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3 Politically Incorrect Fantasy Writers You Don’t Want to Miss

The beginning of a list showcasing the unique voices at Liberty Island, a new media publishing platform for the new counterculture.

Liberty Island


March 29, 2014 - 3:15 pm
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Editor’s Note: This is the first collection of interviews and story excerpts spotlighting some of the most innovative fiction writers at the recently-launched new media publishing platform Liberty Island. Each weekend we’ll expand this collection to include the authors featured during the week. Please check out this interview Sarah Hoyt conducted with CEO Adam Bellow here to learn more: “It also has a unique mission: to serve as the platform and gathering-place for the new right-of-center counterculture.” 

1. Mike Baron: Swimming in Scrooge’s Money Bin With Ayn Rand and Andrew Klavan

2. Steve Poling: Is Cthulhu Tastier Fried or Barbecued?

3. Will Collier: What If the Soviets Had Succeeded in Capturing a Supernatural Creature?

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Lest we forget....Uncle Scrooge's money bin was built by the O-So-Safe Company
48 weeks ago
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check out Vox Day, he has some great hard SF and fantasy out recently. also Castalia House, a new publishing venture.
48 weeks ago
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Need to do an interview with Larry Correia, author of the Monster Hunters International series of books. Conservative pro-2nd Amendment and unafraid to say so.
48 weeks ago
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