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Two Hundred Little Maids From School Are We

May 7th, 2014 - 4:17 am

One of the little known facts about the kidnapping of schoolgirls by the Boko Haram in Nigeria is that most of the victims are Christians. “A Nigerian evangelist said that most of the 200 plus schoolgirls kidnapped by terrorist group Boko Haram are Christians … Chibok local government is 90% Christian. Majority of the girls abducted are Christians.”

On Monday, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau admitted that his group is responsible for the kidnapping of over 200 girls from Chibok, Borno State last month, and said that he plans to have them sold on the market.

“I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah,” Shekau, said in the video translated by CNN.

“There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women.”

The Independent says that international efforts to rescue the girls may be a little too late. “It is feared, though, that any military operation may already be too late for some of the girls amid reports from local community elders last week that some have already been sold into sex slavery or as ‘brides’ for just £8 in neighbouring countries Chad and Cameroon.”

There have also been reports of mass weddings to Boko Haram members, with Christian captives forced to convert to Islam. …

“I abducted a girl at a Western education school and you are disturbed. I said Western education should end. Girls, you should go and get married,” he said. “I will marry off a woman at the age of 12. I will marry off a girl at the age of nine.

“God instructed me to sell them, they are his properties and I will carry out his instructions,” he added. …

Since the schoolgirls were taken last month, authorities say that 53 girls have escaped through their own efforts, either by jumping off trucks or by running away.

Why is that detail important? Well maybe it’s not.  But then news coverage of the schoolgirl’s abduction has for the most part portrayed the Boko Haram without context. To add any sort of context to the accounts of abductions, instructions from Allah,  people sold in markets is to raise disturbing questions about things we are taught do not exist. Religious war? Slavery — in Africa?  And where on earth do the Boko Haram get their guns and training?

A properly brought up person knows these subjects are to be classed with UFOs, sasquatch or maybe a Kennedy assassination theory.

Such context as we get are instructions not to seek context lest they inflame us. The Toronto Star has an article arguing that “Boko Haram does not represent Islam,”  as if the crime were against Islam with a world-religion itself as victim. “The group responsible for the kidnapping rampage in Nigeria has hijacked a whole faith, steering the public discourse on Islam.”  But that raises even more questions.  Such as: what group could possibly hijack a religion of hundreds of millions? Al-Qaeda, you say? But isn’t al-Qaeda’s dead?

Told you it would get complicated.

The other little known fact is that the Boko Haram is at least partly armed with weapons from Libya, and that fact drags in even more unwelcome background. Two years ago the UN warned that weapons looted from Khadaffy’s arsenals were being used by Islamic militant groups all over Africa to spread terror far and wide.

(Reuters) – The Libyan civil war may have given militant groups in Africa’s Sahel region like Boko Haram and al Qaeda access to large weapons caches, according to a U.N. report released on Thursday.

The report on the impact of the Libyan civil war on countries of the Sahel region that straddle the Sahara – including Nigeria, Niger and Chad – also says some national authorities believe the Islamist sect Boko Haram has increasing links to al Qaeda’s North African wing. Boko Haram killed more than 500 people last year and more than 250 this year in Nigeria.

The U.N. Security Council met to discuss the report, which was prepared by a U.N. assessment team that met with officials from countries in the region. The discussion highlighted the deep divisions between Western powers and Russia over NATO’s intervention in the North African oil-producing state.

And they’re still on the rampage. The AP says “as many as 300 people were killed when a band of extremists attacked the town of Gamboru Ngala, on Nigeria’s border with Cameroon … the attack and hundreds of casualties were confirmed Wednesday by Borno state information commissioner Mohammed Bulama who spoke to The Associated Press by telephone Wednesday.”  The news item carries a picture. “This is terrorism. This is not Islam.”

In any case terror doth not live by word alone. It also requireth arms and ammunition. And that’s where Libya comes in. But wasn’t Libya overthrown by “kinetic military action” under the doctrine of “resonsibility to protect” in support of the “Arab Spring?” What are we to make of the fact that Boko Haram openly swears alliance to to al-Qaeda? According to CNN it’s leader “Shekau has declared his allegiance to al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.”

Jacob Zenn, an expert on Boko Haram and its several offshoots, wrote in a recent edition of the Combating Terrorism Center’s Sentinel that some leaders “are uniquely capable of expanding Boko Haram’s international connections to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al-Shabaab” in Somalia and other militant groups.

