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Why Was Karl Marx So Wrong About Religion?

On Page 9 of The Ghost Dance: Origins of Religion Weston La Barre dissects a popular delusion.

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March 24, 2014 - 9:30 am

Why is #KarlMarx dead wrong about religion? Page 9 of Weston La Barre's The #Ghost Dance: Origins of #Religion explains easily. #history #god #Pagan

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All Comments   (2)
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Good one. I'll need to add this one to my list.

I'll see if the author developed his analysis further, to identify the real "opiate," which is actually blind faith in anything - whether it be a long-established religion, or a new blind faith, such as that in anthropogenic climate change or an all-benevolent government.
48 weeks ago
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Without wading through all the scanned drivel, when Marx proclaimed that religion is the opiate of the people, opium was the only known painkiller, outside of booze. Outside of chinese opium dens that were vilified later by the British empire leading to the Boxer rebellion opium was seen as a force for good, as it were, considering freedom from pain a 'good'. The Soviet Union missed the boat on this and I 'spect they'd still be around if they'd paid attention.
49 weeks ago
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