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Ron Radosh


There is no American hater of Israel and all it stands for more extreme than the young would-be journalist Max Blumenthal. The son of former Clinton administration staffer Sidney Blumenthal, he is author of a book so steaming of hatred for Israel that it makes the work of Noam Chomsky seem moderate in comparison. It has received blurbs and endorsements from Stephen Walt (of Walt and Mearsheimer), Rashid Khalidi, Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian, and Chris Hedges, among others. In other words, all the usual suspects are pushing it.

The Nation, the leading magazine of the far Left, featured a lengthy excerpt for its cover story in the November 4th issue. Trying to appease their few remaining supporters of Israel, it also ran a short one and a quarter page rebuttal by one of their regular columnist, Eric Alterman. He sees himself as a critical supporter of the Jewish state, regularly writing in opposition to both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and most Israeli policies, with which he strenuously disagrees.

Yet Alterman, having read Blumenthal’s book, dubbed it “The ‘I Hate Israel’ Handbook,” noting that some chapters “are titled to imply an equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany,” such as chapters titled “The Concentration Camp,” “The Night of Broken Glass,” and one would-be humorous and juvenile chapter titled “How to Kill Goyim and Influence People.” Alterman’s bottom line is this:

Alas, his case against the Jewish state is so carelessly constructed, it will likely alienate anyone but the most fanatical anti-Zionist extremists, and hence do nothing to advance the interests of the occupation’s victims.

Alterman clearly agrees with Blumenthal that Israel is to blame for “the occupation,” but even he cannot help but note that “Blumenthal evinces no interest in the larger context of Israel’s actions” and completely shows no interest in all the serious threats Israel faces from its many foes, which Alterman is compelled to acknowledge are very real and menacing to the Jewish State. He notes that Blumenthal complains about Israeli textbooks which he says “indoctrinate Jewish children into the culture of militarism,” while never saying one word about the Palestinian and Arab textbooks which do not even show Israel as a nation on their maps, and which regularly attack Jews as sub-human. As Alterman puts it, “Did it not occur to Blumenthal…that Palestinians have textbooks at all?”


One could — and should — ignore Blumenthal’s book. It is disconcerting to find, however, that on December 4th, the New America Foundation is having a book talk by Blumenthal, introduced by the noted counter-terrorism expert and best-selling author Peter Bergen. The announcement for the talk calls Blumenthal’s book “an unflinching, unprecedented work of journalism which depicts a startling portrait of Israeli society under siege from increasingly authoritarian politics.”

For those who don’t know, NAF is the leading Democratic liberal and pro-Obama think tank in Washington, D.C. It was created as a liberal alternative to the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. Former administration member Anne-Marie Slaughter, who served as director of policy planning at the State Department from 2009 to 2011, now heads it. Its board includes Fareed Zakaria, Francis Fukuyama, Atul A. Gawande, James Fallows, and many other notables.

I doubt whether the NAF staff consulted many of them about the decision to sponsor a talk, or if they even are aware it is taking place. But one cannot take lightly the decision of the organization to have this event. There are many worthwhile books out there with liberal authors who would have been happy to make a presentation at their venue.  To bring Blumenthal, whose work has so far had an appeal only to the far Left and to the radical fringe, is to legitimize this book and make its publication accessible to a wider audience that is outside Nation magazine circles and that otherwise would not have known about it.


NAF is funded by some of the most prominent corporations, institutions, and well-known individuals, as NAF’s “Our Funding” page reveals. The list includes the U.S. Department of State, which evidently gives it funds from the taxp dollars, to the tune of over 1 million. One will also find quite a few Jewish groups and individuals on the list.

All of this raises an interesting question. At a time when the Obama administration is putting into effect a very, very bad deal with Iran, and incurring the just opposition of our ally Israel, and John Kerry is busy trying to again force Israel into making concessions to promote another round of meaningless Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, how related is NAF’s decision to sponsor a book talk by Blumenthal to the administration’s new agenda? Does someone who plans events at NAF believe that this is the time to portray Israel in the harshest light possible, in the hopes that it will turn public opinion against Israel, and thereby gain approval for foreign policy measures opposed to Israel’s need for security?

For those who still believe that the advocates of American liberalism are honest and have decent principles to uphold, the decision to publicize this vile book by an out-and-out hater of Israel should be eye-opening. I hope that those who still call themselves liberal or progressive and who have a shred of decency, especially those who are affiliated with or regularly attend the New America Foundation events and programs, call them and protest their decision to have Blumenthal for a book forum. Anyone with a drop of common sense knows the book is not anything like the words they use in their announcement to describe it. One might indeed describe it more accurately as a travesty of good journalism meant to incite hatred and disdain for the very existence of Israel.

