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Let Them Eat Lead

Denver decides on open corruption as elected officials receive enhanced 911 response.

Bonnie Ramthun


April 28, 2014 - 3:00 pm


A new policy change in Denver requires 911 dispatchers to contact a supervisor for immediate service when “Federal, State or Local Dignitaries (such as the Mayor or Governor) or personnel within their office requests or requires a police response on the dignitary’s behalf.”

Elected officials will now get preferential treatment by police officers in emergency cases of life and death. This is corruption, openly practiced.

Our justice system isn’t perfect. Celebrities often receive special treatment in court. The rich and powerful can afford a robust legal defense and if they sometimes slither through cracks in the system, well, the system still endures.

What our country cannot long endure is open corruption where elected officials are above the law. When a dispatcher sends a police officer to the Mayor’s house ahead of an ordinary citizen they are acting as a palace guard, and when they do it openly the rule of law is nullified.

To see the result of this failure you need look no further than our neighbor, Mexico, where corruption has led to a profound breakdown in society. Mexico is blessed with a mild climate, abundant natural resources and a hard-working and intelligent people. None of these benefits can overcome a government so bad that millions of citizens have fled for the economic freedom offered by the rule of law in the United States. In Mexico drug cartels have created unending cycles of terror and violence including human trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, rape and murder. When government operates by graft and corruption, the only businesses that thrive are ones who are just as corrupt.

Denver’s elected officials just chose to follow Mexico’s example and create palace guards who answer to their needs first. Denver police officers who take their jobs seriously should be outraged. If they allow this rule to stand, Denver police should find new uniforms to wear that more closely represent their new status. I suggest this one.


Images of Louix XIV and Vatican guard courtesy Shutterstock: Vladislav Gurfinkel, Catarina Belova

Bonnie Ramthun lives in Colorado with her husband and children. She's the author of mysteries and thrillers for adults and children. Her middle grade mystery "The White Gates' was a Junior Library Guild premiere selection and was a finalist for the Missouri Truman award. All her novels are available on Amazon.

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Hmmm. Did I hear someone mutter something about "equal protection under the law"?

And why is it that we hear of this kind of garbage almost exclusively where Democrats are in power?

Odd, isn't it? It's almost like they don't understand the word, "democrat".

43 weeks ago
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Once when I was a kid on a tour of a Air Traffic Control center (we did not get to see the actual center, but it was cool), I asked what would happen if the President of the US was coming in for a landing and an airplane was coming in with engine troubles, who would land first, and the guide said, "Emergencies always come first." He also looked at me like I was an idiot. I wonder if it is still true today. Why would the government work to make a better safety net if they were always safe? Bad, bad law.
43 weeks ago
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