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Were the Mayans Off by 2 Years?

Because it definitely feels like the endtimes.

Hannah Sternberg


March 17, 2014 - 3:22 pm
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Snow. Earthquakes. Political upheaval. Missing airplanes.

Do you need any more proof the end is near? I don’t — I just need to find my fireproof umbrella in the back of my coat closet.

My advice? Don’t be part of the screaming hordes. I know you want to be prepared, and there’s a lot of information out there for people who have their priorities straight: survival, and looking badass in a leather motorcycle jacket they tanned in their backyard. But I have a few lesser-known tips that could completely change your quality of life after the world economy collapses and the electrical grids go dark…

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All Comments   (4)
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Stockpile booze, learn to brew, or maybe have some 'special' seeds in your seed vault. Better than Gold b/c humans will always be looking to get drunk or high.
27 weeks ago
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See, this is one of the advantages of getting old: I remember all the *other* times it was obviously the end of the world.
27 weeks ago
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Stay away from earthquakes and exploding volcanoes. Avoid the plague like the plague... or whatever. Stay away from rivers and oceans - seas too. Don't leap into outer space; there's no air there. Always check your shoes for giant hairy centipedes and avoid tall buildings. Don't drink gasoline - that's for your car.
27 weeks ago
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Stockpile coffee and Coca Cola. After the collapse the world is gonna be willing to pay anything for a dose of caffeine.
28 weeks ago
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