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Matt Walsh Demonstrates Why Christians Need Biblical Feminism

Rewriting church history to suit political need.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


May 4, 2014 - 8:30 am
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In an entry titled, “Christian women: feminism is not your friend” published on his popular Matt Walsh Blog in April, the conservative Christian commentator concluded that Christian “women (and men)” needed to stop identifying with feminism because the movement is essentially all about abortion.

Embracing the stereotypical liberal definition of feminism as a movement dedicated to starting and waging the War on Women, Walsh discussed the feminist fight for equality:

This is a pretty convincing indication that feminism has, at the very least, outlived its good. There is nothing surprising about that, because feminism, unlike Christianity, is a human construct. It’s an ideology. It’s a political theory. It’s a label. It is not eternal, it is not perfect (there’s the understatement of the decade), and it is not indispensable.

Feminism, like ‘liberalism,’ like ‘conservativism,’ like the Republican Party, like the Democrat Party, is a finite thing that exists and serves a certain purpose in a certain set of circumstances. When the times change, and the circumstances change, it will either die or its purpose will change.

Walsh then dug into medieval history, noting that women were given “equal standing” in certain English trade guilds in the Middle Ages, contrary to the following:

“The fact that guilds seldom permitted women to become masters did in the end relegate them to the least-skilled and certainly least-remunerative aspects of the trade”. This statement shows that the fact that women were not openly admitted to the professional guilds led to the downfall of the woman’s status as a worker during this time period. Since “[m]ale masters displayed no eagerness to train young women, and with few or no women recognized as masters, the guilds did contribute to the narrowing opportunity for women”.

Along with neglecting these facts, Walsh also did not note that neither the Christian Church, nor political leaders who identified with Christianity, demanded that equal professional or political rights be given to women (let alone non-Christians) on either side of the Atlantic.

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This article contains too many myths and mistakes on BOTH sides of the argument to be taken seriously.
42 weeks ago
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Supporting "feminism" because you support the individual rights of women is like supporting "communism" because you value your community. I think community is important and women's individual rights should be protected, and that's why I am neither a communist nor a feminist. No amount of modifiers tacked onto the front of totalitarianism can change its essential nature, they can't do anything--except cloud the subject.
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
I have a problem with group rights. Like you, I'm a fan of individual rights. But historically rights have been denied to individuals based on their association with groups: being women, being foreigners, being members of a particular race or ethnicity or religion. It's very understandable that people who have lost their rights in groups might campaign for their rights in groups.
42 weeks ago
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Organizing in groups is a matter of mechanics and is largely irrelevant to the means and aims of the individuals grouping together.

If you take the collectivism out of feminism, you are left with an essentially non-feminist feminism, i.e. individualism for women. Attempting to salvage the "feminist" brand just drags the old veneer of collectivism back over it. "Women's rights" is acceptable to the individualist perspective because women have rights as individuals, the same rights as everyone else does as individuals. "Feminism" is explicitly collectivist (women's "rights" as women) and must be recognized as such by the individualist.
42 weeks ago
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Keep in mind, that under the media radar, there is a lively, growing,
Christian Pentacostal movement. Also, internationally, there are growing numbers of people turning to Christianity.
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
Nicely done, puts paid to whitewashing an imperfect history.
I and my brothers were raised by a single widow, of a long line of fiercely independent and quite feminine Nevada women. I think Mr. Walsh refers to the radicals who have hijacked the good Susan B., thanks.
43 weeks ago
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