Via NROC — Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz turned in a wasshisnameagain? performance on LA radio station KABC this morning. She has picked LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to chair the Dems’ convention this summer. Host Doug McIntyre questions her choice, using fact after fact regarding the mayor’s disastrous performance in office.

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I’m having trouble deciding which is the funniest part. Is is in the beginning, when DWS struggles to pronounce Villaraigosa’s name? Or is it when she says it is “borderline offensive” to criticize one’s mayor for his performance in office? Or is it when she finally gives up trying to defend the philandering phailure of a mayor that she chose for a high profile role when her party is in the national media spotlight?

Eh, they’re all good. Just click the play button and enjoy.