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Is Obama Aiding World Tranquility?

July 27th, 2014 - 5:47 am

Here is a selection of this morning’s news.

John Kerry brokers Afghan election deal but leaves behind confusion. Afghan elections: Audit of disputed run-off halted. U.S. Evacuates Embassy in Libya Amid Clashes. Only “temporary,” says State. Egyptians Search Kerry Before Allowing Him to Meet Sisi.

Kerry “completely capitulated“ to Hamas in ceasefire proposal, say Israeli sources. Hamas fires rockets toward Israel after terror group rejects truce proposal.

A bad deal with Iran. Missed deadline on Iran nuclear talks sparks a blame game. Jihadists in Iraq Erase Cultural Heritage. “Raw footage shows the Shrine of Yunus (Tomb of Jonah) mosque in Mosul being blown up by Islamic State militants.” ISIS warns women to wear full veil or face punishment. ISIS Kills 50 Syrian Soldiers, Beheads Many In Raqqa. Official: Iraqi request for U.S. airstrikes ”under active consideration.”

Donetsk residents flee fighting; Russians report spike in Ukrainian refugees. U.S.: Russia Massing Troops on Ukraine Border. If the West doesn’t do more for Ukraine now, it might soon be too late — Washington Post.

15,000 flee after Boko Haram overtakes Nigerian town. Nigerian Army Unable To Retake Damboa From Boko Haram.


Obamacare architect denies what he said — twice — on video about state choice in subsidies. “My subsequent statement was just a speak-o—you know, like a typo.” Harry Reid is happy he packed the federal court.

On Tuesday, a three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit ruled in the Halbig v. Burwell case that the subsidies in the Affordable Care Act are illegal in the 36 states that did not set up their own insurance exchanges. In other words, anyone who signed up through the federal exchange is ineligible for subsidies. As The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn has written, this ruling, if upheld, could undermine the law. If millions of Americans cannot receive subsidies, then they will be unable to afford health insurance. The Affordable Care Act could collapse.

That won’t happen yet. The administration is likely to ask the entire D.C. Circuit to review the decision “en banc.” Here’s where the Democrats’ use of the nuclear option is important. The D.C. Circuit has 11 judges on it, seven Democratic appointees and four Republican ones. The only reason Democrats have a majority is due to the nuclear option. As University of Michigan law professor Nicholas Bagley explains at The Incidental Economist, the D.C. Circuit will likely review the decision and vacate Tuesday’s ruling—all because of those extra three judges.

Obama will take executive action on immigration after summer, adviser says. The “end of immigration enforcement“ is in sight. Obama’s promised executive actions to protect illegal immigrants constitute a kind of doomsday weapon directed at the Republican Party.

If Obama acts boldly to offer de facto legalization to, say, “up to half of the undocumented population” of 11 million illegals living here, it will cement an unshakeable bond between Latino voters and their political champion — or so the argument goes.

Barack Obama has already checked out of his job. “The degree to which Barack Obama is now phoning it in – sleepwalking perfunctorily through his second term, amid golf rounds and dinner parties – is astonishing.” White House: Obama Aiding World “Tranquility.” Congressman at border: “Obama begging to be impeached.”

Lights out for Christians in Mosul.  Simon and Garfunkel were a little too early with Xmas. But it all came true anyway, just not in the way they thought.

This is Obama Tranquility Base bidding you goodnight.

Addendum: I found the lost post and can recover the comments if anyone is interested.

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Anyone who even half wishes to show any loyalty to Israel or the USA or really western civilization--needs to make sure that every republican politician raises the threat level of impeachment now on Obama. - Charles42

You don't threaten Impeachment. You either do it, or do not. Any Congressman who uses impeachment as a threat is a terminal lightweight, useless as a leader, and unreliable as a vote. He'll go along with the crowd if the media cheers.

