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6 Shocking Authors I Seek to Syncretize

Individually each of these writers will make your head explode like a bomb. Combine them and prepare to go nuclear.

Dave Swindle


March 11, 2014 - 7:00 pm

6 Shocking authors I seek to syncretize together: #robertantonwilson #RobertSpencer #Maimonides #AnnCoulter #camillepaglia and #IonMihaiPacepa The #siberianhusky #maura is eager for her evening run.

Books photographed on the awesome sumo gigantor beanbag…

So when I asked today’s PJ Lifestyle daily question about the best way to read, it was wholly with practical intent. I don’t read one book at a time; I’m always aways into dozens. It’s because my goal for many years now as a writer and editor has been to smash together ideas and thinkers to try to develop new approaches that transcend the stereotypes of Left vs Right, Believer vs Secularist, Liberal vs Conservative.

Here are six very different authors who I focused on last year and will continue dissecting this year to try to find fresh connections. The books of each of them will shock you in totally different ways. I recommend reading them alongside one another.

1. Counterculture intellectual and sci fi novelist Robert Anton Wilson

Page 7 of the introduction to the play Wilhelm Reich in Hell:

#RobertAntonWilson defines scientism and it's soul-smashing consequences on page 7 of the introduction to his play Wilhelm Reich in Hell. #science #dogma #secularism #secular #atheism #god #religion #freedom #history

Page 221 of Volume 2 of Schrodinger’s Cat: The Trick Top Hat

"The real secret is that you're not a member until it's too late to get out." - #robertantonwilson page 221 of Volume 2 of #SchrodingersCat The Trick Top Hat #Illuminati #magick #occult #selftransformation

2. Counter-jihad activist and religious scholar Robert Spencer

Page 139 of Islam Unveiled:

Robert Spencer explains the truth about the Crusades on page 139 of #Islam Unveiled.

Page 63 of Did Muhammad Exist?:

Reminder: #Muhammad is as historical as #MickeyMouse and was invented for the same purpose... #empire. Page 63 of Robert Spencer's Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry Into Islam's Obscure Origins #religion #history #God #truth #Christianity #atheist #secular

3. Former Soviet Spymaster and Hero Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa

Was Islam manufactured just to unify the Arab empire? Politically incorrect questions... #history #religion #war #god #empire #secular

Page 207 of Pacepa’s memoir Red Horizons

How #Marxist #criminal tyrants duped the naive liberals in the West with #disinformation and bogus defense figures. An excerpt from page 207 of Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa's mind-blowing memoir #RedHorizons , a book that can transform one's understanding of history. Pacepa is highest ranking defector from the Soviet Union. He was the spymaster for Ceausescu, dictator of Romania. He now lives in the US in hiding with a bounty still on his head, writing books and articles and responding to interviews via email. His understanding of the world is unique and his insights have been important influences as I've developed my book. #history #freedom #Pacepa

4. The #1 Conservative Columnist and Most Provocative Cable News Pundit Ann Coulter

Edward Hoffman’s The Wisdom of Maimonides page 46 juxtaposed with the cover of High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton:

"Whenever a person is haughty, the #Divine Presence wails over him." - Maimonides, Commentary on Pirkey Avot quoted in Edward Hoffman's The #Wisdom of #maimonides page 46 juxtaposed with cover of Ann Coulter's case against #BillClinton

Page 56 of High Crimes and Misdemeanors:

A reminder of who #BillClinton, defining icon of #babyboomer liberalism, actually is. Page 56 of High Crimes and Misdemeanors by #AnnCoulter

5. Foundational Thinker of Western Civilization and Jewish Philosopher Maimonides

Page 35 of Hoffman’s The Wisdom of Maimonides:

"Undesirable traits are acquired through association with the wicked." - #maimonides page 35 of Hoffman's The #wisdom of Maimonides

6. Cultural Critic and Literary Theorist Camille Paglia

Page 66 of Sex, Art, and American Culturean essay collection from the early ’90s:

Camille Paglia explains how she differs from the prominent feminists today. Page 66 of Sex, #Art and #American Culture. #feminism #feminist #liberal #conservative #radical

Page xiv from the introduction to Break Blow Burn, Paglia’s analysis of 43 significant poems from Western Civilization:

"Art is a revelation of the interconnectedness of the universe." - Camille Paglia, xiv introduction to Break Blow Burn, her analysis of 43 great, classic #poems of Western Civilization. #art #culture #camillepaglia #Shakespeare #god #sacred

What connections do you see between these various excerpts featured today? And what other authors and books that you like should I add to my studies?