Is this really the kind of book the New America Foundation and its supporters want to be identified with?

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An American Jew who hates Israel. This, practically by definition, is someone who does not think antisemitism can hurt him.

He is quite wrong. One unfortunate aspect of being a Jew is knowing that there are millions of people, who have never met you and know nothing about you, who want to see you dead. As the late Ed Koch wrote, a few years ago (paraphrased): A man is a Jew first by birth, then by practice. If he ceases to practice Judaism, he remains a Jew by birth. If he needs confirmation of this, he should ask his neighbors, who will remind him.

Max Blumenthal does not seem to understand this. Did Daniel Pearl die for nothing? Has the world forgotten Entebbe? Does no one remember the name of Leon Klinghoffer?

Israel is far from perfect, as must be any nation composed of human beings. Ask any Israeli what is wrong with Israel, and you'll hear a lengthy list. But Israel has never ceded the moral high ground to her critics or her enemies, and Israel's worst failings -- which are violations of Israeli law, and are harshly punished by Israel -- are utterly insignificant compared to the daily practices of Israel's sworn enemies.

Israel has standards of military ethics that should (but don't) make people everywhere aspire to be like them. What other country would endure years of unprovoked bombardment on her civilian population, and then, when the time finally comes to strike back at terrorists hiding behind Palestinian civilians, who else would strike back... after warning the targets with hundreds of thousands of targeted cell-phone calls, using a system designed for that purpose?

Israel truly is the "light unto the nations" she was intended to be. Any who doubt this are encouraged to visit Israel, with their eyes wide open, and see for themselves.
1 year ago
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I'm not sure why people blame Israel solely for the occupation. They did not occupy the West Bank in a fit of pique, but because armored tank columns were posturing to cut Israel in half at its narrowest part. A war actually occurred. Now, if the Islamic hostiles who are in favor of and enabling that act never distance themselves from the hostility that created it in the first place, an occupation is likely to continue.

Liberals are addicted to things like Critical Pedagogy. They tend to over-symbolize everything. They confuse obvious plot devices like "frontiers" and "exploration" in science fiction with an actual colonialist ideology. They confuse the depicting of an "empire" with a longing to go back to the Victorian era.

They confuse obvious plot devices like aliens in science fiction with "othering" and racism.

They confuse a male dominated hobby with a patriarchy. They confuse the accidental white demographic of a literature with maintaining white supremacy. For some reason a lot of Chinese in Chinese movies and a lot of Muslims in Middle Eastern literature doesn't qualify.

They confuse the quite natural brutality that will arise between Israel and Palestinians with Nazi ideology, because it visually may look superficially similar.

They confuse success with oppression, because they forget the failure of the Palestinians is not the same thing as a lack of intent to defeat Israel. Failure somehow signifies a lack of intent, even twisted into nobility.

Even worse, much of this is subject to a double standard where a pet ethnic group or religion replaces principle in deciding right from wrong.

Liberals think they are the great perceivers, but in fact they overthink everything and come up empty. They see racism where there is none and none where there is. It's hard to get stupider or less perceptive than that.
1 year ago
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You must take as your premise that "liberals" are the reactionaries of our time. There is nothing modern or "progressive" about liberals. Also, as a recent visitor to Israel, it is far more vibrant than Europe, which is dead. Apple is doing research in Israel (and buying Israeli companies) not in Europe. Furthermore, the real truth about Blumenthal the Younger is that he is just trying to outdo/win the approval of his gather. Liberalism is not just dead, it's decomposed.
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So Max firing rockets on Israeli cities is what? An act of diplomacy? Palestinian terrorists blowing up buses, disco's, pizzerias and Passover Seders. A PR statement? You don’t get more criminal than this. But Max its your beloved Pallys doing it so I guess they can literally get away with murder.

There is perhaps no society on earth with as dark a history of promoting a child death cult, sacrificing its children, encouraging its children to seek death, praising those who die, than the Palestinians. Any serious investigation here will not go well for the Palestinians and Max

The Palestinians indeed ghoulishly exploit the children whose deaths they cause by using them as human shields and strapping bombs on them, telling them if they kill Jewish children they will get 72 virgins.
1 year ago
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Blumenthal is a well known Israel hater who turns a blind eye to the Palestinians racist terrorists aims against Israel.

This is the same Max Blumenthal who tried to say a Thai worker massacred the Fogel family in Itamar 2 years ago.
Just google, After Itamar: Exploring the cynical logic that makes everyone a target
Max Blumenthal on March 15, 2011

Even after it became known that 2 Palestinians committed the massacre, Blumenthal made excuses for these Arab terrorists.
The man is a sicko who turns a blind eye to the Palestinians beheading Jewish babies.

