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VIDEO: Why Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

In this week's challenging 5-minute course Arthur Brooks explains why we enjoy what we earn ourselves more than what's given to us.

Prager University


June 9, 2014 - 11:25 am

Prager University is an online resource for knowledge and clarity. There are no fees, books, homework assignments, or grueling midterms here - just clear, life changing ideas from world-renowned thinkers. With short videos on political science, economics, history, religion and life, Prager University offers big ideas on big topics. Five minutes is all the time we need to communicate these important ideas. Just as a shot of espresso boosts your energy, a shot of Prager University boosts your brain. Because not only will you have more knowledge - you will have more clarity. If you're ready to grow intellectually, we're ready for you.

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