Zenn, an analyst with the Jamestown Foundation, says that Mamman Nur, said to have masterminded the bombing of the United Nations building in Abuja, has trained with Al-Shabaab. Another senior figure, Adam Kambar, “became the leader of an AQIM training camp” before being killed in 2012.

But it is absurd, isn’t it, to talk about terror groups swearing allegiance to a group which Obama has already defeated. Yet here’s Zenn talking to CNN on video about the connections between Boko Haram and al-Qaeda.

Well maybe Zenn’s smoking something. The nexus of all these nonexistent things is Libya.  You know the place where an American consulate got burned? Eli Lake at the Daily Beast wrote that “so many Jihadists are flocking to Libya, it’s becoming ‘Scumbag Woodstock’”.

Not only does al Qaeda host Ansar al-Sharia, one of the militias responsible for the Benghazi attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. But U.S. intelligence now assesses that leaders from at least three regional al Qaeda affiliates—al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and members of the organization of Al-Mulathameen Brigade loyal to Algerian terrorist, Mokhtar BelMokhtar—have all established havens in the lawless regions of Libya outside the control of the central government.

One U.S. military contractor working on counter-terrorism in Africa summed up the situation in Libya today as simply, “Scumbag Woodstock.” The country has attracted that star-studded roster of notorious terrorists and fanatics seeking to wage war on the West.

Which brings up that “phony” scandal, Benghazi. For months organizations like Media Matters proclaimed that there was nothing in that event, beyond the fact that some random Muslims inflamed by a video took it on themselves to attack a US consulate and kill an ambassador.

Like the Nigerian schoolgirls, the Boko Haram, al-Qaeda and Libya the context for Benghazi must be omitted, because if you added it things would get too complicated. How do you go from “responsibility to protect” to 200 Christian girls being sold on the slave market? Nothing to see here. No scandal. Just Move On.

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In the state controlled Western Media, especially in the United States, it is Haram [forbidden] to mention anything not laudatory to or about Islam or to or about Blacks. It is not allowed, therefore it is not done. Swampwoman asks where American Black Christian leaders are. Those American Black Christians who have any regular access to the media are reliable Leftist tools. And to them race is more important than faith.

If I may offer another thought. This will have a deeper effect than just the tragedy to the girls and families.

The first and ultimate duty of any government or power center is the protection of those who are loyal to it from physical attacks by outsiders. If it fails to protect, or to even effectively try to protect; then that government or power center is a failure and no longer legitimate. As governments and power centers are founded and grow, they develop cultures and supporting myths [political science definition: short form- beliefs whether true or false that are accepted by the members.] that undergird the authority of the government or power center.

If those cultures and myths are attacked or found to be impotent, it undermines the government and power center.

In Nigeria, both Christianity and a western orientation are being shown to be powerless and thus illegitimate. As is the local government. The rapid communication of each incident spreads that effect beyond Nigeria, and beyond Africa.

The blatant refusal and fear of speaking of it in the West [there is a very real risk, in Europe or the US, that any reporter who speaks out blatantly against this will be beheaded on the street. We have seen this.] multiplies the image of strength for Islam and anti-Western forces in general. Combine this with the refusal to act to protect those who are Western and follow the Judeo-Christian culture of any flavor delegitimizes Western governments as much as their failure to follow their own beliefs, laws, and constitutions at home.

The fact that our own government, and all Western governments, are afraid of speaking out against Islamic terrorism, child rape, and murders by African Blacks for fear of being deemed racist and Islamophobic is a marker of a major defeat for the west and the lack of legitimacy of those elites.

I note that throughout human history; be it the loss of the Mandate of Heaven in Asian countries, the fall of the Roman Empire because of mass defections, or the overthrow of various royal houses throughout Europe, that such a loss of legitimacy is not a stable condition, usually ends in massive bloodshed, and frequently involves the annihilation of the sovereign entity that has given up legitimacy.

The question of how much damage will be suffered is based on how long it takes to recognize the loss of legitimacy and act to build a new legitimate consensus.

After writing the above heresy, there is another, smaller scale, question. Which will get to me first; the black helicopters or the Jihadis? :-)

Subotai Bahadur
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
Who are the editors in Toronto to be so arrogant as to speak for Islam and decide who is hijacking whom? Perhaps Boko Harem does speak for Islam. It certainly speaks for its members, supporters and many others who think that that is what Islam is. Are their beliefs less sincere and authentic that those of liberal editors seeking to use Islam to support a political and social agenda at odds with traditional Western values? Let those who say they are Muslims decide what Islam is and then let them bear the burden of the consequences. Perhaps the hijacking is not what happens in Africa but in Canada.

