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By Request: Daniel Amos, ‘Shotgun Angel’

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June 12, 2014 - 9:00 pm


Pete Storz took a little issue with my posting one of Daniel Amos’ later tracks, saying, “Good heavens, if you’re going to call Daniel Amos ‘pioneering’ why not at least use a song from their mid-70s debut album, Shotgun Angel?”

He goes on to make a salient point about early Christian rock: “As for pioneers in Christian pop/rock, look into people such as Larry Norman, Harvest Flight (Phoenix Sonshine), Andrae’ Crouch, Phil Keaggy, Paul Clark, and Love Song, to name just a few. I loved Shotgun Angel and Daniel Amos, but folks like the ones I listed were the pioneers who caught flak from many Christians while being unable to get secular record companies to record their music.” So many of the greats of the early Christian rock scene unfortunately fell into the cracks between the mainstream music industry and the church. Far too many of them never really got the audience they deserved.

Anyway, here’s “Shotgun Angel” by Daniel Amos.

YouTube Preview Image

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I have the Daniel Amos albums as well as the others you mentioned. I have quite a collection of early Christian music albums. I also saw them in concert in Tulsa, OK sometime in the '70's. If my Bang & Olufsen turntable dies will there be anyone alive who can fix it?
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