Question this morning: do you believe in angels? #religion #God #mystic #Happiness

David Swindle is the associate editor of PJ Media. He writes and edits articles and blog posts on politics, news, culture, religion, and entertainment. He edits the PJ Lifestyle section and the PJ columnists. Contact him at DaveSwindlePJM @ and follow him on Twitter @DaveSwindle. He has worked full-time as a writer, editor, blogger, and New Media troublemaker since 2009, at PJ Media since 2011. He graduated with a degree in English (creative writing emphasis) and political science from Ball State University in 2006. Previously he's also worked as a freelance writer for The Indianapolis Star and the film critic for He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their Siberian Husky puppy Maura.

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and, the five love languages.....

grant oleaginous, poorly written, very peculiar theory......probably not what a psychologist would say.

and, as Carole Tavris points out- modern marriage promoted in magazines paints an ideal image of two psychologists married to each other, not a full range of many other people. When they do profile a marriage in trouble- the solution is always- "Apply a psychologist"

So, this, while irksome in reading style- is very, very different, not just in sound, but in substance.

I didn't notice this- other people in long, happy marriages were using it as a base in a discussion thread about a book. They thought it was a very good book, and, frankly, they were better writers.

but- see how easy it is to dismiss? And yet, apparently, it works.
50 weeks ago
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Can you get your hands on the one or two books by the founder of Hobby Lobby? He's evangelical.

Alongside that, if there's a profile in business mags of Chick-fil-A....

and the Forbes profile of Kathy Ireland.

Possibly, Mary Kay's biography, even though I haven't read it.

Kids home for spring break...can't think
50 weeks ago
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I'd say read, at least, the end-notes in Liberal Fasism, and take a tour of Stealing Jesus, by Bawer.

One of the screenshots above has some nasty comments about fundamentalists, specifically Southern fundamentalists. The might be oleaginous, poorly educated, speaking with funny accents, wearing polyester suits, showing up on cheap tv shows.......I can grant all that.

But.and.however. The Fundamentals of the Faith were articulated when a few Northern preachers in rich districts got excited and decided that heaven on earth was the right destination, not Heaven. They went for government power, worldly wealthy, sexual hedonism, and disregarding the Bible and all of its words. Fundamentalists might be, well- Un-Fun- I was raised fundy- but there is a deep respect for the word of God and a profound respect for each individual----and I might emphasize- that respect for an individual was thrown out very early on in progressive religious circles--

And, well, a willingness to meditate on the words of Jesus. And that's where things get strange- visiting prisoners with cookies, which is, apparently, just a thing in Texas, Habitat for Humanity, hospitals,the justice missionaries that use local laws- and have overturned stoning convictions in Muslim countries--attachment parenting books citing the Bible, the "church under the bridge" in Austin- across from the police station- for the homeless- regular people attend there, now, too-

If you'll look in the footnotes of Liberal Fascism, it notes how Methodist ministers had to subscribe to "The Social Gospel"- which is basically "Jesus and......" which CSLewis takes apart more ably than I can, in Mere Christianity. It's why, for instance, you will never hear a Bishop Tutu sermon. "Marxism today, Marxism tomorrow, Marxism forever!!!" ( a real quote from a real sermon).

Rauschenbush gets profiled in Stealing Jesus. Mr Bawer likes him a great deal. But, he's all about cohorts and platoons, not individuals. One asks, how can predatory priests, pastors, and teachers survive? Simple- the systems that favor cohorts, platoons and groups is not going to favor a weak individual.
50 weeks ago
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Counterculture intellectual and sci fi novelist Robert Anton Wilson

I think you may be confusing two different people. There is a science fiction writer named Robert Charles Wilson, who I've met and is very much alive. I see nothing in Robert Anton Wilson's bilbliography that I would call science fiction. The books you've cited are from Robert Anton Wilson's bibliography.
50 weeks ago
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Have you read any of Robert Anton Wilson's books? I've read most of them. His novels could be characterized as a combination of science fiction and satirical mysticism.
50 weeks ago
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No, I've never read any of R. A. Wilson's books. I glanced at the Wikipedia article on him though and didn't see anything that looked much like science fiction to me and I've been reading SF all my life. But that skim through a Wikipedia article obviously doesn't compare to having actually read his books, as you apparently have, so I stand corrected. I'm guessing that we have very different definitions of SF. That's not terribly unusual; in fact it's more the norm than the exception.
50 weeks ago
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