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4 Washington D.C. Sunrises Through the Cherry Blossoms

Please email in your favorite sunrise and sunset photos: PJLifestyleSunshine [@]

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April 16, 2014 - 6:00 am

From Andrew N: “I took these a few years back, getting up at about 4:30am to catch the sunrise (without cherry crowds!).






Since December of 2013 PJ Lifestyle has been collecting sunrise and sunset photos from contributors, readers, and Instagram. Now we’re going to begin an effort to organize the ongoing collection. New goals:

1. Collect a sunrise from every state in the union.

2. Collect a sunset from as many countries around the world as possible.

3. After getting all 50 states’ sunrises then switch to collecting their sunsets and begin the global sunrises collection.

Updated April 2014: 4. The extraordinary submissions of Mark Baird have inspired a new collection of photographs devoted specifically to our nation’s capital. We’re going to try and organize fantastic sunrise and sunset photos from all the different monuments and scenic views.

A Capitol Dome Sunrise 

Sunrise Reflected In the Tidal Basin

Paddling to Sunrise On the Potomac

Send your great sunrises and sunsets to: Please include approximate location. Also 1-2 sentence salutation and/or link welcome.

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This photographer has an extraordinary artistic sense, and is probably an general exceptional human being overall. I can tell just by the photos.

Also, 'cause my Mom told me so.


Enjoy. And for my fellow DC-ers, getting up at 4:00am just once to see a Cherry Sunrise (when you will be almost entirely alone for it, mind you) is something you will remember for a long long time. Trust me on this.
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