Understand this: Impeachment in the House is an investigative proceeding. The TOTAL VALUE of impeachment is to overcome obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence, as has clearly occurred in the IRS, Obamacare, Benghazi, "Fast and Furious", and a half dozen other lawless Obama actions.

The impeachment proceedings of Bill Clinton involved one, single charge of perjury. A partisan Democrat held Senate voted not to convict, and the current partisan Democrat held Senate will certainly NOT convict Obama regardless of their perceived political risk at the polls. The Senate is held by leftist ideologues, and Obama is "their guy". However, impeachment proceedings against Obama WILL NOT be based on a single charge, but on multiple charges worthy of the description of "high crimes and misdemeanors".

Those in the GOP who faint from the thought of Impeachment proceedings against Obama are unworthy of the office they hold, and certainly unfaithful to the oath of office they took. Impeaching Obama will serve the purpose of discovering and LOCKING IN the impartial facts, i.e. truth, for the sake of history. The American people can do what they like with the truth, but at present, the leftist media machine and Obama Administration have been able to obfuscate anything resembling "truth" about the Obama lawlessness. The American people deserve the truth, and the GOP won't take the political risk of getting them the truth.

The first step on the road to restoring the Republic is to elect a new Speaker of the House. John Boehner must go. He is the worst Speaker I can recall - yes, even Pelosi was better because at least she was effective for her cause. Any Democrat idiot is better than Boehner - that's the irony.

As a lifetime member of the GOP, I can't tell you how pissed I am at the Republican House members. They KNOW what's going on. They KNOW the facts, or at least should know. They have access. For example, every damn one of them KNOW's that Obama posted a fake birth certificate on the White House web site, i.e. a U.S.C. felony. Yet, none have called him on it.

That's where things really went off the rails, in my opinion, ignoring the very constitutional qualifications of Obama for the office he holds. But then again, allowing Obama to buy the first election with foreign money of untraceable sources is just as bad.

That's one thing I learned in the Navy about accountability. When an officer compromises his integrity ONE TIME, he no longer owns his own integrity. He can be turned over and over again. One single faked exercise result, one fake survey of government property, just one "well, we'll look the other way this time ...", and the ethically lowest common denominator among his crew now owns him. His crew will also KNOW that he's compromised, and it'll impact morale and everything that they do.

The GOP compromised early against Obama when the economy was in economic free fall, and they had no idea where the "bottom" in their political fortunes lie. Now, the GOP can be "rolled", over and over again, and Obama is doing so. There is no Congress in history that would have tolerated a fraction of the lawlessness that Obama has committed, and the lack of accountability lies completely at the feet of Boehner's GOP.

REGARDLESS of the long term impact to the GOP, these guys have to go or there is no hope for the Republic. These guys have to be replaced with Constitutionalists who hold their integrity and oaths above any other consideration. The current GOP Congress is hopelessly compromised.
31 weeks ago
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How to destroy the world?
Outsource your foreign policy to the Muslim Brotherhood, for one.
Support drug dealers and human traffickers, two.
Finally, aid a genocide of Christians through the Middle East, and attack Israel.

The Long Arm of Qatar
31 weeks ago
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How strange. This thread was posted about 14 hours ago under the title "Christmas in July". When I went to sleep it had over forty comments. Now that thread has vanished, the comments consigned to oblivion, and the thread reappears under this new title but under Rick Moran's name.

I sent messages, to PJM, Prof Reynold's and to Richard. Then the thread reappeared.

Was this an editorial decision, a technical issue, or an attack?

My lost comment follows. Fortunately I keep copies.
Interesting that the only sane note in the news broadcast underlaying Simon & Garfunkle for Art's sake was the opinion of Richard Nixon. It is amazing how many things he was sneered at for saying have proven correct. I don't even agree with many of his policies but he earned respect for this. Just remember that GW Bush wasn't the first Republican derided as an idiot by people he could think rings around.

