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Roger L. Simon

Obama’s Border Plans and Some Guys Named Al

August 6th, 2014 - 10:58 pm


In a lust for Latino votes and voters — and, oh yes, great compassion for the children of Central America, etc. — Obama seems poised to act unilaterally on immigration, granting a massive amnesty to illegal aliens while doing little or nothing about border security.

In two words, this stinks. It stinks not because of the children, good or bad, justifiable or not, invading our border, or the nice or not so nice people currently here, or even the drug cartels, murderous as they are. Those are problems — in many cases bad problems. But they can be handled in a variety of ways with a variety of solutions, including some compromises that may or may not make you happy, but, you know, that’s life. It’s not perfect, in case you haven’t noticed.

This stinks for a far more important reason on which compromise would be suicidal — some guys named Al. I’m talking about al Qaeda, al Nusra, al Shabaab, Ansar al Islam, Al Umar Mujihadeen, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, etc., etc. Okay, they’re not all named Al, but you get the idea. They all would be delighted to cross our border to kill us, maybe destroy our civilization into the bargain.

In fact, another Al, a newly celebrated one, Al Baghdadi, the head of ISIS, now the Islamic State, told our soldiers he’d see them in New York when he was released from an Iraqi jail. We’ve see what’s happened since then — mass killings in open graves, heads on stakes, Christians in forced conversions, etc. Holocaust stuff. And just the other day they made a video pledging to wave the black flag of Muhammed over the White House.

Were they kidding? Was Hamas kidding? Al Qaeda? Hezbollah? The Taliban? Whatever avatar of the Muslim Brotherhood pops up tomorrow or next Tuesday?

Can you imagine what would happen if these people got into our country and blew up a handful of shopping malls in Texas or… or… well, we’ve all made up the scenarios and they’re not very farfetched. They’re just as real as those 40 monstrous Hamas tunnels shooting out into Israel from Gaza.

Who knows how many are already here? According to one report, immigrants from over 75 countries entered this country illegally in the last four years. No, they weren’t all Scandinavian.

Yes, an open U.S. border is suicidal these days. More than that — it’s nuts! Any president who really cared for the American people would set border security as priority number one.

Ours hasn’t, obviously. He has other plans — vote-getting plans, “compassionate” plans. But I wonder if he ever wakes up at night, wondering who’s riding those endless jet skis crossing the Rio Grande. If something really bad is about to happen. If he doesn’t, there’s something really wrong with him.

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When your information stream is a co-conspirator, the recipients of tainted stories will believe the steady drumbeat of lies, distortion and propaganda.

But you are correct. Some people STILL insist that Obama and this team of seditionists are "just very liberal". So, let me ask these questions:

If you were merely liberal, on the question of Israel would you:
1) become dear friends with Rashid Khalidi and Ali Abunimah
2) make the precise selection of Jeremiah Wright to be your dear friend and pastor
3) have to rely on the LA TIMES to kidnap and hold hostage a tape of you at a dinner related to the Palestinian issue
4) send Robert Malley secretly to meet with Hamas
5) put Robert Malley in charge of your Middle East strategy
6) put Chuck Hagel in charge of global defense policy

If you were merely liberal instead of radical leftist:

1) would you launch your career in Bill Ayers living room
2) would you attach yourself to Danny Davis and the New Party
3) would you make Sam Graham Felsen your head of Internet deployment
4) would your lifelong mentor Frank Marshall Davis be a CPUSA member
5) would you be attached to the Midwest Academy, a training facility for small c communism that is on record declaring that they need to hide their intentions

The notion that Obama and this cabal are not radical, hard left, far left, revolutionaries is frankly, too imbecilic for serious discussion.

His whole life has been dedicated to extreme radical leftism.

He dons the mask of being pro-Israel, but every act, every deed ...promotes the Muslim Brotherhood and his entire inner circle is made up of people who hate Netenyahu.

Obama is, was and always has been a radical intent on overthrow.

He is not different from Bill Ayers, George Soros, Carl Davidson, the SDS, Don Warden, Angela Davis. He simply isn't.

Expecting him to act as if he is the President of the United States defies a lifetime of being dedicated to overthrowing the United States. We gave him the keys and he is tearing out the foundation.

The media are his accomplices.

So, let's not be coy and disingenuous. Obama, his cabal and his media are engaged in the dismantling of Constitutional, free market, representative self-governance.

And daring you to try to do a damn thing about it. Ignore the entirety of the man's life at your peril.
30 weeks ago
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Yesterday, Obama said:

"The American people don't want me standing around."

