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Matt Vespa


March 14, 2013 - 10:44 am

Sen. Mike Lee (R- Utah) addressed CPAC this afternoon talking about, among other things, the government’s ability to kill civil society. Obamacare, massive regulation, and nonsensical taxation are some of the major ways government can suffocate the  people’s economic security and aspirations.  When you factor in envy -– which George Will aptly noted is inherent in liberal policy messaging -– progressives are able to rally their base in a blind fury for the dependency agenda.

Sometimes Republicans are complicit in this slow bleeding of American society.  Some Republican governors have agreed to the Medicaid expansion provision in ObamaCare.  It’s one of the most expensive parts of the new health care law, and:

adding millions of people onto an already strained program doesn’t help anyone. The Medicaid program is already struggling to provide care to its core obligations—a diverse group of low-income children, disabled people, pregnant women, and seniors. So dumping more people into the program will make matters worse. Research shows that Medicaid enrollees already have worse access and outcomes than privately insured individuals.

This will have real effects on America’s needy, including children. Dr. Hal Scherz has seen the problems Medicaid creates firsthand. He practices in the only pediatric urology group in the state of Georgia, and more than half of his practice is made up of Medicaid patients.

But Medicaid already doesn’t cover the costs of many procedures, and expanding the program is only going to stretch the doctors’ even further—while they get paid less.


In fact, 40 out of the 50 states are projected to see higher costs—not savings—from expanding Medicaid.

Forbes’ Avik Roy has labeled the program an “humanitarian catastrophe,”  and reforms will be almost impossible with Democrats being intransigent on entitlement reform.

Concerning red rape, Jim Pethokoukis of AEI posted that we’ve become a regulation nation.

Taxation is the scariest area since you see an increasing number of Americans receiving benefits from a government that they’re not paying for.  George Will astutely noted at CPAC in 2010 that this is a situation of moral hazard, and that these folks have zero interest in halting the expansion of government.  The job creating and investing class, aka the “rich,” already pay the vast majority of federal income taxes. In fact, the top 10% pay 71% of all income taxes, while the bottom 50% paid 2%.  With Obamacare’s full implementation coming in 2014, the burden of the state will inevitably increase, and CPAC isn’t really talking about it in depth – which is tragic.

Under Obama, government’s ability to kill civil society has only been accelerated.

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Matt Vespa is a web editor at and occasional writer for Hot Air, RedState, and Townhall Magazine.

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Appropriate and very much to the point (prophetic, even)...American Exceptionalism! (not in Rubio's speech, but implied) This American Exceptionalism, Is first and foremost founded on "the individual!,"i.e. We The People. American Exceptionalism IS NOT founded on some amorphous concept (Cloward-Piven type gobbley-gook) "individual government" or "Individual(s) in government!" (read fourth point)
Secondly: Through a Republic form of governance, constructed from three guiding documents (and their corollaries):Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence has as its foundation "The Rule of Law."
Thirdly, a clear set of modern day forms (and forums)of tracking what We The Elite People in the culture of corruption in all of Washington DC and local governments are enacting, doing and preparing for US citizens is available at:
Helps We The People deal with HufPo's of the world and MSM in general. BloombergTV,MSNBC et al are challenges but still, can "show them the light and error of their ways."
Fourthly: don't ever forget, nor do not ever underestimate the enemy of these United States, i.e., US government, its minions, and Washington DC. For example, Mr. Obama has summoned to his very closely held and secretive inner circle a Mr. Harper Reed (type individual) and a constellation of "dream team" techie nerds (Gates and Zuckerbird, anybody?)to the White House, acting as his "shadow government," culling, ferreting and action planning for pure political purposes, all cyberinfo for use and strategizing...all for political gain (both individually and partywide). This coalition crosses all demographics, individuals et al. Is extremely ambitious, complex in its inception as well as its execution. Never has American government, politics and cyberinfo been melded and molded into (and by) the hands of a chosen few. Pray. Amen. New Age America, is dawning! God Bless America.
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