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Reality TV’s 10 Biggest Lies About America

You mean we aren't all fat shopaholics who binge drink and bow to Kim Kardashian?

Susan L.M. Goldberg


July 6, 2014 - 9:00 am
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10. Americans are all obese.

From the messy buildup in the fat folds of Mama June’s neck (affectionately known to her children as “neck crud”) to Honey’s proclivity for bathing in mayonnaise, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo embodies the myth that everyone in America weighs a minimum of 300 pounds. One of the best episodes involves Mama June dumping a 5 pound bag of sugar into 2 gallons of lemon juice in order to make homemade lemonade. For the record, 64% of Americans are not obese. But with shows like HHere Comes Honey Boo Boo, The Biggest Loser, Extreme Weight Loss, Shedding for the Wedding, Thintervention, Dance Your A** Off, Celebrity Fit Club, I Used To Be Fat, and Ruby, we’re just a bunch of big, fat Americans.

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Which is why the only 'reality' TV I watch is "Mythbusters."
34 weeks ago
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Reality TV is nothing more than selling soap through entertainment using cheap talent.
34 weeks ago
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I think the author is being overly idealistic about American culture.

10. Lots of Americans are obese.....lots and lots and lots. Not everybody, but a real big percentage of the population. We're not as fat as Mexico, but were still bad.

9. Americans shop like crazy. Much of our economy is based around shopping. Apple, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Costco, ebay, etc. are not small companies.

8. I agree, nowadays they're getting high on Adderall and painkillers.

7. I agree, although its a problem that 20-somethings AREN'T getting pregnant. The economy will suffer because there won't be enough people to keep it up.

6. Beauty and fashion are multibillion dollar industries that are almost entirely geared towards women. They wouldn't be this big if lots of women weren't using their products.

5. Women are biologically hard-wired to hunt for the perfect man. Men are biologically hard-wired to hunt for the perfect woman. This ain't news.

4. They absolutely do go insane.

3. The Celebrity industry wouldn't be worth many billions of dollars if there wasn't significant demand.

2. True; Christianity hasn't gone nuts, but it HAS gone limp. What would Charles Martel and Alfred the Great think of today's version of Christianity?

1. Lots of Americans ARE immoral money-grubbing jerks. Not all of us are, but there's enough to make the image persist.
34 weeks ago
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best reality show I ever watched was Man V. Food.

Host would travel the country looking for the best hole in the wall restaurants, to share the experience with others, and would be looking to compete at restaurants that had those special eating challenges.

At least with this show we didn't get whinny people complaining about being in a staged show,and losing
34 weeks ago
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Or to summarize: "reality TV" has something to do with reality.
34 weeks ago
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# 11

The "Right" is a monolith and anti-semites hide there.


The "Left" is not a monolith.
34 weeks ago
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