fly to Anchorage to get to a doctor, no doctors in most of rural Alaska, you may have to wait until you can get across that lake to get to the plane. The road would only be a few miles of gravel road, not some superhighway, through some precision wildlife preserve, which in Alaska is just another way of saying land the federal government chose to keep for itself because it could. Like most all the other preserves and wilderness and parks, they all look pretty like the land around them that isn't a preserve, a park, or a wilderness area.
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I wonder if Obama has ever actually been to Alaska and if he has did he even get off the plane? OTOH, it doesn't really matter. The president is still a self-indulgent, petulant, not-too-intelligent brat of a kid in a man's suit.
1 year ago
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No, the communist SOB has never been here, at least not since he's been President. Years ago any President going to Asia stopped in Anchorage or Fairbanks to refuel and usually did a grip and grin of some sort. President Reagan actually did a big-time public event with Pope John Paul when they both were coming through here on their ways somewhere. The later model 747s can fly to Asia non-stop, so Presidents have to want to come here. The last Presidential candidate that came here was Nixon in the '60 election and many think the time he spent here may have cost him the election.

It's a LONG way from the US East Coast to Alaska; four hours and change to Seattle then three hours and change to Anchorage. It's probably more like five and change total flight time on a Great Circle route directly from Reagan or Dulles to Anchorage, but you have to be President to fly it that way. All the rest of us will go DC to SEA and SEA to ANC. If you die in Alaska, you'll have to go to Seattle to change planes for Heaven or Hell.
1 year ago
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by obozo's own words he is am UNPATRIOTIC< IRRESPONSIBLE person lacking any leadership ability. (defined by what he called others for increasing the debt and not tackling debt ceiling)

And the media is happy to promote a person that is an UNPATRIOTIC, IRRESPONSIBLE, LEADERLESS failure as good for this country.

What are they smoking????????
1 year ago
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Just trying to be Obama's spine, since he has none himself.
1 year ago
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Just think! It took TWO idiots to write this piece of drivel!
1 year ago
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I'm all for roads being built in these remote - somewhat remote villages.

However MANY of these Alaskan villages and villagers, going back hundreds of years - have an abundance of crime, little-non existent employment, low educated drunkards with multi-generational families surviving on federal aid in their HUD home.

Some of the locals, natives alike do indeed escape and obtain an education, trade etc., and become self-efficient. Though it's a rarity. Even when encouraged, prodded and given a pass for their abysmal attendance, if you can call them 'grades' in public school.

MANY of these villages are provided a monthly, sometimes bi-monthly pallet(s) of alcohol whereas ALL the alcohol is drunken within a day or mere days of delivery.

Nearly every month the shipping company(ies) providing said spirits get many phone calls from these villages 1-2 days after delivery from a local drunken villager who shows up/ works P/T at the airstrip slurring into the the telephone, 'We dint get it'.

You can also read of many caribou shot and left to rot by villagers in '09.

Suffice to say the person who'd called the authorities, an Anglo teacher who was only trying to educate their offspring was treated differently/ poorly for the color of his melanin PRIOR to this incident. Suffice to say the villagers were upset, upset the teacher told authorities!

Again this is NOT a 'unique' case.

The corny albeit popular 'Deadliest Catch' show filmed mostly in Unalaska/ Dutch Harbor is a mecca for locals, natives alike trashing the place/ tundra.

The Russian horses brought to the islands ~ 130 years ago whom have run wild since the Russians fled, living in the hills have been neutered! For the natives there said the horses are helping destroy the tundra! I'll say drunken native morons on 4-wheelers, trucks often rolling their vehicles and abandoning them, lighting illegal campfires etc., is a bigger detriment than horses. Ah well..

You can also read MANY op-eds in the larger Anchorage, Fairbanks newspapers of native EEO journalist's bemoaning the very same federal government in their 'not providing' enough/ newer, bigger chainsaws, homes, snowplows, more fuel, gas for the heating/ cooking needs of their homes. All this provided by the taxpayer, of course. Last I'd read in history class, natives/ Indians etc., didn't use chainsaws, carried water rather than their being frighteningly dependent on the 'evil' albeit making life easier - Western devices.

Meanwhile the 'natives' are getting paid, other than their VERY large APF or Alaska Permanent Fund - for the simple fact of oil existing underneath their feet.

