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April 30th, 2014 - 3:09 am

Roger Simon is justifiably outraged at news that the Obama administration intentionally distorted the narrative of the attack on the Benghazi consulate to improve president Obama’s re-election chances in 2012. “Previously unreleased internal Obama administration emails show that a coordinated effort was made in the days following the Benghazi terror attacks to portray the incident as “rooted in [an] Internet video, and not [in] a broader failure or policy.”

Roger writes “I didn’t know how right I was when I wrote on September 29, 2012 ‘Benghazi Worse then Watergate.’ With the release of new emails it is spectacularly worse — so bad in fact that it has made a full investigation with an impeachment trial necessary for the protection of our republic.” Roger is right, it is far worse than Watergate.

However, as Glenn Reynolds points out, impeachment ain’t gonna happen for the same reason I adduced. Obama is a sacred cow, as Hillary will be a sacred cow. And sacred cows never get impeached.  Democratic Party identity politics means it’s that designated identity group’s time and must not be interrupted. Like Lebanon, each identity group gets its turn at the trough or there’s political civil war. So, with some reluctance, Glenn Reynolds states what he regards as the facts of political life:

I don’t think anyone will impeach Obama because (1) He’s black, and impeaching the first black President is too fraught; (2) Another impeachment so soon after Clinton might set a pattern; and (3) President Biden. But I was serious when I called for him to resign over the Nakoula arrest. It was a transparent case of political scapegoating and a complete abrogation of Presidential responsibility. In itself, it indicated an unfitness to serve, and subsequent revelations have merely underscored that fact. For the same reason, of course, I didn’t expect him to resign.

But if impeachment isn’t going to happen, that’s no reason not to put the principals under oath at Congressional hearings. The truth should be brought out, in all its ugliness.

But the lie about Benghazi is actually the good news. The bad news is the ignorance it implies about our understanding of the entire direction of Obma’s foreign policy.  There must be a shadow policy from the fact that a cover legend exists. We are like British children before D-Day who climb into a field full of Sherman tanks to find they are actually rubber decoys. So where are the real tanks? Or are there any?

The public still doesn’t know what America’s foreign policy has been these last five years, a situation analogous to a pilot tapping on the gauges of the instrument panel halfway through a transoceanic flight only to see the pointers line up limply with the ground. The passengers must now accept the dials aren’t hooked up to anything. The hope is that Captain Obama and First Officer Biden actually have a backup set of dials somewhere. That they secretly know what they’re doing. But the data shown on the dashboard is just dummy.

What is worse, the second bit of really bad news is that the deceit was a conspiracy. The disinformation effort was intentional on order of the White House. Susan Rice was sent out, papers were shopped, talking points were broadcast in a concerted effort to mislead the public. And conspiracy adds up to malice.

Up to this point it has been possible to argue that Obama was merely inept, blundering from one disaster to the other. But here is bad faith, pure and simple. He may still be inept, but the emails suggest he is also malicious. It’s interesting to re-watch the Romney debate knowing what we know now. Obama knew at this point that the the misdirection program was in train. He was setting Romney in the debate up, with the willing or unwilling help of Candy Crowley, to push a lie.  There he was smiling and triumphantly gloating, and all the time it was fake.

These two factors taken together mean that the public may not simply be ignorant of the true purposes of the Libyan operation, but also potentially everything the president has been negotiating, including Ukraine, arms control or the war on terror. If the Libya narrative is crooked, what else is bent?

How do you bound the liability? To steal a tagline from the 2014 Godzilla movie,  we are like the Bryan Cranston character, who suspects something very horrible is out there in the Pacific deeps but unable to guess its true nature.

You’re not fooling anybody when you say that what happened was a natural disaster. You’re lying! You’re hiding something out there! It was not an earthquake, it wasn’t a typhoon … you have no idea what’s coming … and it is going to send us back to the stone age..

The Obama administration’s foreign policy is falling apart before the public in near real time. One by one the initiatives are winking out like lights on the same circuit, as if the secret infrastructure of the administration’s policies are unraveling and pulling down each other.  Just now  US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt warned Russia that troop movements into Ukraine “would lead to tragic consequences.”  One again, another Red Line just waiting to get crossed has been indifferently drawn, this time in the heart of Europe.

