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Bryan Preston


October 1, 2012 - 2:14 pm

Funny because it’s true. And it’s published in the MSM.

So confident was the president that he seemed to be floating a foot or so off the ground, Barack Obama was bright, engaging, and well-versed in every possible nuance of every question asked by the moderator, PBS’s Jim Lehrer. His opponent, in contrast, was nattily attired in an expensive outfit appropriate to his status as part of the 1 percent of the nation’s wealthiest individuals but, on substance, was sorely lacking in his understanding of the issues facing America.

“President Obama’s performance was so good, my whole body was tingling,” said Matt Christopher, the noted commentator for the SMBND cable news network. “In fact at one point I thought I might be having a stroke, but that would have been okay because the last thing I would have heard was Obama’s ringing defense of his superior presidency.”

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