Yes, roads are needed. Essential. Humane. So is self-upward mobility, non-lethargic practices and using one's mind.
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Do they drug test at the NYT?
1 year ago
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just when I think they can't be any more crazy than they already are, they step up to the plate to prove me wrong!!!
1 year ago
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"Thumb sucker"? I think it's a bit lower than that, but par for the course for the Toilet Paper of Record.
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The headline to Mr. Green's piece is a little off. It should have read something like, "Obama is a bit to much of an Islamic extremist sympathizer to be a good American President."

Look, he barely can get the words out, "Muslim terrorist", from between his lying lips, without running to the Presidential bathroom, retching and yelling for Michelle to bring him a presidential towel.

Everyone in the free world who values freedom knew that Obama and Eric would die before they'd call the Boston Massacre either a massacre or a terrorist attack. The same goes for calling terrorist 2 an enemy combatant. The last thing Obama cares about is uncovering a huge Islamic terror system anywhere in the world. We've got a bunch of high government officials who feel a perverted hatred for this nation usually reserved for child perverts.

To put Obama in perspective, in WWII, if he were in charge, he would have argued against fighting the Japanese and Germans. He'd most likely have offered to help design concentration camps. No kidding, this president isn't just wacky; he has all the potential and desire to get us all killed.

Getting back to the Boston Massacre, though. To Obama, it's like a hurricane or a flood, something caused NOT by a man's intent to kill, but, rather, bad weather. That's an example of a tragedy. What we have in Boston are acts of terror. Obama knows this very well. Which is evidence how demented he truly is.

To Obama the "finishing line violence" will never be a Muslim terrorist event because Obama will do everything he can to avoid calling a spade a spade; extreme Islamism is just that. Which, sorry Michelle, is Obama's first love. Or do you think Obama gives the Muslim Brotherhood five billion tax dollars out of hate?

Obama is what he is. Half of our citizens are what they are. Dim witted use-full Obama imbeciles. I want even talking about the Boston police chasing two guys in two cars in Watertown. The gang that couldn't shoot straight still haven't told us how they let terrorist number 2 slip through their fingers. And even Fox news won't touch the subject like it's some third rail.

Just curious, did the ironies of the student cheering for the Boston police catch no one's attention? The Boston University system is the biggest hotbed of anti-American students in America. By now, they're probably back hating every value you and I cherish. I say, draft them. Send them off to war, so they learn what fighting for freedom is all about.

I know nobody wants to revisit the Vietnam war. But let me pull some heads out of the sand long enough to let you in on a little secret. We failed to win the war because of college student deferments. Pure and simple. There were too few citizen soldiers there. To few leaders. That was the single biggest reason for our screwing up in Vietnam.

Another irony you won't read about in the newspapers for ten or so years:

Our biggest ally in the fight against Muslim Terrorist will turn out to be Russia and China. Those two country's are our ace in the holes

Unfortunately, we're also being dealt a hand of aces and eights. The undocumented Democrats pouring into open borders that jay leno joked about are a real threat. Just what the Democrats need to get a choke hold on freedom. Hillary now has about a 58 percent approval rating. If she's elected President in three or so years, this nation is kaput.

We've been invaded by nanny state nabobs. Food stamp junkies and Disabled deceivers. Between union thugs on the street and union sympathizers in schools and government, we're in need of a Washington crossing the Delaware to get this nation back on its feet. Any volunteers?

We've also got a cancer on the Presidency who should have been voted out last November. Is there a doctor in the house?
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Part of the problem here is that they see this as in part some sort of game. They didn't tell you why the road through the wildlife refuge is important (it's so emergency vehicles and supplies can get to a remote settlement) or why it hasn't happened yet (environmentalists would rather the village starve to death than disturb the wildlife habitat). Instead, this is a political version of Settlers of Catan. If you give someone sheep (the Interior secretary visit) they *must* give you something in return, like wood (the gun control vote). There are no principles involved, and reasoned opposition to a measure dear to the hearts of Democrats absolutely *MUST* be cynical heartless calculation that decides that the bribes of the opposition are more lucrative than being friends with the President. No reasonable person, thinking objectively, would disagree with their Begich was bought off, intimidated, whatever.
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