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11 Star-Spangled Super Women

Who's the remarkable lady liberty in your life?

Susan L.M. Goldberg


July 4, 2014 - 7:00 am
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11. Wonder Woman

Her fresh, All-American face premiered on comic book stands during World War II, making her the greatest enemy of the Axis powers. Daughters of original readers would go on to be inspired by Lynda Carter’s televisual portrayal of the superheroine in the 1970s. The Wonder Woman arsenal includes a dual-function tiara with bracelets to match and the awesome Lasso of Truth.  Before there was Lara Croft or a chick named Buffy, Wonder Woman proved that strength could be sexy and gave Captain America a run for his patriotism with her flag-bearing style.

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All Comments   (3)
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I had both a mother and father, so the answer would be classifying it as human to several decimal places.

I understand the value of highlighting people who've been marginalized. I also understand when that begins to have diminishing returns and even fracture us. Enough with the Jackie Robinsons and first this and first that.

Aren't we just asking for trouble at this point?

There are some very troubled people taking this and running with it very far - too far. When I have to see the president of a literary organization retweeting "Space: not just for whites and men anymore" and showing a display in a book store, I'm saying, "Okay, I get it already - enough."

Restart your engines, get a new calendar, step up to the plate and take your swings. The umpire is slightly more enlightened than 100 years ago. Also in that past, the words "social justice" used to have some actual meaning. Now it's a phrase I just sneer at, cuz I know whoever's using it has no interest in justice at all, just their own splinter group.

There may in fact may be a way to celebrate groups without enrolling me in a racist patriarchy, but I see very little of that where one is done without the other, so it might be time to just stand down. I like my mother just fine.
11 weeks ago
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Brooksley Born.

She stood alone against the Banking industry, called them out for what they were doing to the American economy and Banking system. She was ridiculed and over ruled and her advice was ignored.
She was right, and her predictions not only came to pass but the same people that ridiculed her then forced congress to provide them with 800 Billion to save the economy from the very dangers Brooksley warned against, and they actively promoted.

Brooksley was right, and not afraid to stand against the old boys club that maintains a stranglehold on American Economy. Had her advice been followed there would never have been the banking crises, housing bubble, or the rot currently infecting the U.S. Banking system.
11 weeks ago
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Good choices and good column for the 4th of July
11 weeks ago
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