At first glance, this sounds like tough talk. In essence, Pyatt seems to be telling Moscow, “if you invade, U.S. troops will stop you.” And certainly, with 600 U.S. troops already moved into Poland and the Baltic states, things could get ugly. But the statement was rather cryptic. How would the U.S. respond? With military force, more diplomatic maneuvers, or more sanctions? And invasion would lead to tragic consequences for whom?

Further, it doesn’t make much sense. Ukraine has already been invaded. Crimea — if we can shift the clock back a few months — was very much a part of Ukraine. It was invaded and taken over by Russian forces, held a sham referendum, then annexed.

Nobody knows what Pyatt’s warning means, possibly not even the Russians, for whom the message was meant. Possibly Pyatt doesn’t know what it means either.  Maybe it’s just something Ben Rhodes told Pyatt to say.

But if Glenn Reynolds is right, the American political system is helpless in the grip of these pilots with the fake readouts, like being in a nightmare where it is impossible to flee from the approaching danger. Whatever befall, nobody can impeach Obama nor it seems, can anyone persuade him to resign. The world — or the US at least — is condemned to be to chained to the spot while whatever horror is out there lurking in the deeps wades monstrously out of the water. Only when we see it come into the light will we know what we’re facing and not before.

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What should Romney do? If he really deserved to be President he should announce that the election was stolen and form a Shadow Government. He should rally the troops and force the Democrats to the wall. He should corner John Roberts and tell him that there is no safe place to hide in anonymity, since only the truth about the switched Obamacare vote will do.

If you poke around the dark corners of the web you will see the response of the Democrats to the truth. They laugh. The literally will type "lol" and then scream "racist" until people shrug and go away. That is because they do not want to win an argument. They want to drive people out of the public square. They want to end the discussion. They want to end all discussion.

Sometimes they will yell "squirrel" by talking about how unsavory Nakoula was. He is like Zimmerman or many other strawmen we have seen. They do not come after decent people first but they located their targets and responded. The incarceration of Nakoula, like the prosecution of Zimmerman, was wrong not because of any virtue on the part of the accused but because of the intent of those prosecuting. Both were used to advance the ability of the government to ignore the protections the Constitution provides and both were prosecuted to whip up Democratic voters and paralyze Republicans. Nakoula is likely a miserable petty crook and Zimmerman may well be a sad case too but neither deserved to be targeted by the federal government. Once the government can demonstrate that it can arbitrarily select targets like them then it can move on to proving that it can arbitrarily select targets from any group no matter how innocent.
43 weeks ago
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Well, it appears to me that we are not just considering the problem of fake instruments.

In our launch control centers we have a room where the VIPs get to sit, VIP as in important people who have no real role in the operation and who you don't want to have a real role. This is sometimes called the "plastic steering wheel" area, after those little steering wheels you attach in front of children so they can pretend they are steering the car (that probably is not allowed any more, since it would interfere with the airbags).

We are talking about people with plastic steering wheels at the top of government. They really think they are steering but they are not, partly because America does not work that way in the first place, and partly because they would not know how and where to connect a real steering wheel if they wanted to.

The most intelligent thing that Jerry Brown ever said came in a rare moment of lucidity while he was mayor of Oakland, "These people out in the streets have a movie playing in their head."

And that's it. Never mind the gauges on the instrument panel, or if the plastic steering wheel is connected to anything, Obama and he acolytes as well as those black women in the street waving their Obamaphones and looking for their share of the stash all have a "movie playing in their head." Reality is just a terrible inconvenience. When something goes wrong they don’t try to fix it; they call for a scriptwriter (literally, it would seem) who concocts yet another plot device, like a Vicious Video Created by The Alien From LA.

43 weeks ago
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Can't the white half of him, at least, be impeached?

File under: Half an oaf.
43 weeks ago
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Listen uddy arsen, you are getting on my nerves with this hyper posting. Stop diluting the place for crying out loud.
43 weeks ago
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How would you like to be me? Here's this:

...which as you see is related to "Offscreen". I put into comments there the CBS/Lara Logan item, but the 'source of the video' is too involved for that thread. I could add a link there, to "Offscreen", and suggest the reader look at the links in my comments. But first, i'd have to explain the story of uddy arsen --or else just let any visitors after those links bump into uddy buddy larsen arsen and run away as fast as they can. Solution, do neither, and just let that counterpunch go unthrown. A ridiculous situation, if in a tiny teacup.
43 weeks ago
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Look the guy is in love with himself and it's time to push back.
43 weeks ago
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Actually, the best way to prove we have truly moved beyond racism would be to impeach him in a color-blind, objective manner. So maybe racism truly is the issue, just not how they are selling it.
43 weeks ago
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While I fear you are right about Obama not being impeached, if ever there was a president who was deserving, it most certainly IS Obama. The Bengazi cover up concerns me greatly but not as much as his shredding of the Constitution. Nor the willingness of the GOP to look the other way.
43 weeks ago
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OT saw this...
When they are burning Obama in effigy in the Philippines it means something.

