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Matt Vespa


March 23, 2013 - 1:07 pm

State representative John Fresolo has some explaining to do.  Allegedly, he took some pictures of his genitals and sent them to a government computer.  It seems politicians haven’t learned anything from Rep. Anthony Weiner (D- New York), who famously tweeted his package to a twenty-one year old woman in Seattle back in 2011.

According to the Daily Mail:

The investigation is ongoing and the committee has not formally reprimanded the individual in charge, but it is being widely reported that Democratic State Representative John Fresolo is the one behind the scandal.

He allegedly sent ‘lascivious photos of his privates’ to a computer at the State House, and an aide complained to the Ethics Committee to start the investigation.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo has not confirmed any accusations in the case except that he did say there was ‘sufficient cause’ for an investigation.

‘In order to protect the integrity of the Ethics Committee investigation, Speaker DeLeo will have no further comment on this matter,’ spokesman Seth Gitell said., a local Boston news outlet, also reported that:

House Speaker Robert DeLeo has opened an investigation into “serious allegations” against Worcester State Rep. John P. Fresolo after a State House employee brought a complaint to the House counsel, NewsCenter 5′s Janet Wu reported

A spokesman for DeLeo told the State House News Service that House counsel Jim Kennedy brought the allegations made by a House employee against the lawmaker to the attention of DeLeo two weeks ago.

DeLeo had Kennedy conduct a preliminary review, and found “sufficient cause” to warrant a full investigation, according to a statement from DeLeo’s office.

Fresolo, a Democrat, told NewsCenter 5 that his attorney has instructed him not to answer any questions.

“On advice of counsel, I have no comment,” he told NewsCenter 5′s Janet Wu seconds after pulling into his garage and getting out of his car.

Asked if he was being investigated by the House Ethics Committee, Fresolo said, “Again, I have no comment.”

Fresolo denied he would be resigning.

Yet, you never know how this might turn out.  He could be forgiven, and may become mayor of Worcester one day.

Matt Vespa is a web editor at and occasional writer for Hot Air, RedState, and Townhall Magazine.

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The only thing profound about this little tid bit is that there still might be anyone out there who still thinks it's profound.
1 year ago
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He is a Democrat so that means he is automatically not responsible. Nothing a Democrat does is a crime or even immoral. If he were a Republican though, we can all figure the end of that story.
1 year ago
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Since most politicians these days are probably psychopaths, then no, they won't learn anything from others' problems. This is because they don't think they will ever get caught or if they do they can get out of it because they are a powerful and important person. Of course, Democrats may be right since in more than a few districts convicted criminals and even murderers have been elected to office and kept there.
1 year ago
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