Poor Richard’s News has posted 2006 audio of then Sen. Barack Obama denouncing the US national debt. It was March 2006, and the US national debt stood at about $8 trillion.

OBAMA: Guys, ok, I have to go vote. It’s a sad state of affairs. We just voted to increase the debt limit. The US total debt at this point exceeds eight trillion dollars. That’s eight trillion, with a T. So we’ve gotta get our fiscal house in order here in Washington. I’m not sure it’s gonna happen under the current leadership in Congress.

Obama voted against that debt ceiling increase as a senator. Now as president he wants unilateral unchecked authority to raise the debt limit anytime he sees fit.

Under his watch, the national debt has climbed to more than $16 trillion, about $6 trillion of that coming on his watch. He has not had a budget in over three years. But he says that we have no spending problem.

If $8 trillion in debt was a “sad state of affairs,” what is $16 trillion in debt? If our fiscal house wasn’t in order in 2006, when deficits were much lower and we actually had a national budget, what is the state of affairs now?