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4 Signs That You’re on the Way to Lasting Love

How do you know when you're in a good thing?

P. David Hornik


June 1, 2014 - 7:00 am
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Last week I explained that I was in the dating game from 1996 to 2007, and described four mistakes I made (of course, there were others, too) that kept me in the game by taking me on detours that led nowhere.

As I also mentioned, one day in 2007 (it was July) I had a truly successful date, creating a situation that lasts till today. I’m now thinking about what, in the early days of this partnership, were some of the signs that it was promising and headed in the right direction, and what made it different from those other attempts that were ill-starred.

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All Comments   (4)
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So nice to read, you described my wife and me.
28 weeks ago
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#5: She's not crazy.
28 weeks ago
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Another good article, thank you. As to the third point, I have found that I am often more attracted to those with opposing political views because they're more interesting to talk to. It makes no sense, logically, but I do like to have my ideas challenged and see it as a way to grow.

The fourth point is also a good one and a trap I have fallen into in the past. Once I meet the 'check list' there's often little interest in knowing anything else about me. Some men are only interested in the fact that I'm pretty, can cook well and am like-minded politically, and that's where their needs for a mate end so there's nothing more to the relationship. I need someone who's interested in a much deeper connection.
29 weeks ago
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"I need someone who's interested in a much deeper connection."

Yep. A soul mate. It's a truly blessed thing to have one.
28 weeks ago
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