Most of our problems in Iraq happened because we did not go in with enough troops to secure the weapons depots. The to clever by half hands off Libyan fiasco against Ghaddafi doubled down on that mistake.

What to do about Abubakar Shekau? That at least is simple. Kill him. Kill his followers and destroy their homes and villages. Rain fire from heaven down on his tribe. Do not leave a man woman or goat alive so that in a hundred year people avert their eyes and speak of them in hushed whispers.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
Islam has taught the West hate, and we have learned it too well. The West and Christians* will be hating Islam for a long, long time. It's interesting that two of the more popular (but forbidden) tattoos for young Marines is a crusader's cross and the word "Infidel", both worn with pride.

* Yes, I realize hate Christians are supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin, but it's hard to distinguish between the two when one is wielding scimitar high above your head. Or, perhaps, kidnapping and raping your daughter. I'll apologize in heaven, but will hate now Islam and her believing foot soldiers from the pit of hell.
43 weeks ago
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All Comments   (94)
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way OT.

For those who think Zerohedge is a Putin front here is a little post from ZH:
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
Here's my strategy to get the Democrat's attention on this. We tell Reverend Al that the girls were kidnapped by Procol Harum, a group of caucasians who even sang a racial anthem, "A Whiter Shade of Pale."
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
So proud am I:

First Rush Limbaugh and now dlsada follow in the corny footsteps of Old Doug,
once known as "Doug"

(I didn't have the guts to link to the Original Video, tho.)
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
If this country had a real leader, it would deploy such devastating military force to wipe these animals from the face of the earth in such a way as to send a message loud enough for such other animals to take notice. - dlsada

Agree with you a bit, but with a high degree of reservation. I realize that we could find honorable young men to volunteer at the drop of a hat to join that force and do the deed, but you're also asking the President of the U.S. to send the young men of American families into a "world police" mission.

We'll, we ain't no world police, and most of the world doesn't want us policing them. It would be hard to justify young Americans coming home in caskets for the sake of policing a world that as the ungrateful Iraq's and Afghans have shown, would just spit on their graves. We could not justify the loss to the families and orphans of those young men, nor could we justify the expenditure to our taxpayers.

One would have to posit the question: Why among all countries must America sacrifice lives and treasure for the people's of other nations, or be considered immoral and illegitimate otherwise, while the rest of the world acts in the narrowly defined best interests of those respective nations? It's an artificial construct other nations put upon us, I suppose out of envy or expedience. No one, for example, expects the Russian Vlad to act other than as an imperialist, nor the Chinese as "world philanthropists", then why designate that role for America?

Americans must reject that role and seek justice and protection for our own citizens, and prosperity for our own nation first. We can contribute to the welfare of nations that are our friends if consistent with the latter, but not as a goal separate from national self-interest.

42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
Not only that, in our present frame of enlightenment the Rules of Engagement imposed would be such as to make it impossible to perform the mission. Remember, in order to defeat them it must be done in such a way as to not damage Muslim self-esteem. Defeating them without casualties on our side or with asymmetrical theirs dead/our dead ratios in our favor would do this.

Hey, that's the way we run wars in this PC age. The major problems with Iraq and Afghanistan was coming forth in the stated role of "liberators" rather than conquerors. We should never have done that. Once crushed militarily they should have been told that they can be treated, based upon their behaviour, either like the Germans after WII or the Comanches in the late 1800's. The Germans did okay. The Comanches didn't.

Your choice.
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
Bravo, sir, bravo!! Our citizens are weary of ''let's you and him fight'' on the part of other nations. And weary of fuzzy concepts like ''nation-building'' and ''responsibility to protect''. As you point out, they act in their own self-interest, as all nations should and must, and if we're willing to do their fighting for them, hey pal!!--got to it!!

We will continue to have to intervene but must refine when and how and without excess reliance on morality. When we do it must be pointed and rigorous with a clear idea of what will happen next.

I confess to being upset over O's defense plans because it's not clear what the idea is. Limit and contain China? Thump Putin's nose if he's a bad boy? Trash the good ol' Wart Hog so some brass hat can show off a new multibillion dollar toy? This bothers me, not so much as to the result as to the thinking behind it. Was Tommy Vietor involved in all this?
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
Seven lessons Tommy Vietor taught us

"There are certainly serious people who have served in this presidency. Former Defense secretaries Robert Gates and Leon Panetta served honorably and continue to warn the public of the administration’s follies.

