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Song of the Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds

Mix a controlled burn, a little wind, and a wet summer ... and stir.

Charlie Martin


March 23, 2014 - 2:00 pm

They had a little controlled burn out at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal last week.

YouTube Preview Image

As someone on the video says, this could have gotten really interesting.

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All Comments   (4)
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They had a little "controlled" burn out at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal last week.


Back in the day when fires occurred on firing ranges we'd send out details armed with 5 gal water backpacks attached to a little handpump sprayer and broomhandles attached to 1'x1' rubber panels that were used to beat on the fire. Yes, beat on a fire in an area likely to contain unexploded ordnance. Sometime after the Carter administration the stupidity of this finally registered and fire trucks were stationed on the boundaries in case it escaped but otherwise, let it burn.
30 weeks ago
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And when we didn't have the rubber panels, we used whatever we had.

BTDT, not all that far from the video above. Well, 80 or 90 miles or so at Ft. Carson. Some idiot 2LT had us shooting tracer ammo at night with a wind blowing. We knocked down a couple of small fires, then one got away from us. I lead a team out in front of it and we beat it down with our field jackets to buy time until the fire trucks arrived. Same kind of terrain & fuel as what you see in the video.

At least there were no dust devils!

30 weeks ago
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BTDT2, and at Ft Carson too (4-40Ar, '83-'85). durn those 4.2" mortar illum rounds... ;) Made me thank the gods for thermal sights, don't need no steenkeeng illum rounds anymore.
30 weeks ago
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Those illumination rounds -- and dangling helicopter flares -- at Carson used to make quite a show out our front window on the north side of Pueblo.
29 weeks ago
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