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April 7, 2014 - 6:00 am


So this is the latest goofy food fad: hot buttered toffee coffee. Basically, here’s the idea: you add unsalted butter, plus a little coconut oil, to coffee and whip it up in a blender, and drink that for breakfast.  Nothing else.  The theory is that this provides a good start for the day, leading to faster fat metabolism, increased mental alertness, weight loss, cures yaws, gives you greater strength, and conceals any foolish political contributions you may have made when young and foolish.

Or something.  It’s officially called Bulletproof Coffee, and according to the recipe you have to make it with special low-toxin coffee beans that the inventor sells for $26 a pound.

Well, maybe. Hot buttered drinks aren’t that unusual; Tibetans drink tea with butter. But the recipe sounds like a pain in the ass — coffee, boiling water, blender, and so on.  But let’s apply a little thought here.  Butter, reasonably enough, is basically 100 percent butterfat, and about 100 kcals a tablespoon. What you’re doing when you run it through a blender with liquid is returning the butterfat to an emulsion — you’re “re-creaming” it. Heavy cream, like whipping cream, is about half butterfat by volume (and 50 kcal per tablespoon).  So it stands to reason that adding heavy cream to coffee would be effectively the same.

So I tried it.  The recipe suggests between 2 and 6 Tsp of butter, so that’s 4 to 12 Tsp of cream — so make it 1/4 to 3/4 cup of cream.  For the last couple of days, I’ve started the day by adding about a quarter cup of cream to a big cup of coffee, adding some Stevia because I’m not thrilled by coffee with cream and no sugar — I usually prefer black — and drinking that first thing.

Okay, I’ve got to say, it’s pretty satisfying; I don’t have any particular hunger until noonish. And from the pure caloric standpoint, it’s got no carbs at all, and only about 200 kcal. As to any other effects, well, it’s only been two days.

When I lived in Europe, I used to go to Paris every so often, and stayed in a little hotel in the 15th arrondissement. Regular French businessman’s hotel, nothing special.  As with most European hotels they served “breakfast”; as with most French hotels, that consisted of a half a baguette, cafe au lait, a big lump of butter, and some jam. (And last night’s baguette at that, so it was a little hard.) You butter a chunk of the bread and dunk it, then eat it and drink the coffee. Now, I would have preferred eggs over easy and bacon, but honestly it was pretty good.

But it occurs to me that this isn’t far away from what we’re talking about: several hundred kcals of butterfat, coffee, and of course some carbs.  Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea.

Charlie Martin writes on science, health, culture and technology for PJ Media. Follow his 13 week diet and exercise experiment on Facebook and at PJ Lifestyle

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I go back and forth between a whey/soy/fiber/milk shake and recreating an egg **muffin with a couple of toasted hash brown slabs. And while these days I drink coffee black for the most part I occasionally do a bit of cream(er) and sugar just to mix things up.
40 weeks ago
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My typical morning tipple is coffee with heavy cream and Torani sugar-free syrup.
41 weeks ago
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Charlie, have you got any info on the weigh-loss benefits of getting breakfast each day? I've heard the theory which says that it gets your metabolism going, thus increasing the calorie burn, contra skipping breakfast, which puts your body into starvation mode, thus reducing calorie burn.

Anecdotally, I've noticed people who struggle with weight are usually late to bed, late to rise, and breakfast skippers. My personal observations constitute a completely scientific study, of course.

42 weeks ago
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Is it bullet-proof or bullet-resistant? Inquiring Obamacare death panels want to know!
42 weeks ago
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Bullet Proof™ is the stuff with the $26 beans.
42 weeks ago
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$26 dollar beans?

So, what can one make with coffee beans that cost $26 per pound? Clothing for emperors?

42 weeks ago
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Did you use the $26 beans? I did use b-p coffee for a while a year ago, but used cheaper beans. Also could not find grass fed butter here in Canada.
42 weeks ago
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