When you have Palestinian leaders teaching their people, If their are 10 Jews and you kill 6 of them, how many Jews are Left?
When you have these same wicked leaders telling their people that Jews are the sons of Pigs and Apes.
When you have Palestinian Mufti’s teaching in Mosques that all Jews must be exterminated, are we shocked when Palestinians celebrate butchering Jews.

Much has happened since 1993, including at least 1,400 Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists. One of the most disquieting phenomena has been the continued anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement in the Palestinian media — in particular those outlets controlled by the PLO and Hamas. Today, some 62% of the population of the Palestinian Authority say that suicide bombings against civilians are often (37%) or sometimes justified. Only 16% reject this tactic entirely!
Its good to know that only 16% of Palestinians have a soul

Please google this article.
Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Once again, Palestinian Arab support for terrorism is the highest in the world

1 year ago
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My comments.
Barak and Olmert offered the Palestinians a state, something no Arab or Islamic country ever did.

Israel offered the Palestinians a state, even though there was never in history any state called Palestine governed by Palestinians.

The Palestinians’ plight is due to their own fanaticism, hatred, intolerance and intransigence.
The reason the Palestinians do not accept any peace offers, no matter how generous as Barak and Olmert tried to do.

The Palestinian fascists need to see the Israelis suffering (either through physical annihilation or demographic submission) in order to feel good with themselves. Any win-win solution to the conflict cannot satisfy them, because it would leave the Israelis happy too, and the Palestinians are not interested in becoming happy. They want to make the Jews suffer.
Just look how many streets the Palestinian Arabs have named for terrorists who murdered Israeli civilians.
The Palestinians have run out of streets and are now naming park benches after terrorists!

I advise everybody to go on Palmediawatch to see the Palestinian Nazis Israel is dealing with.
Just google, Palmediawatch.

Virtually all of the Palestinians killed during these past 12 years were suicide bombers, terrorists killed in gun battles, dissidents lynched by fellow Arabs for their beliefs, women and children used as human shields or foils by their “brave fighters” – and yes, dozens of people who were caught in the line of fire. Few recall that when Israel began using aircraft to destroy terrorist facilities (following the massacre of Jewish shoppers at a Netanya mall) the Jews actually publicized the targets in advance, in order to minimize Arab civilian casualties.

1 year ago
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Every morning, at least one Palestinian wakes up with a smile and the thought, “I’m going to murder some Jews today.” They strap on explosive belts and guns, and search out any soft target they can find – a city bus, a baby, a student, a jogger. Israelis do not wake up in the morning and set out to murder Arabs. In rare instances when a Jew actually injures or kills a Palestinian, he is arrested and prosecuted. Contrast this with the Arab hero who shoots a Jewish baby. This “martyr of the Terrorstinians” will be eulogized by Hamas and Fatah, his family made rich and his picture proudly displayed throughout the Arab world.

The Palestinians have raised an entire generation to believe that the highest aspiration in life is to kill Jews.
The Palestinians are engaged in an unremitting campaign of targeted murder of women and children. When the Palestinians massacre Israeli school children on buses, and babies in baby carriages, they celebrate. They have raised an entire generation to believe that the the highest cultural and religious value is the massacre of Jews. Through the Arabs hate, an entire generation has lost the capacity.

How do the Palestinians raise so many people who have no regard for human life? What kind of gutter do these animals come from? What kind of Evil could think it is an act of heroic and religious martyrdom to slaughter children waiting for buses, to blow apart people in their sleep, to kill women doing their marketing, to target the weak and defenseless at malls.
Why do the Palestinians clamor like vultures to take credit when they butcher Israeli school kids on a school bus?

The Arabs continually initiate the violence. The Israelis have not fired the first shots.

Do the Palestinians expect not to be fired back on? Its ok for them to blow up school kids on buses, shopping malls, disco’s, pizzeria’s and Passover seders.
Someone please explain to me how the Israelis could possibly live next to such a violent people?

I personally don’t see how it can be done at this point. All I see is the Palestinians provoking war and using any method they can to get all of Israel.

It seems that after 5 decades of terror and murder against Israel.
The Palestinians might have realized that this campaign of terrorism and rejectionism has failed.

Just to let Max know, Israel existed 15 centuries before Mohammad was born.
1 year ago
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Palestinians get more aid per capita then any people on earth yet they are always angry. All foreign aid should be cut off till they grow up, stop firing missiles at civilians, and learn to be productive humans instead of moochers and terrorists.

My advice to these Pals is very simple.
Quit trying to blow up innocent Israeli families on vacation, stop trying to conduct terrorism around the world. You want your welfare handout from the West, than stop with the terrorism and your child abuse death cult.

