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2014: The World Without America. Or Is It?

January 1st, 2014 - 4:37 pm

At the end of last year, President Obama was in Hawaii. French President Hollande was in Saudi Arabia, whose leaders openly declare their contempt for American leaders. Obama is basically having fun. Hollande and the royal family are basically doing strategy. They are designing actions to advance their interests in the new world;  not, as is often said, a world without America, but a world in which American leaders have turned against America.

Which is not an easy task.

Those of us who lived abroad during the Cold War were given a window that was closed to our fellow citizens back home: if our eyes and ears and, above all, our noses were sufficiently sensitive, we could understand the importance of America, which defined the world for quite a while. Most of my years abroad were in Italy, and I was constantly amazed by Italians’ assumption that, over in Washington and New York, as in Hollywood and Detroit, “the Americans” were following Italian affairs in great detail.  One day an important national leader asked me, “What do they think in Washington about Aldo Moro’s editorial in today’s Corriere della Sera?  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that maybe three people in Washington might have read it, or that fewer than a dozen had ever heard of Aldo Moro.

The point being that all over the world, the people who mattered always had an eye on America, assumed that America was watching them and had plans for them, and thought that at the end of the day America was likely to be decisive in their future.

These convictions, most of which were fantasies, became even stronger when the Soviet Empire imploded, in the Bush-Clinton-Bush era when America was the lone superpower. One way or another, the world had to come to terms with the United States, because there was no effective counterforce, and, aside from a few fanatics, no one could imagine a fundamental change. Who could challenge American power?  Our enemies had to be very careful, our friends felt very comfortable, and the events of those years–our intervention in the Balkans, our smashing of Saddam when he ventured into Kuwait–removed any delusions of grandeur by would-be uppity nations.

American hegemony wasn’t limited to military power, but encompassed the most basic components of the modern world, from Internet and its attendant gadgets and technologies (Microsoft, Apple, Google…) to movies, scholarship and literature. America was omnipresent and omnipotent. When the fanatics attacked us on 9/11, we destroyed the Taliban in Afghanistan in record time, and countries with some military capacity begged to join us.

Omnipresent and omnipotent.  As al-Qaeda scrambled to find safe havens, we prepared to invade Iraq, and the invasion was a further demonstration of American might.  To be sure, there were problems. Big problems, even.  But at the end of the day, al-Qaeda was smashed in Iraq, tyrants like Qadaffi scrambled to appease us, and our key allies, from NATO to Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, felt mighty secure. And Saddam was gone.

And then, poof! We opted out. Because we’re like that. Nothing new.  It’s not “war weariness”; it’s the way we are. But also because Obama, which is something very new, and even harder to understand.

Actually, we never wanted in. Just think at how Bush the Elder scolded us, lest we even thought about celebrating the fall of the Soviet Empire.  Americans’ typical view of “normal” is a world at peace, where we all try to get along, because, you know, we’re all basically the same, and we’re all basically good.  People like that don’t have an imperial vocation.  Without 9/11, Bush the Younger wouldn’t have spent much time on foreign policy.  He’d have devoted most of his energies to being compassionate.

Most of the rest of the world doesn’t think that way.  Most of the rest of the world agrees with Machiavelli’s first principle: “Man is more inclined to do evil than to do good.”  Which is why most of the rest of the world is either at war, or preparing for war, and it is very hard for them to believe that we really do want to opt out.  We’ve been so engaged and so powerful for so long, that they can’t imagine that we have really turned tail.  Most of the French still believe we read Le Monde every day, and most Saudis probably still believe that our CIA station in the kingdom is there to tell them what to do.

Never mind that Obama and his buddies told everyone they wanted out.  Never mind that our abandonment of Israel was clear before the end of Obama’s first year in office.  Nobody out there in the real world could believe it.  They assumed that we were being cleverly deceptive, that any pullback would be temporary, and that we would remain committed to our long-standing basic principles.  Democratic, pro-Western allies would be treated like the friends they wish to be, and tyrannical, anti-American enemies would be recognized as such.  Ergo, the mission for the French and the Saudis, and all the others, was to remain engaged with us, to keep reminding us of our common imperatives, and to help us “understand” our common menaces.

