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Stephen Kruiser


April 17, 2013 - 8:41 pm

Reality check.

As the U.S. Senate embarks this week on another spasm of gun control legislation in response to the Newtown, Conn., mass shooting, the Northwestern victim (his name is being withheld by the school district) is a reminder that Sandy Hook is an anomaly — the overwhelming majority of homicides in America take place in cities like Detroit, affect young males and rarely get media headlines.

If Washington passes a federal background check for all gun sales, it will be largely symbolic. Not only would a background check not have prevented Adam Lanza from acquiring a gun (his mother owned the firearm), it would do little to address violence in inner cities awash with illegal guns and drugs. This week’s White House-driven gun circus is politically calculated to embarrass the gun lobby, but attacking the root causes of gun violence means boldly tackling much stickier issues: drug legalization, police reform and single-parent families.

In the week following the Newtown massacre, there were more than a dozen gun homicides in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis. In 2012, 52 people were slain for every 100,000 Detroiters. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, large cities account for two-thirds of gun-related deaths.

President Obama is on an emotional crusade that is almost entirely devoid of meaning. Had the legislation passed today, he could have claimed victory, satisfied his enormous ego then gone to bed well protected by heavily armed men while those he was pretending to protect wouldn’t have been any safer. He’s operating with so much disconnect that he trotted out Gabby Giffords for his temper tantrum today-a woman who was shot by a man who passed a background check.

The problems in the places where gun violence is rampant (Chicago, Detroit, etc) are not, as this article says, simply plagued by the availability of weapons but by far deeper sociological issues.

And those don’t make for good photo ops.

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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My hometown of Syracuse, NY has stabbings and shootings on a regular basis. These crimes are almost always gang related and contained within certain neighborhoods.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the entire city government is made up of anti-gun democrats. NICS background checks have been required for years for all gun purchases at gun stores and gun shows. A handgun purchase requires a state pistol permit which, in this county, currently takes over a year to obtain and costs $200 including the safety class, background and mental health check, and fingerprinting. Even after that, most citizens are denied a permit to carry - they may only use their handgun for target shooting or hunting.

Despite (or more likely because of) all this, the blood continues to flow.
51 weeks ago
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Most of the shootings here locally (Muskegon, Michigan) have been actions related to various illicit activities such as drugs. Others appear to be "turf battles", again likely related to gang activities of some sort. Most of those shot are young men, usually of minority groups. As these people are involved in criminal activities in many cases, it is likely that the same organizations that are now supplying illicit drugs could also supply guns. Handguns are small, and a dozen cartridges would be sufficient for most cirminal purposes. Nor does it require advanced technology to manufacture firearms. Ammunition might be a bit more difficult, but we're talking 19th Century technology here, and there are a lot of manufacturers world wide. The best definition of "Man" is a weapon making animal. We are almost unique in that aspect, although chimps have been seen using sticks. The law of "supply" and "demand" still exists regardless of what anyone wishes. If there is a "demand" for guns (like there is for illicit drugs) someone will meet that "demand", legal or not...
1 year ago
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I am sorriest today (not sorry AT ALL for President Lightworker, in case you were wondering) for the parents of the Sandy Hook victims, because of how cynically and shabbily they have been used. No doubt many of them have been convinced that passage of a gun-control bill would assure that mass shootings would be ended once and for all... and therefore, their poor children's deaths would at least "mean something." The shadow side of that: With the defeat of this measure, does that mean the children "died in vain"? How cynical and cold must someone be to be able to set up grieving souls for further grief - and with a clear conscience, yet? Either the Dems and the media (forgive the redundancy) really thought this couldn't possibly lose, or... well, the word "wicked" comes to mind.
1 year ago
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The idea of a "gun free school zone" means helpless "targets" for those who wish them harm. In African hunting, the hunters will obtain a "prey animal" such as a goat, tie it out, the hunter or hunters will wait in ambush for a predator such as a leopard to come in response to the sounds and scent the prey animal makes. With our "gun free school zones" we have created "prey" that will be "hunted" by a "predator". We also forget that terrorists exist (as occurred in Boston). Obviously a school would be a "soft target" for them as supposedly there is no one there able to resist an armed attacker. Advertising this fact of "gun free school zones" is simply encouraging "predators", either in the form of "nuts" like Adam Lanza, or of the sort that set off those bombs in Boston. We need to rethink protection in the schools. We do need armed and competent people protecting the schools before we have another attack by Muslim terrorists seeking an "easy target" where they can kill dozens at a time.
1 year ago
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There is already a dang background check! I guess I need to buy a gun to go along with my NRA Membership just to learn about the process. I had to research this for myself since the media is mashing it up with their b*****it agenda. It's called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and became operational in 1998 and verifies that a person seeking to buy a firearm from a gun dealer is not prohibited from doing so by federal or state law

According to the NRA the NICS helps enforce existing Federal law..."persons prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition include felons, fugitives, persons with disqualifying mental health histories, illegal drug users and addicts, illegal aliens, persons dishonorably discharged from the armed forces, persons who have renounced U.S. citizenship, persons convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors, and persons under certain kinds of domestic violence-related restraining orders"

So we needed 8000 pages of new law to do what exactly? Thank God even some Dems may have realized this.
1 year ago
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