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Stephen Green


August 8, 2014 - 10:00 am
Nearly lap-able.

Nearly lap-able.


Microsoft provided Surface tablets to the NFL teams that played in Sunday’s exhibition football game in Canton, Ohio. It hoped coaches and players would use the devices to study game-play photos on color screens instead of black-and-white printouts.

But some players and coaches opted to punt and use the old standby paper copies instead of the newfangled interactive device. During the broadcast, players could be seen flipping through paper printouts of game action.

Microsoft’s Surface is the official tablet of the NFL, a title it bought last year in a $400 million, five-year partnership with the league.

That’s not as bad as the celebs Samsung pays to be seen using Galaxy phones, who then get caught snapping selfies at the Oscars or wherever with their own personal iPhones — but it ain’t good.


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I think the latest Surface tablets may well be a good fit for people who are really hard wired into to Microsoft services, but too expensive for people like myself who is getting huge value from the Google family of services like gmail, contacts, Docs, presentations and even Keep. I get all of that and more on a Chromebook, a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 5. All three cost less than one Surface Pro and I use each variant depending on where I am and what I am doing. The iPad is also worth considering too, but Google is the sleeper in this space with its legacy free Chrome OS and many excellent tablets both in 7 and 10 inch sizes. I'm not sure Surface will fail, but there are very good, very mature alternatives out there which are fundamentally more innovative.
29 weeks ago
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I think the Surface Pro is the bees knees.

Having said that, there are certain circumstances that make hardcopy the best choice. In my case, I play table-top fantasy role-playing games on a weekly basis. There are tons of books, and most of them are available in PDF format.

PDF is great for sitting at your PC and scanning through by yourself, but it's very difficult to quickly skim pages and passages in that format from any device. Some of the guys I game with use their cell phones, but it's also clunky.

I find that I can flip to a specific page to look up a specific rule a lot faster than my buddy can on his cell phone, even when he has bookmarks in the PDF. There's just no comparison.

When you're doing something that requires standing, or passing something to someone else to read, or flipping back and forth to look at different specific sections of written material, I doubt we'll ever move away from the need for hard copy.
29 weeks ago
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Howdy JaycenR
I think you're right. Electronic devices are great, except when they're not, and this example may be the issue rather than the device.
My personal concerns about the Surface are that they're kinda expensive, their screens are kinda small for someone with eyes like mine, and that I don't have one.
29 weeks ago
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