Why?  So that we’d act when it became necessary, and they would have a voice in our actions.  We’d help Europe withstand an aggressive Russia, we’d help our Middle Eastern friends resist Iran, we’d help the Africans resist jihad, and we’d support Latin American democrats.

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America, pre-Obama and his cabal...was anti-totalitiarian.

For the world's only hyperpower, that fact is an imperative. To understand the collapse of Europe, the stagnation and failure to thrive of communists everywhere, one has to come to grips with the abysmal failure of the concept of One World Socialism. (OWS does NOT stand for "Occupy Wall Street", an inane simply plays with the initials)

Also, the terms socialism, communism, liberalism, progressivism, elitism...have lost identity and meaning.

America was the antithesis of imperialism. It has been slandered otherwise by totalitarians, here and abroad. The communists in media, the communist front groups in academia, the communist front groups in law and government...have all fed the trough of lies, propaganda and distortion.

In a calculated geopolitical decision, the communist totalitarians threw in their lot with radical Islamic totalitarians.

Playing a game of geopolitical king of the hill, they wish to be the last two standing....and will either carve the world in two....or wait to fight the final battle between them after the rest are conquered.

The Islamists use taqqiya, lying to infidels to conceal their intent.

The communists use slander, lies and distortion. A distinction without a difference.

Neither group could accomplish the defeat of American goodness without the other. The Soviet Union and Mao left behind too many dead bodies for American/European tastes. The jackboot brand of tyranny would not appeal to the useful idiots. Indoctrination had to wear a mask.

What better mask than being a compassionate "liberal", interested in "transforming" America? And Europe?

America would be much harder. Europe....the surrender monkey of France...constantly envious of American success...would be a snap. THEY would employ a confiscatory tax of 75%, show the world how wonderful that would be for the "have nots" in their economy.

The Brits have long had an affair with self-loathing leftism. Italians have frittered away time with communists, fascists and Nazis.

When the invitation to radical leftism and radical Islam came in engraved invitations into academia, entertainment and media.

And now...government, the courts and our security and military apparatus.

There exists a sepsis of poison in our body politic. Our anti-immune system has been compromised.

The totalitarians are in every nook and cranny. in a death spiral.

The Middle East is convulsive.

And America, is very, very sick.

The disease of radical leftism has bonded to a viral disease of radical Islam.

The signs and symptoms by now should be so obvious, that denial itself would be a pathology of the disease.

Traitors to America are traitors to the citizenry of the world. Obama's ENTIRE LIFE has been one path...he is surrounded now and has been surrounded for a lifetime...with those who admire Mao, Stalin, Che, Fidel, the Soviet empire, mass murder and tyranny.

Obama also was not merely NAMED "Hussein", he was spawned in an anti-Judeo-Christian atmosphere. He did not come to Rashid Khalidi and Robert Malley by accident.

The mask hiding the antipathy toward Israel is so easily slipped off...but for, the Propaganda Machine which assures that it remains firmly in place.

The "deal" with Iran, the Benghazi murderous fraud, the weakening of Israel, the Egyptian erosion, the Syrian deceit....may look stumbling and lurching...if one believes the words of the Propaganda Machine...that Obama and this cabal are "trying" to do this or that.

What they are doing...with Erdogan, with Iran, with the Taliban, to install the Muslim Brotherhood as "partners"...and tearing down American and Israeli influence and power.

Did we think totalitarian overthrow would come marching in, Soviet style? Foolish. Bill Ayers declared that "small c communism" would be the way.

Did we believe that it would not hide as something benign? Simpletons.

They are making their move. 2010 infuriated the totalitarians...they wanted Obama to move in his first term. He got "shellacked"...and they believed his strategy of waiting until he had more "flexibility" was lost. That America had awakened BEFORE they could stab the bull with the final thrust of the sword.