As for poetry, I do remember reading this losing entry in a limerick contest:
My favorite brunette is Hedy Lamarr.
Send her to me and keep your d*mned car.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment

When the funhouse becomes a madhouse, the mirrors reflect a madness that becomes increasingly mad the deeper into the darkness one goes. (h/t uddy arsen)

The Funhouse beckoned slyly to the fairground’s happy crowd
The entrance so inviting and so near
The cool slim barker crying only hope and change allowed
So step right in, there’s nothing here to fear
We walked inside to find ourselves amused by how we looked
In mirrors briefly lit by lightning flash
But as we walked into the dark we knew we had been hooked
And trusting in the barker now seemed rash
The deeper in the darkness now the mirrors subtly changed
No longer so amusing as at first
The images of monsters loomed so horribly deranged
And soon we understood we had been cursed
The image of the barker now lined every mirrored wall
His grin the grin of evil overdone
We knew that in his funhouse we were trapped beyond recall
As all we had was taken, one by one
With horrifying screams the patrons pressed on in the dark
The exit seeming oh so far away
We knew we were someplace where we would never hear dogs bark
Or see the rising sun bring light of day
Yet in our panic there appeared before us one small door
On opening it showed the fairground bleak
No longer crowded, void of laughter, lacking all allure
And stepping out we found no one would speak
The posters on the midway screamed we owed our lives to him
Whose picture rose in giant size all ‘round
The barker’s face, no longer smiling but severe and grim
Overlooked a fairground without sound
A young man whispered All is lost, all gone as with the wind
Our freedom, rights and Constitution gone
The barker rules by fiat and the rest of us are pinned
The King is loose and we are but a pawn

43 weeks ago
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Not being a writer or a poet, I would have said:

"The barker rules by fiat and the rest of us are pinned
The King is loose and we are F..... 'cause he says we have sinned"
43 weeks ago
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I entered a Chiquita Banana Poetry Contest with:

"Ring the bell for Bananas

They're a joy to peal"
43 weeks ago
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"... whatever horror is out there lurking in the deeps wades monstrously out of the water. Only when we see it come into the light will we know what we’re facing and not before."

I think it waded out of the water at the Bundy ranch.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
"Well, it's not over"

- Harry Reid

Having 82 people burned alive on "live" TV might have been a more forceful message.

- Followed by a Benghazi-Like coverup with an aging female (lesbian?) taking the fall.
Balanced somewhat by the Fact that the "fall" for the handsome Gay Ambassador was death.

Proving that being in a "protected" group is sometimes no protection at all in service of the greater cause.
43 weeks ago
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The Morality of Outing
("Outrage" - a documentary)

"That said, if you believe outing has the potential to push a politician in a more gay-friendly policy direction, Democrats certainly should be subject to the same scrutiny.

While governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano opposed an anti-gay marriage ballot initiative in her state while also claiming to oppose gay marriage.

That is the Barack Obama Dodge (TM), which has become the dominant, national Democratic position on the issue.

It is a pander, and those who espouse it should be pushed to re-examine their views, regardless of their sexuality.

After all, what they are supporting is the belief that LGBT Americans should be contented with a "separate" form of "equal."
Unfortunately, Outrage, by ignoring the Democratic Party, plays at a kind of willfully blind partisanship."
43 weeks ago
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..."the Barack Obama Dodge (TM)," has since been superseded, of course,
by the Brendan Eich Checkmate (TM)
43 weeks ago
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Artificial Worlds, cont...

"As Jay Smooth points out, it's interesting that Sterling's longstanding and widely known record of racist actions, like trying to keep blacks and Hispanics out of rental buildings he owns, weren't enough to generate calls for him to get booted from the NBA, but some racists words were.