Old Doug,
"If Scalia and Thomas stroke out, I'm taking myself out in sympathy"
Don't do that because it would please the b*st*rds. Frustrate them by sticking around and smiling.

The condition of the courts is the key that people have rightly found. That is why every vote counts. We can expect increasingly shrill admonitions from "long time real conservatives", who live in Axelrod or Kos' basement, to boycott the stupid Institutional RINOs come November. We have real problems with corrupt leadership in the GOP. There must be an accounting for the brutal theft of a recent Senate primary. I get it. Still nothing, and I mean nothing up to and including planeloads of illegals being flown in and bused to the polls while Obama and his crew pull their zippers down in front of the US Capitol, should stop us from getting to the polls. If at all possible get registered now to be a poll worker. In most precincts in America there are no Republicans present on election day. If the Democrats can hold onto the Senate, and they will use every trick in the book and write some new ones, then they will pack the courts and the game will simply be over.

It might be a good idea for volunteers to simply take on the duty of standing watch outside the homes of certain Justices and Judges, just to be witnesses. In this age of social media it would be simple for such a movement to organize itself.
31 weeks ago
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All Comments   (62)
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"Is Obama Aiding World Tranquility?"

In a way, yes...The tranquility of the grave.
30 weeks ago
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There’s a certain type of political savior who turns out to be the Devil himself. Think of Henry VIII, the handsome, super athletic boy king whom everyone thought would be a new Henry V or Black Prince. He was the unifying scion melding together the two endlessly warring factions in the War of the Roses, and the first handsome, healthy king to inherit the throne directly in generations. The English were ecstatic. But look how he turned out: a cross between the womanizing Bill Clinton and the woman-killing Ted Bundy. A coward, Henry partied with the French at the Field of Gold instead of fighting them, and in religion, he turned out to be more Diocletian Persecutor of the Church than anything else.

Or think of Adolf H. He was the young(ish) leader who would unite his country and return it to greatness, right? About 1945 the Germans began to realize they had married not Prince Charming but Jack the Ripper. He even ordered his henchmen to blow up Germany in the final months, orders that Albert Speer and others, such as Field Marshal Walter Model (whose Army Group B Hitler had ordered to destroy the Ruhr) didn’t obey.

But if Hitler is too Godwin’s Law for you, think of ol’ Jefferson Davis. The man and the hour had met! He was to preserve the Southern way of Plantation Life, deep-six those New York banker bullies who really owned the South, and keep the Blacks enslaved (he was, after all, a Democrat!). In the end, in 1865, (what is it with years ending in ‘5? Should we be worried about 2015?) Davis was more hated than Lincoln. Huge Northern armies marched at will across the South, freeing slaves as they went, utterly eradicating the old way of life, and Davis himself had created in the non-occupied parts of Dixie a police state worse than anything the Northerners thought of doing (at that time) with internal passports and all sorts of in-your-face police-state control.

So here we have our own National Transformer today, our own Black Jeff Davis in a modern vein, fundamentally changing the country (as he promised). Blacks are getting the shaft, so are American Jews (and Israel, shafted repeatedly) and of course he’s giving the half of America that isn’t TWANLOC a huge—well, it’s obscene. In all this he’s just begging the Repubs to impeach him in order that he can reverse the polls before the November elections. So it IS a XXXXXX and we’re stuck with it whether we wash it off or not.

An Préachán
31 weeks ago
31 weeks ago Link To Comment
Loved your first unedited irreverent version better. Wish I had saved it.

"Cornholed" is the word. And it's been immortalized in my second official American Flag painting, still in progress; so people should/could use this image freely and unapologetically. I take it you knew what you were writing the first time and why; it's just that one would feel a bit shy when one has to repost the same bold post since it was lost; one asks himself maybe I went too far and I should refrain myself this time since the opportunity is presenting itself. And I myself would feel the same way in a similar situation. A sign is a sign after all.

A course in Humility and all that. But God has a very high sense of humor and loves free, courageous warrior thinkers and personally I know one, tens, when I see one, tens. So thank you for all you do, say and write.