They were wrong and Obama was right. HE COULD continue to wear the mask...they would simply blame the "resistance" for all the INTENDED failures, for the collapse of the free market...and the useful idiots would assist them.

He was right. And continues to be right.

For anyone who agrees with this post...will be labeled a "tinfoil hat wearer", too extreme, too filled with hyperbole and exaggeration, too "hysteric" for their useful idiot tastes.

Whipsawed by traitors and useful idiots...the world will pay the price for our timid and halting response.

America is nearly gone. It may barely survive until this "flexible" term is over. It will not survive an Alinsky-ite election in its afterm
1 year ago
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Obama is a man of average intelligence who has been led to believe he is something special. He is from the faculty lounge crew but I suspect even there he was one of the dimmer bulbs.
1 year ago
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Looking at all of this from Australia, it's not America that seems to have changed, just the administration. Perhaps there are fears about western forces being stretched too thin in the middle east, but to try to cover everything going on there would be too much, even for a superpower.
Over here, we have a new conservative government trying to make some headway against the havoc left behind by a Labor administration that was comprehensively thrown out at the last election. From what I've read, Obama's new health chaos seems almost impossible to sort out.
And I must say, to someone who has always held the US in high regard, the latest retreat against Iran is extremely disappointing. We must remember that in the middle east, Israel are the good guys and totalitarian regimes armed with nuclear weapons, or the prospect of it, are a nightmare.
1 year ago
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Wow... wotta surprise! One of the PJMedia greybeards saddles up his donkey and drags a piece of red meat through the lane, and here come the dogs, barking their doomsday freakouts.
1 year ago
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A world without America is a gross simplification; America - the classic, tough. squared jaws-broad shouldered helpful but also overexpanded by the use of the US $ as the world currency had MORPHED into the same kind of apathic-tasteless-burocratic political-cultural body called European Union.Here in Europe we have the same kind of political-cultural decline, individual freedom is under assault from the burocratic European Union.In Brussels , an un-elected executive body( named the COMMISSION but similar to the soviet supreme of the former USSR) confiscates the decision powers .The citizens are apathic, the central bank (BCE) rules the currency for the single benefit of Germany , the strongest economy.France is unable to stand up to its former rank of pillar of the European Union.The leftist medias are a chorus of politically correctness blessing the european burocracy as the saviour..Individual resistances are confined the the extremist fringes.My guess is that the USA are morphing into the same softly totalitarian framework as the european union .
1 year ago
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Somebodies elected the guy twice, vote fraud aside. Americans are wearying of Obama, perhaps, but the naivete and ignorance seem both at record levels. Where is the surge in appropriate (reality-based) consciousness that will reverse all this? As someone wrote below, History has not ended. But those who would 'end History', as our 90 year old President Peres, just go on and on and on..
1 year ago
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Americans may be tired of Obama but there will be no reversal in how they think and vote, at least for 1 more election. Hillary Clinton will be president of the United States unless there evolves a serious and committed candidate who will not crumble at the first shout of "racist, homophobe or sexist." If that person can be found, I will vote for him/her. I am not interested in the next Bob Dole.
1 year ago
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Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran, is the real president of the US
1 year ago
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Thank God virtually NO ONE (friend, foe or rival) takes Barrack Hussein Obama seriously about anything. The boy-man "President" is an intellectual midget; a total "manque" in "invented" pseudo-positons in foreign policy; and
a professional, political coward in all military posture. Our rivals (and real Islanic enemies know he is a comsumate JOKE whose Military structure "pretends" to respect of Office he daily desecrates by his mere presence. The clock is ticking; even his Demo-homeboys realize that his IMPEACHMENT is likely if not a certainty after the recovery of a RINO republican senate in 2014. He has NO political base and the "Chi-Chi" democrats are scared to death of losing everything resembling an excuse of a political edifice. God help the Rinos but the homocrats and Obmabots who promoted OBAMACARE are luckiy our laws protect them from summary execution or exile for TREASON.(and Hilary still will be lucky if she is not sentenced to PRISON). Deus vult!
1 year ago
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I beg to differ. Blacks take him seriously. One of them always calls me a racist and calls me a 'redneck' for speaking out against his lies and the fact that no one knows who he truly is. I live in a retirement building with a few new section 8 blacks. They LOVE Barack Hussein Obama. They think he's the best thing since sliced bread.
Seriously he is a criminal.
1 year ago
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Obama's world view is neatly summed up by this:
1 year ago
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19th century Germany was considered one of the most civilized countries in the world and then it descended into one of the world’s most barbaric countries. That descent took place in the short time span of about half a generation culminating in the democratic victory of the National Socialist Workers’ Party in 1933 under the leadership of Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler.