But they are the exception to the rule.

They were and are respected by both sides of the aisle, have had a long career in government service, speak and write like adults, do not engage is partisan swipes and understand that their responsibility was to the country, not to a political party or the reelection campaign of their boss.

It is noteworthy that these sort of adults have vanished from the administration in the second term. There is plainly no place for them."
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
Let’s You and Him Fight

This may be a maneuver, a ritual or a game.
In each case the psychology is essentially feminine.

Because of its dramatic qualities, LYAHF is the basis of much of the world’s literature, both good and bad.

- Eric Berne
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
1. As a maneuver it is romantic...

2. As a ritual, it tends to be tragic. Custom demands that the two men fight for her, even if she does not want them to, and even if she has already made her choice.

If the wrong man wins, she must nevertheless take him. In this case it is society and not the woman who sets up LYAHF.
If she is willing, the transaction is an honest one.

If she is unwilling or disappointed, the outcome may offer her considerable scope for playing games, such as ‘Let’s Pull A Fast one on Joey’.

3. As a game it is comic...
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
Just picked up a pointer over at ZeroHedge - to go along with wretchard's excellent point of linking Hillary's Benghazi to the 200 kidnapped girls, let's remember Hillary W. Clinton also was associated with Waco. I think this leads to a campaign slogan we can start warming up now for 2016:

Vote For Hillary, She Eats Chiildren!
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
--shoot, there go the jokes about what extreme ghastly perversions it would take to finally dissuade Hillary! voters. From ''proud supporter of Margaret Sanger'' to the 22 children (of 81 total) burned alive at Waco, to the 276 little girls kidnapped and sold into sex slavery by ''non-terrorist'' social club Boko Haram, it's no longer joke material to think up new imaginary horrors that would cost her no voters. Life blows Art to smithereens.
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
So when is the "International Community" going to kick the butt of that serial enabler of BABYKILLERS, Vlad "The Impaler II" Putin?

Didn't the LIVs elect an internationally recognized, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, COMMUNITY ORGANIZER? When is he going to do some international community organizing?
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
MP, Glencore just named Tony Hayward chairman of the board. That puts Eric Holder in Macondo from yet another angle. I'd go through it but it's O/T --but you get it already i'm sure --
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
And then there's this:

Department of no matter where you turn:

US Attorney To Oversee Lerner Contempt Case Appointed By Obama

The matter now goes to Ronald Machen, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia. Federal law says Machen has a “duty” to bring the matter before a grand jury.

But a report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service said it was unclear whether the duty is mandatory or discretionary.

Machen was appointed to his job by President Barack Obama.
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
CA Guv Moonbeam and Obama are expanding the horizons for politicians who simply refuse to do their jobs for fun, profit, and the pursuit of Socialist Servitude for all.

(Except for our Socialist Masters...
...that would be them.)
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
If this country had a real leader, it would deploy such devastating military force to wipe these animals from the face of the earth in such a way as to send a message loud enough for such other animals to take notice.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
Uh oh! It's time to circle the wagons for our Dear Queen and Future anointed Dear Leader:
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
The Mr. Kristof in the opinion pages of the New York Times suggests ways to "honor" the "missing" schoolgirls.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Pathetic.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
--ahh, Bathos, Pathos, & Or-I-miss, the Three Mistake Tears
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
As an assist to our younger readers, for today's music video we honor Gilbert & Sullivan. The title of today's post is a tip of the hat to "Three Little Maids from School". from their production "The Mikado".

Here is a performance taken from the movie Topsy Turvy

G&S have a lot to contribute to an understanding that much of what we are seeing has been seen before.

History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce, the third as Obama!
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
...the third as obama, from 'shroom clod to mushroom cloud!
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
“Boko Haram does not represent Islam,”

Dead-on target. Boko Haram is not a representative of Islam. It’s more like an EU bureaucrat: unelected, unaccountable, and the truest and purest expression of will, in this case, Allah’s will.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
After Christianity’s defeat in Europe and Russia, and its ongoing persecution in the United States, it cannot be a surprise that its enemies seek to exterminate it in Africa.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
Boko Haram could not hold a candle to this country in the good old days in the West:
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
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