Well, yes we do, even lying down with your hands tied and tape over your mouth would be ok...or at least preferable to a mass granting of work permits to people in the country illegally or whatever it is that, intimations suggest, will soon be coming forth from your pen and your phone.
30 weeks ago
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Let's not mince words. This cabal does not care.

They don't care about lice, scabies or tuberculosis. They don't care about Ebola.

They don't care about gangbangers. They don't care about joblessness. They don't care about yo 401k or yo daddy's 401k or yo grand daddy's 401k.

They don't care about Israel. They don't care about Ukraine. They don't care about borders. They don't care about the Constitution.

They don't care about Christians and Jews. They don't care about marriage. They don't care about unborn babies. They don't care about gas prices or about the cost of electricity.

They don't care about your healthcare. They don't care about your property rights. They don't care about your privacy.

And they don't give a damn about your liberty.

They don't care about the First, Second, Fourth or Fourteenth Amendment.

They don't care about small business viability. They don't care about entrepreneurship. They don't care about the free market.

They don't care about representative self-governance.

They don't care about patriotism. They don't care about veterans.

They don't care about a free and fair press.

And, by God it is time we stop acting as if they did. an overthrow. It's not a principled debate. It is devoid of principle. It has no honor. It does not respond to fairness arguments, pleas for rationality or wails about injustice.

Trying to reason with all the Al's is futile. If someone wants to overthrow you, by any means necessary, your rules of polite engagement are useless.

They will lie to your face about what they have done, what they are doing and why they are doing it. And they will bend you over and do it some more.

This is tyranny. This is totalitarianism. This is treason.

Not nuts. Evil.
30 weeks ago
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Tom Clancy already covered this scenario, in The Teeth of the Tiger.
29 weeks ago
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Obama and his puppeteers are able to do all this because they need not worry about the consequences. The chaos will ensue in working class / middle class neighborhoods - not in their serene sanctuaries and gated communities. I say send the DREAMERS and the guys named Al to Martha's Vineyard.
29 weeks ago
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Obama thrives on crisis. It allows him to break the rules and do whatever he wants. Obama created this border crisis. Why? He already told us. He wants hundreds of billions of dollars. However, what he hasn't told us is what he intends to do with the money. Certainly, border security isn't one of the things. I can't help but tie this into Obama and Homeland Security hoarding billions of rounds of ammo and arming federal agencies. Is our Commander-in-Peace trying to create a revolution, so he can put it down? I say, if it's a revolution he wants, let's give it to him -- in the November election.
29 weeks ago
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Three little words, which should be quite familiar to any lawyer, completely account for what's going on here. Any reasonably competent parent, personnel manager, or juror knows the concept, if not its name. "Res ipsa loquitur": the deed (literally, the thing) speaks for itself. Keep this in mind when you enter the voting booth this November.
30 weeks ago
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I see what Obama is doing, and I see the comments about his motivations. I think all the speculations is wrong about whether he's a Muslim, or a Socialist, or a Narcissist, or whatever. I think the Batman movie got it right. "Some people just want to see the world burn."
30 weeks ago
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In a nutshell, Obama WANTS for terrorists to cross the porous border and wreak havoc in the US. it's a double-win for him - citizens killed AND an excuse to declare martial law. This is an evil man who demonstrably hates US citizens.
30 weeks ago
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I'm with D'Souza on this one, Obama doesn't care about votes- he doesn't need them. As far as he is concerned, he is returning former Mexican property to the "rightful owners." But then, Mexicans are no more the "rightful owners" than the US. The Spanish conquered that land from the indians and set up an Oligarchy that stands to this day. If mexicans put as much energy into fixing their own country as they do in violating our laws, they wouldn't need to become US citizens.

Of course the US could use the Georgian model (soon to be known also as the Ukranian model) of conquest; Move Americans into Northern Mexico (no need to ask permission, they believe in open borders) set up businesses and when the graft begins, send in the US military to "protect" the people of the US. They want to be Americans? We can arrange that.
30 weeks ago
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Any decent president would have made border security job one after 9/11.

We got two lemons in a row. Our last two presidents both preferred the well-being and comfort of foreigners to that of Americans.
30 weeks ago
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"We’ve see what’s happened since then — mass killings in open graves, heads on stakes, Christians in forced conversions, etc. Holocaust stuff."

Maybe Holocaust stuff. But more likely... Tribulation stuff.
30 weeks ago
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I'm no border dove, but infiltration over the border is low on my list of worries.

We already have the most dangerous people conceivable inside our country. They run the government. THAT's this country's top priority problem, by far.
30 weeks ago
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One of the reasons the government is so dangerous is precisely because they're failing to guard our borders, and protect our nation, from the barbaric "Al's" of this world.
30 weeks ago
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