Now America seems to be following Germany’s example. Why?

For an answer one has to study the history of ideas. We all have heard it said that “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.” Before there is a Hitler there are the scribblers in the Ivory Towers. One philosopher who studied the history of the pen, the history of ideas is Dr. Leonard Peikoff. I recommend you study his book: “The Ominous Parallels. The end of freedom in America.”
1 year ago
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Is that like the "War on Christmas"?
1 year ago
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The CFR controlled American government, and it's NATO partners have sold out the American people for power, and money. Supporting the rebirth of the enemy of Israel called the Caliphate, and WTO New Age wet dream of global government through Central Banks.

In return, the American people, and Christians inside the Arab pagan Holiday of blood will suffer physically, and economically that the curse from the G-d of Abraham brings for those who help the enemies of Israel.

Genesis 12:3
1 year ago
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Not being as charitable and willing to believe in the best of things, given half a chance, as Mr Ledeen, I can certainly agree with his, "Those of us who lived abroad during the Cold War were given a window that was closed to our fellow citizens back home: if our eyes and ears and, above all, our noses were sufficiently sensitive, we could understand the importance of America, which defined the world for quite a while......"

I spent most of those terrible 1960's in East and South East Asia [civilian] and had almost daily confirmation of my opinion that we Americans were accepted for our incredible cash outlays just about everywhere, and also for the terrible amounts of our young blood shed in that awful arena, and our warfare materiel was probably setting World standards for quantities dispersed just about everywhere in the World....but aside from that literally awesome contribution in the anti-Communist arena as a whole, it was, "Yanks go home".

Does anyone remember le grande Charles deGaulle wanting "all Americans out of France" when he withdrew his forces from N.A.T.O.? .....ponder that phrase: 'the North Atlantic Treaty Organization'. Who financed and materially supported that from start to finish?

I've mentioned before that Dean Rusk then quipped, "Does he [deGaulle] mean out of all of the American cemeteries in France?"

The Marshall Plan literally rebuilt Europe after the Second World War. This was after our reluctant entry in 1917 [who could blame us?] to cross over to France with thousands of our troops later sacrificed; then again on the eve of the Normandy invasions of 1944 the south of England was sinking under the weight of American men and materiel and the Brits were wont to quip, "Over fed, over-paid, over-sexed and over here."

Then after Europe was liberated the graffiti slowly began appearing on walls, "Yanks Go Home".

All of this happened while Obama was in a madrassa somewhere in - Indonesia, was it?...then later enjoying his entitlements at Hahvahd and elsewhere; he couldn't have cared less about these events. Nurturing his anti-colonial heritage acquired from his Kenyan father.

This movement of the World away [except for eager Worldwide student enrollment in our universities] from America evolved after our materiel support ceased to be so vital to the World. Now it's the Nations United against America.

Let the World now be hoist on their own petard, while we Americans look after our immediate security. France and England now overrun and infiltrated with Muslims.

Who can be counted on now to aid our America in this new World War with these Muslims? The Iraqis? The Kuwaitis? The Afghanis? The Saudi's? The Pakistanis?
1 year ago
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I cannot feel so detached from the consequences. Four years of the anti-American presidency we can survive. Eight years, I fear, we cannot. We will not just go on like this until it gets better. That is not the way history works. And history is not over.
1 year ago
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