Hamas and Fatah are always ready to sacrifice women and children for their greed and hatred.

The Palestinians will blow up the same hospital that gave them excellent care. The will try to blow up the power plant providing electricity from Israel. Their hate knows no end. Until they love their children more than they hate the Jews as Golda Meir said.

Even a Rat in a sewer will care for it`s young, Yet the Palestinians use their women and children as human shields,.
They have there children run across a field full of land mines.
The Pals probably tell them that if you blow up you will have 72 toys.
1 year ago
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ISRAEL which is defending itself against Pan-Arabism, Arab imperialism and Arabization of the Middle East – that is the “problem Max doesn’t like.

The real problem is global Arab/Moslem insistence to spread hate, violence, wars, terrorism, lies, false accusations against Jews and reducing Jews to subhumans or second class citizens – slaves or servants – without any human rights.
1 year ago
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Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen what the Palestinians have done with the autonomy generously granted to them by Israel. They’ve slaughtered Israeli grandmothers and toddlers, pregnant women and elderly rabbis. They’ve set off their nail-studded, rat poison-laced bombs in shopping malls, disco’s, pizzeria’s, cafe’s and university cafeterias. They’ve turned school buses into blazing infernos, invaded home and shot mothers and children in their beds.

They’ve dragged 13-year-old boys to caves and stoned them to death. Those who don’t actually pull the triggers, detonate the bombs or do the stoning, celebrate the atrocities in the streets of Ramallah and Jenin, as they danced in those same streets when other Arabs crashed two planes into the World Trade Center.

These sadists even built an exhibition celebrating the Sbarros massacre. When do you think the Arabs will realize, that murdering Israeli pizza-eaters, dance-club people, school kids, teenagers and sleeping five-year-olds are barbaric. Do these Arabs have any humanity?

It is becoming increasingly obvious, that the followers of Muhammed are not human beings.

Somewhere a “Palestinian” watches the BBC and sees a kibbutz, called Metzer, which is getting along with its nearby Arab villages. This cannot be permitted to continue, so two attacks are planned against the place in one day. The first is foiled but the second does the trick. The terrorist bursts into the bedroom where a mother is putting her seven and nine year old sons to sleep. First he shoots the boys in the head to make sure their mother dies in agony, then he finishes her off. But that’s still not cruel enough, so the Palestinians come up with a better plan.

At 7:30 in the morning, Israeli school kids crowd the number 20 bus in Jerusalem. A Palestinian homicide bomber gets on the bus and sits exactly where the Israeli children are seated. A second later the homicide bomber blows himself up and 11 Israeli school children are butchered to pieces. CNN interviewed the father of the homicide bomber, who expained his pride and how he encouraged his son to kill the Jews. When CNN asked him, how he felt that he murdered Israeli school kids? He said how proud he was of his son’s actions.
1 year ago
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On the other hand, American Jews never met a Jew hating, Israel hating, Palestinian supporting Marxist they weren't ready to support. That's why they're Democrats. It's a form of self hatred.
1 year ago
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It's a form of hating Jews who aren't Left. It is not self loathing at all. In fact these people tend to be self-congratulatory.
1 year ago
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Mr. Blumenthal is a "mad-dog". God has a way of rolling up a newspaper and hitting "mad-dogs" on the nose.
1 year ago
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Almost all Leftists are internationalists, Israelis are nationalists. It is logical that leftists should hate Israel, what is illogical is the continuing leftism of Jews.
1 year ago
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I would submit that anti-Israeli leftist Jews are not Jews at all. They have willingly gone over to the dark side and, as a result of their far left and New Age views and their contempt for the God of their Fathers, they have effectively become pagans and apostates.
1 year ago
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We're riding in the boxcar to the camps & secu-leftist
Kapos like blumenthal, Friedman, and the fratricidal
Scum at JStreet are helping to drive the train.
Ex-Jews them are worse than suicide
Bombers. At least suicide bombers don't try to kill their
Brothers and sisters." They are killing us.
1 year ago
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blumenthal and his ilk are just the same excrement as any ordinary jew hater. dumb, delusional and completely devoid of any and all knowledge. in some cases an actual brain is missing. and, presumed dead.
1 year ago
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Very cool. They will need some kibbutz cowboys to round up the herd in the spring.
1 year ago
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I recently watched a CSPAN broadcast of meeting that NAF and Bergen hosted. The point of the meeting was to pretend that jihad meant something entirely different than what everyone knows it means.

1 year ago
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There is nothing more contemptible than a Jew spewing hatred for Jews. However, one must have pity on this tragic person as he is neither very smart nor mentally sane. What type of household did he grow up in that allowed him to hate himself? A liberal one, I suppose.
1 year ago
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