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Bryan Preston


April 16, 2013 - 9:48 am

Questions continue to swirl around GreenTech, the car firm from which Democrat Terry McAuliffe quietly resigned last year. GreenTech was supposed to be the next big thing in environmentally friendly cars, but when Virginia authorities looked into whether the state ought to provide it incentives to locate there — where McAuliffe is running for governor — the state determined that the business did not look viable, and its leadership had no experience manufacturing or selling cars. The Virginian-Pilot frames the tale well.

Terry McAuliffe, the longtime national Democratic operative and self-described business “hustler,” has returned for an encore after his unsuccessful 2009 bid for the governor’s mansion. Seven months before the election, McAuliffe’s business behavior has raised all kinds of questions, few of which he has managed to answer satisfactorily.

Most of the questions concern his association with a would-be electric vehicle manufacturer. GreenTech Automotive was supposed to be a critical element of McAuliffe’s business case for electoral victory.

Instead, it increasingly appears to be an albatross that his campaign is trying to downplay.

Other than offering evidence that McAuliffe supports alternative-fueled vehicles and is willing to wade into a risky business venture during a recession, the affiliation offers voters little reason for confidence in McAuliffe’s business prowess.

His claims that Virginia economic development officials weren’t interested in bringing a GreenTech manufacturing plant to Virginia during the administrations of McDonnell or his predecessor, Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine, have been dismantled. As Politifact and others have reported, documents show the company didn’t press its case to Virginia officials, and those officials raised serious concerns about the company’s viability and operational abilities.

McAuliffe and company ended up locating GreenTech in Mississippi, where they have proceeded to create virtually no jobs or cars despite the state taxpayer-funded incentives that attracted them there ostensibly to create jobs for the state.

Part of the GreenTech plan involved attracting foreign capital through the EB-5 visa program. Investors could invest $500,000 in GreenTech, in exchange for visas to live in the US. The Washington Post, which has been cheerleading for McAuliffe’s run, dismisses any national security concerns over essentially selling visas to wealthy foreigners, but still manages to figure out that McAuliffe and GreenTech do have some problems.

Although Mr. McAuliffe resigned as GreenTech’s chairman late last year, it would produce a stench if it turns out that GreenTech’s raison d’etre turns out to be little more than a magnet for cheap foreign capital, without realistic prospects of producing cars, jobs or profit. Suspicions have been further raised by the fact that GreenTech, with federal approval, set up its own EB-5 regional investment center in Mississippi to attract foreign capital — for itself and possibly other firms. The management of that center includes several of Mr. McAuliffe’s political allies.

Crony capitalism, in other words. The appearance now is that GreenTech is a boondoggle set up to pull in money from various sources including the taxpayers, with little in the way of a substantive plan to turn that money into a viable, job-creating company. McAuliffe and his allies would get rich paying themselves from the investments, then quietly extract themselves from the company at some point down the road. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Is there any truth to this? One must decide! Was secretive!
Sorry found this "on the wires!", here goes:
Al Gore wins! USA’s Progressive New Left Activists have created the world’s largest single Energy monopoly ever devised by mankind. Started out as a secretive series of meetings between “mover and shakers” in Houston, Texas’ heart of USA’s energy sector, morphing into a agreed upon set of norms and operating procedures for America’s energy sector…called Project Lighting.
Code names, secretive meetings in Palm Springs, frosted conference room glass, and surreptitious meeting in hotel rooms were enabled over several months time to create massive “power exchanges.” Currently, energy is regulated by “auctions” held for rates across the USA(shades of "Enron") . Largest participant in this existing organization are US power companies and Canadian Provinces.
These new “power exchanges” are banking on the successful closing of 132 coal fired electricity power generating plants having been shut down, taken ‘off-line,” these past four years by EPA, thus squeezing USA's power grid into a handfull of providers. This has the potential of taking, for example, a $30 rate set into a $90 revenue bonanza for this new monopoly. These “power exchanges” will have control over:1)production, 2)distribution and 3) sales. And the frosting on the cake? SET PRICES.
New company name hasn’t been divulged, but rest assured, it will be bigger than Rockefellers – Standard Oil monopoly. Date of inauguration? Memorial Day, May 27, 2013.
Why, Memorial Day? Because, according to their timetable, this is the official start of USA’s 2013 summer. El Nino(warming of Pacific Ocean waters) is expected to be brutal and surface of the sun –Solar Flares- is anticipated to project super heightened activity. This translates into super use of A/C’s in all the USA. This may translate into current usage from 50% to possibly 250%. Our US Government conspiring against We The People??? One really thinks so?
Question: who regulates Americas Energy Sector? Congress and the EPA! Guess who’s in on this flim-flammery and biggest USA scam…We The Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC. Pray. Amen. Does one think THEY’RE not going to be newly minted millionaires???HAH!!! Crony-capitalism of the highest order! Global Warming(Green Energy) = scamsville
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