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Why Is a Strong American Military Necessary For a Peaceful World?

British historian Andrew Roberts makes the case for how to defeat tyranny.

Prager University


May 26, 2014 - 11:00 am

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All Comments   (2)
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Lava Shark, you are right re tanks. The slight (sic) error reflects the irratic thesis runing through the video. I agree that a strong American military NOW is necessary. But, I take personal, national and historical exception to placing the German Empire (note the British EMPIRE was not mentioned) in line with, say, Hitler's Germany (which may never have come about had the Americans kept out of WW I--tipping the battle in favor of the imperialistic nations of France and Britian). The Prager University, as an imitation of an institution of higher learning, does popularlize many excellent things. But, there is a fundamental, ignorant and, hopefully, not willful distorition of 19th into early 20th Century Germany. Just tap into Nial Ferguson's discussion of who turned the Germano-Franco conflict (one going back to the 30 Years War) into a "WORLD war" as Britain, worried about it monopoly in subjugating others, decided to enter. There is no space here even to begin to touch upon the errors behind the calumny of the Kaiser-Reich. So, I will let it go with a protest and a lamatation that the Prager Univesity has shown itself in the above video to be a Prager Kindergarten. With love from Germany.
39 weeks ago
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The "Imperial German" tank in your otherwise fine film is in fact British.
And the Cold War American tank is not American.
39 weeks ago
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