Despite all our arguments about the ambiguities of language, it's his language—or, more properly, his ideas expressed through language—that everyone can agree on.

And there wasn't a racial slur in his conversation, as though he knows which words are OK to use and which ones aren't, but he still thinks it's OK to express racism toward black people, so long as you just call them "black people.""
"Words, Ideas, Actions, and the Tangle of Race"
43 weeks ago
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Is Barry Whiffing?
- Maureen Dowd

"Once you liked to have the stage to yourself, Mr. President, to have the aura of the lone man in the arena, not sharing the spotlight with others.

But now when captured alone in a picture, you seem disconnected and adrift.

What happened to crushing it and swinging for the fences? Where have you gone, Babe Ruth?"
43 weeks ago
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Reality Inc:
The Tao of Zuckerberg

Some people worry about their jobs, bank accounts or whether they're married with kids before they turn 30.

When you're billionaire founder Mark Zuckerberg, you can dig a little deeper.

Zuckerberg mentioned his upcoming May 14 birthday today at Facebook's F8 Developer's Conference in San Francisco -- and revealed a mature new motto he said he hopes to implement at the social networking company.

"My goal is to build a culture of loving the people we serve," Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg hasn't always been such a zen master. Here's a look back at a few of his bolder moments that show how the tao of Zuckerberg seems to have shifted over the years...
43 weeks ago
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The Old Motto

Facebook's old guiding principle wasn't as mellow as the new one a mature Zuck shared today.

"We have a saying: 'Move fast and break things.' The idea is that if you never break anything, you’re probably not moving fast enough," the wrote in a letter to investors before the company went public in 2012.

Messiah Complex

"When I reflect on the last 10 years, one question I ask myself is: why were we the ones to build this? We were just students. We had way fewer resources than big companies. If they had focused on this problem, they could have done it," he wrote at the time.

"The only answer I can think of is: we just cared more."

Squeezing Joy Out of the Haters...
43 weeks ago
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When everything you do f*cks up, the natural tendency of the terminally incompetent is to cover up everything you do. I have a not so funny feeling that this is what's going on. In regards to foreign policy Obama and his ilk view the world through a post-colonial/post USSR lens. To the extent the countries of the Third World exhibit pathological economic or social characteristics, it is due to the fault of past Western oppression and cultural contamination. Remove that and they will revert to the wonderful paradises they were before they had contact with the evil European descended peoples. As to entrenched communist regimes that have fallen the belief is that it was not the system itself that was flawed, but they fell because of external forces exerted by Western powers. You can still see this in regard to Cuba, where many "Progressives" maintain that its disfunctionality is purely due to the economic sanctions imposed by the United States upon it.

To the extent Obama and friends have any foreign policy objectives at all, they are seen through that flawed and worthless lens. And invariably, it f*cks up, much as will a belief that any defective mechanical device can be cured by sacrificing a virgin chicken to it. When it doesn't work its just a fluke. Bad luck you know.

But you can't tell the rubes what you're doing, they aren't enlightened enough to understand. Only when the results of your enlightened policies bear their golden fruit can all come out into the open. You can explain, take credit , and bask in your success and the admiration that will follow. The problem is that the bugs sent by the Arch-Demons Reality and Lord Murphy keep eating up the golden fruit before it ever has a chance to bud, much less ripen. Bad luck. But they have faith. They will win the big lotto and glory in wealth forevermore, even if they never buy a ticket.
43 weeks ago
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Maybe it's time we started treating sacred cows with tenderizer and barbecue sauce instead of trepidation.
43 weeks ago
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Update on my previous post: China got the message that Obama won't do anything. link []
43 weeks ago
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B.Meislin said:
"Can't the white half of him, at least, be impeached?"

No, because he is not half Democrat.

Clinton demonstrated that a Democrat with the aid of the Medias false instruments, is invulnerable.

Facts bounce off protected Democrats in the Medias Funhouse like man's puny weapons against Godzilla.
43 weeks ago
43 weeks ago Link To Comment
Brendan Eich was pilloried and run out by the PC Police for holding the same beliefs that Obama professed at the time.

Another example of The American Sheeple in the Funhouse that in fact is a House of Horrors.
43 weeks ago
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It'll be fun to see what Walt comes up with this time.

Poetry from the Madhouse.
43 weeks ago
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