But that's Belmont Club for you, Lady. Exactly, that's what I'm saying.
31 weeks ago
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Mandy Manners has a point. It is to dangerous to fly into Israel if Hamas attacks but OK to send ships to Gaza if Israel blockades.
31 weeks ago
31 weeks ago Link To Comment
It's whatever scores the most propaganda points.
31 weeks ago
31 weeks ago Link To Comment
Give Rick Moran credit. He came here and owned up to the problem. Good for him. Lost comments should of course be retrieved.

Obama IMHO may want to create a crisis, to push naval officers to defy orders to harm Israel. The evidence is that he wants to beak what is left of resistance in the armed forces.
31 weeks ago
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Dear commenters,

There appeared to have been some glitch yesterday with this post, which was featured on the front page. But somehow the links went bad for no reason anyone can yet identify, and in restoring the article comments may have been lost.

This is all I know, but I am probably going to have a new post up soon, so I beg your indulgence.
31 weeks ago
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Yes, it was noticed here also.
Thanks, Richard.
31 weeks ago
31 weeks ago Link To Comment
My comment was lost.

Weekends at PJM are all too often run like a Weekend at Bernie's.

Not wretchard who controls this. But it makes the comments about the clown car Obama administration lose some sting when those comments disappear without explanation, apology or even the courtesy of an attempt to repair.

Great writers deserve great site management.. Even on weekends.
31 weeks ago
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I liked the original title better.
31 weeks ago
31 weeks ago Link To Comment

What's a little censorship? The American People should know the HRC Administration will be even more open and transparent than Obama's historically open and transparent Administration.

31 weeks ago
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An item worth inclusion on your radar screen: Paul Ryan has introduced a welfare reform initiative that is based on federalism (10th Amendment) principles.

Welfare reform is not currently important in the national debate, but it is hugely significant in the battle for the soul of the GOP. Contrast Ryan's proposal for less Federal meddling in welfare to Jeb Bush's support for Common Core (i.e. more Federal meddling in education).

31 weeks ago
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Ding! Ding! Ding!

We have an answer!

Drudge and JPost report Turkey is about to send another Gaza flotilla.

We have a winner!
31 weeks ago
31 weeks ago Link To Comment
In the middle of the war?!
31 weeks ago
31 weeks ago Link To Comment
This should be fun. What are the limitations of NATO's treaty obligations? If Turkey commits an offensive military operation, i.e. trying to run a legal Israeli blockade to support terrorists in Gaza, how does NATO respond?

Some of the Muslim fools out there believe that Israeli action against the Turkish Navy immediately brings American military action against Israel. First, I don't think the Turkish military action is a NATO action. Second, the Mussies should ask Poland, Georgia, and the Ukraine about US backed military guarantees, while a doctrinaire leftist is in the White House. If the US military acted against Israel, it would only be because Obama wanted to do so anyway. In that case, one would look for back channel coordination between Obama, Kerry, and the Turks, i.e. creating incident that can bring the US military into the operation against Israel.

Now, THAT would be truly interesting - pretty far out there on the scale of reasonable possibilities, but I put nothing past the lawless Obama and incompetent Kerry.
31 weeks ago
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Turks need to be careful else the Kurds decide to expand the newly formed Kurdistan North and West into SE Turkey while Erdogan is playing in the Eastern Med. Cheers -
30 weeks ago
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Most of them go nuts after five years. Thatcher lasted a bit longer, Blair was toast by 2002. Gordon Brown was already toasty when he became PM, then proceeded to dissolve. He was throwing telephones at the wall. 24/7 pressure at that intensity seems to turn nervous systems to jelly - the brain just cuts out, like a lobotomy.

2 terms is the legal max but maybe one is plenty - or should there be a board of Directors? A Politburo? There needs to be a system to allow burn-outs to stand down and an early election.
31 weeks ago
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