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10 Heroes and Villains Not Yet Featured in an X-Men Movie But Who Should Be

Who's been forgotten so far in the journey from comics to screen?

Pierre Comtois


June 9, 2014 - 10:47 am
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As the new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past and its expanded cast of super-powered characters thunders through local cineplexes earning its way to summer blockbuster status, it behooves fans of the franchise to wonder if anybody is being left out.

Not that the producers of the various X-films have been lax in introducing as many new characters as they could without having scripts collapse under their own weight. Entries such as X-Men: Last Stand; First Class; and Days of Future Past have each featured a wide range of heroes and villains. Unfortunately, for all the delight fans have in spotting their obscure favorites, a few minutes of exposure is all they usually get. That’s because such characters as Prof. X, Magneto, Mystique, and especially Wolverine have been taking up most of the valuable screen time. For instance, as in the comics, Wolverine has so completely dominated the X-movie franchise that the X-movies have not been enough for him with two solo films having been released between main events. As a result, there has barely been enough oxygen left in the room to keep other characters on life support.

That, however, may change.

With the end of Days of Future Past, time has been reset with the events of the first three films in the X-franchise and with the newest being erased from reality, there is an opportunity for the studio to reboot the series. Of course, the dream reboot would be for a younger Prof. X to gather the comics’ original X-team; that’s a given. But what about the villains they’ll have to fight? A reboot could be an opportunity to introduce a whole line of new characters culled from 50 years of the comic’s history. Thus, purely as a public service, allow this writer to suggest the top 10 heroes and villains from the X-verse (in reverse order), as yet unseen on celluloid, who could really make things exciting for a rebooted franchise:

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Galactus wasn't a character in the x-Men comics so far as I know so he's out of the running. Namor is a good one though. In the Marvel universe, he was the first mutant and did in fact appear very early on in X-Men #5 or 6.
37 weeks ago
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Galactus, of course. Hints of his existence in the Silver Surfer movie, but that was all. Prince Namor of Atlantis.

Actually there are too many minor characters in both the Marvel and DC worlds anymore.
38 weeks ago
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Nah, too unbelievable!
38 weeks ago
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You know what would make a great villain? A real evil, super-creepy one? A filthy rich movie director who seduces young males.
38 weeks ago
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