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Stephen Kruiser


February 20, 2013 - 8:29 pm

This is why they had to shift to calling it “climate change”.

This is my hometown. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s a freakin’ desert. If “the planet has a fever” it’s not showing it well.

Of course, the Climate Commies love saying that “weather isn’t climate”. Unless they need it to be. Like when there’s a hurricane.

Here’s a pic from the PGA Match Play tournament that’s going on in Tucson this week:

Stephen Kruiser is a professional comedian and writer who has also been a conservative political activist for over two decades. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining U.S. troops.

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"it’s a freakin’ desert"

I would say you were channeling Sam Kinison with that comment except he followed up with "we have deserts in America but we don't live in them!"
2 years ago
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Communist red or environmentalist green golf balls will both show up well in the Tucson desert snow.
2 years ago
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